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*** I have not updated this page in some time. All videos at above link.

Silver King

Told in the story of two families.


This one is actually priceless. Watch the video and then look at the map below. They would have had to drive through two fencelines and over 15 miles in less than an hour.

Map of Rock Creek (Compare to map in video)

Twin Peaks

A couple of videos from Twin Peaks.

Video focused on injuries of foals


HOT summer roundup near the Mojave. Some of these horses were actually euthanized because BLM called “club-foot” a fatal flaw. BLM claims that they are “transparent.” This is another instance where they did all they could to obstruct view of what really happens.

Callaghan Roundup

Video includes holding in mud during the day that will freeze over-night. Second video shows obstruction of view claiming “safety.” The only safety it protects are the flooded inboxes when the public views them.

Calico Essay in Video and pictures.

Long essay intended to show the feeling of endlessness. At about three and a half minutes into the video is the footage of the foal being harassed by Cattoor’s helicopter and then the footage of the foal that died. Please do not watch if you are already feeling overwhelmed by this issue.

I just finished compiling a 20 minute documentary on the Calico Complex Gather. Blog devoted to the Project and a free version available on that site as well as info on obtaining a hard copy.

Processing Wild Horses at Palomino Valley

Wild horses processed at Palomino Valley. Equipment exactly the same as that installed at Fallon. I taped with my cell phone. I was on the top of the snake chute during processing. It is perfectly safe to have observers close by… regardless of what the BLM claims.

Calico Foal

Edited footage of the foal chased at close range by chopper and the foal that died from hoof slough. (His feet began to fall off).


38 thoughts on “Video Documentation

  1. Anne says:

    Hi Laura:

    I just cannot get over how great your videos are; (taped w/a cell phone!; this is-m-a-r-t; this way we can see the abuse the BLM blasphemerd inflicts on Our American Mustangs; esp. the helicopter and foal and Hope the Foal…

    “wicked disrespect towards Mother Nature’s wild Mustangs;
    well I am sending this to the appropriations committee;

    have gotton a few replies; most favorable to the Mustangs !

    “Run Freedom Run”; Go Freedom Go; may the others be with you on your home range soon; my idea is: To set up an authentic American Indian Reservation complete with Wild Horses on the millions of unused land BLM “manages;
    Anne Conn. us “my heart and soul are with you Calico Foal!
    (and mares; and stallions and all who have been harmed !

  2. Anne says:

    supposed to read: this is “s-m-a-r-t; to video the abuse; thnx. also should read BLM Blashphemers; not Blasphermerd;

    wonderful inspiring videos; thanks again; anne

  3. Anne says:

    what is a blm wild horse roundup imo anna usa

    a blm wild horse roundup is “where a helicopter makes a forced stampede of a small herd of wild horses;

    and once the herd is galloping at full pace;

    the BLM puts up a road block so the Mustangs “all crash into each other; causing injury and the demise of some of them;

    it’s a “MUSTANG WRECK ! ! ! purposely caused by blmgov

  4. Anne says:

    just a note: to say “the Calico Colt video (short version; is on you tube and better news yet; you tube has the video as a thumbnail clip…

    so any one can watch this video just by clicking on thumbnail

    this way many viewers will see the brash inhumane treatment of the mustangs;

    such as literally “leaving the mustangs in sandtraps to Rot !
    to the blm:
    sure pal; put orchard grass on top of sand; creating sand colic ? who ever heard of feeding equine grass mixed w/sand

    no wonder so many mustangs perished @ Fallon; gosh if I had to eat grass mixed with sand I’s be a goner too

    anyone would; even Camels have special muscles in their eyes and mouth to keep sand out; mustangs are not camels;

    I don’t think BLM knows one dog gone thing about Nature Conservancy; Preservation; Mother Nature; Migration; Fauna;
    and less about “Hay; proper nutrtion; supplements; etc. etc.
    I do not know if they have any biologists on their staff;
    do these people have an education? just curious anna in conn.
    ps even a 3 yo would know: not to leave a sick foal outside without a blanket; every animal on earth seeks a shelter;

    the Equine mustangs at Fallon got neither a blanket or shelter
    BLM fools!

  5. Anne says:

    ps if a 5 yo went to the fallon pen and witnesses the colt lying down; what would he or she do?

    most likely; a kid would grab some hay in their hands and put it near the Foal’s mouth…and then prob. pat the foal…

    the BLM did not even do what an ordinary 5 yo kid would do

  6. Anne says:

    Laura wrote:
    Wild horses processed at Palomino Valley. Equipment exactly the same as that installed at Fallon…

    Anne’s comment: no wonder so many Mustangs are not adoptable; the mustangs run at the very sight of man;

    I have a video of horses stampeding at sight of a BLM worker!

  7. Anne says:

    I was just thinking: I know there will be no observers @ Fallon on Sunday due to the holiday; so i was curious…

    since on a previous Sunday: Dr. Sandford went out to his pen and “shot a 5 yo stallion;

    I was just wondering and I hope and pray he does not; if Sandpit Sandford was going to “have his daily “mustang shooting sacrifice on Easter Sunday as well; I hope not ! ! !

    Sandpit Sandford rots…imo a. usa PS 74 MUSTANGS DIED !

    • Laura Leigh says:

      We don’t know what will happen over the weekend… we don’t know what will happen over the next month…
      But we can pray this holiday weekend that there is an “awakening” to the mindset of current management practices that reveal the need for dialogue.

      A real dialogue focused on protocol.
      Not a “name calling” session anymore about advocates being “irrational,” but that advocates have another perspective.

      I’m writing a new piece to post tonight.
      Hang in there Anne…

  8. Anne says:

    Hi Laura:

    I just watched your new video(s) and I am truly impressed; if these videos which you have made; do not awaken the US Congress as to the inefficiencies of the BLM;

    then nothing would…
    your videos; every single one; each frame: will surely alert the US Congress as to the utter atrocities occurring Fallon;

    such as: If a Foal runs to exhaustion; they do not provide the Foal with special care; but merely “put the Mustang in a sick pen; which is mostly Sand with bits of straw strewn in the pen; basically speaking; BLM Vet. purposely causes:
    Malnutrition; which leads to the Mustangs ultimate demise;

    such as in the case of Hope the Foal and many others:

    Hope the Foal was NOT treated with proper Hay; fluids; water; nutrients; or shelter;

    Hope the Foal was “left to rot in a sandpit…the truth is ! ! !
    “I cannot deny the things I have seen with my own eyes ! !

    If you had a dog a cat a bird a burro a horse and you looked out and you see the critter unable to stand up;

    what would you do ?

    you would rush and and get Hay Water Blankets medicines;
    you would find out what was wrong and correct the prob.

    When the BLM sees a “mustang unable to stand up; THEY….

    DO NOTHING ! The let the sick mustang perish! in its track;

    The BLM Does NOT give “downed mustangs hay or feed…
    this is 100% illegal and I envision the blm vet. to be indicted on atleast 81 counts of “mustang abuse and cruelty

    see the BLM would never be indicted; the gov. does not usu. indict other gov. officials;

    chances are the BLM will pass the indictment buck to the APHIS Vets.

    the BLM officials do not want to get themselves indicted;

    this is why they always put Sandford up to explaining things
    basically the BLM corrals are methodical malnutrition scam

    when a Mustang falls down @ Fallon; whether that be from

    new type of hay

    that Mustang will most often perish where it falls; Illegal to leave a weak mustang with no medical attention…

    not to mention leaving Mares foaling for hours with no access to Hay; so the Mare is stressed from lack of hay…

    Orchard Hay is very low nutritional value; dr. sandford say

    orchard hay resembles nevada grasses; not even close pal

    orchard hay resembles lawn mower clippings

    and there ain’t no lawns up on Calico mountain !

    so sanford is systematically “killing horses by malnutrition !

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The issue with “Hope” becomes even more frustrating when we add that the “8 month old colt” had an offer from the private sector for care.
      It would have cost the BLM nothing to release that colt.

      So even if the ability to provide intensive care was beyond the scope of protocol, it was available.

      Orchard grass is actually not a bad choice for a mustang, an alfalfa mix is.
      However if you can’t stand it doesn’t matter what kind of food is available.

      This Pigeon Fever madness is an example of the disregard. The “now, now” mentality from gathers through processing shows that this is a “pest” control mindset, not a management strategy based on Congressional law.

      • Anna says:

        Laura Leigh (06:39:23) :

        The issue with “Hope” becomes even more frustrating when we add that the “8 month old colt” had an offer from the private sector for care.
        It would have cost the BLM nothing to release that colt.

        So even if the ability to provide intensive care was beyond the scope of protocol, it was available.

        A. writes: You should bring this case up with Lawyer!

    • sandra longley says:

      Truthfully, orchard grass is the next best thing next to alfalfa for nutritional value-the mustangs could not handle alfalfa-its too rich for their system, orchard grass is easy to eat and digest, it is softer and less stemmy and would allow them to gain weight slowly but surely..Their inability to adjust-more probably an effect of the time of year the gather was done and stress added to a season when those horses are conserving energy to survive the winter..Until such a time as someone tests the hay and finds toxins, I cannot blame the hay..I don’t care how many officials tell me they have sucessfully done winter is absolutely the wrong time of year for many reasons for it to have been done..The BLM admits the gather is responsable for the abortions- adding the caveat..that the abortions were primarily in the mares in poor shape..and that may be so…but they cannot prove that the mares would have aborted on the range in normal circumstances without the additional stress…Late term mares should never have been exposed to that…The number of mares in a short period of time that aborted is testimony to that, and unrefutable.
      Mares should not be foaling in the large groups and under filthy conditions in those pens..I would be watching for foals at 45 plus days to start exhibiting signs of joint ill and septicemia, as the titers from the mares colostrum antibodies start to drop..bacteria they picked up through the navel cord when it broke and was untreated with idodine..In the wild, mares would not be laying in fecal material, and foals would not be struggling to get up in piles of manure. The truth is you cannot adequately manage that many horses at one time-let alone wild horses-no where else in the US will you see those numbers of horses warehoused in feedlot environments. I find it unacceptable.
      Dr. Kane did return my call and we had a lengthy conversation that covered alot of territory.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Yes… orchard grass is not a bad choice for a mustang. I have dealt with many horses that have had issues in their past from folks thinking they are doing “good” by feeding alfalfa and grain.
        Timothy is my personal choice, but orchard grass works very well.

        I agree wholeheartedly that this management protocol is more like a “pest” extermination concept than anything based on equine management.

        It’s heart breaking.

        What did Kane say?

        • Anne says:

          timothy is my first choice; I have read varying reports about Alfalfa; seems to help put weight on

          I do not think Orchard Grass has enough bulk to sustain the mustang; too weak and flimsy;

          Timothy grass has much higher protein than Orchard; I have been doing alot of research on Hay and Nutrition in the past 5 years or so…

          I don’t think the Mustangs can get to the Hay; I don’t see how a Mustang could survive on just Orchard grass ! have you ever heard of a mustang living on just Orchard Grass and no other nutrition

          not even a Salt block ? the only two types of Nutrition the Mustangs get @ Fallon are:

          Orchard Grass (mixed with Rye Grass)
          and Alfalfa !

          way too limited of a diet in my opinion; I know peple who make natural treats for their mustangs

          using herbs; seeds; carrot peels; apples; etc.

          and they do fine…most folks I know give their Equine Stabilized Rice Bran and or Rice Bran Oil;

          most give Fortified Supplmental Pellets;

          the blm does not treat the Mustangs like Horses!

          ps I read this in a burro and mustang newsletter:

          Around here, the most common hay is Orchard Grass, beautifully green and smells heavenly. Also very high in sugar, and makes my horses crazy and gives some of them diahrrea…

          my point is: very green hay is not fully mature; so therefore is lower in Nutrients than older Hay…a.

          • Elizabeth Dehon says:

            I just started reading your blog and am not really up to date on the horses !!! But from just 15 minutes in I am having a feeling of dread !! I will update myself more with the information you have here … But I am very interested in helping in anyway possible !! Thank you for your efforts to help educate us and inform us about this horrible issue dealing with these gorgeous creatures !!!!

  9. Anne says:

    I do not think Orchard Grass as a sole supply of Nutrients for the first 2-4 weeks from the Range is a good choice; why?

    too low in Calories; not enough Fiber; low in protein; Alfalfa could be good if in pellets or cubes;

    Horses have to have long stemmed forage and Orchard Grass is anything but long stemmed forage;

    see the point is: Orchard grass does NOT put on weight;

    too flimsy; too loose; too difficult for the Mustangs to get;

    If the Orchard grass is so great; then why did so many Mustangs fail to gain weight

    and were subsequently “put down?

    recall most Mustangs on Orchard grass get that in the barn
    and then they get pasture during day

    the mustangs at Calico get nothing but Orchard and Alfalfa

    the Orchard grass is mixed with Rye and this is not good;

    Orchard grass does not resememble woody shrubs and hay which they were eating

    so the orchard grass is too different from their native diet;

    If not the orchard grass being bad; why did so many perish
    the bulk of the mustangs perished while on the orchard grass; once transitioned to Alfalfa they do much better…

    too bad about the Lil Oneday; that is from malnutrition…a.

    ps I never once mentioned giving mustangs any grain…I mentioned Fiber such as rice Bran; Salt Cubes; hay cubes;

    Timothy Hay or Bermuda Hay: orchard grass is grass…

    Mustangs eat Hay…which is dried native grasses; they may eat grass this is usually to get the enzymes from the grass

    my opinon is: the Mustangs do not get enough Hay to eat @ Fallon…and this is why so many perished and miscarried!

    If the Orchard Rye grass is so great; then why so many sick?

  10. Anne says:

    TO ALL






    a. some cannot reach the hay thru the railing…
    b. some cannot find the railing
    c. some are too big to fit their heads thru the railing


    a. sometimes the mustangs have no Hay to eat the Hay is too far away from the railing
    b. the hay is too low for them to eat
    c. sometimes the fence is there so they cannot get to Hay…


    a. in these pens the Mustangs do not have Hay Feeders !
    b. in these pens the Mustangs EAT HAY FROM GROUND
    c. in these pens the Mustangs EAT HAY MIXED WITH SAND

    in these pens the Mustangs GET THIN AND VERY SICK


    Mustangs are starving…ANNE CONN. 1951 USA VEGETARIAN

  11. Anne says:

    ps and according to hundreds of pix I have downloaded and saved to my computer…

    some foals are not tall enough to reach some of the feeders…

  12. Anne says:

    my other point: key word: Wild Forage v. Domestic Grass/Hay

    One single type of Grass is not going to contain enough of A Variety of Nutrients; whereas you say; a Mix would be better
    health hint: the yellower the Hay the greater the Betacarotene
    In the wild they were eating scores of different types of grass
    hea: Green Hay is high Folate; long stemmed Hay has Hi fiber
    they were eating Pine bark for oils: acorns for fiber; herbs;

    Wild Mustang will eat: fibrous woody shrubs; or plain grass;
    they will have a diet which is high in Fiber and Carbohydrates; the wild grasses will be high in protein;

    The Wild Mustangs may eat wild apples and get pectin; they may nibble on Birch Bark and get Salicyates (natural aspirin)

    the Mustangs may eat tubers; such as Wild Carrot; they may nibble on Chamomile herb flowers which aid digestion;

    perhaps a spring they drink from will be high in Magneisum

    and then here is the problem:

    The Wild Horses: the Stallions; the Mares; the Foals; they go from Acorns; Barks; Tubers (roots); Herbs; wild grasses/hays
    one or two types of domestic…
    plain green hay ! I don’t care what type of Hay this is: if this was the highest qualtiy hay known I do not think this would be the correct diet for the recently gathered wild horses from the range; because Hay does not represent the extreme Natural diet these Mustangs have been used to digesting…

    I know Mustangs will eat barks roots tubers thorny type brush; non thorny type brush; they will consume the tips of branches of trees; ingesting extremely woody shrubs…

    the mustangs also consume alot of seeds in the wild; any critter does; deer do; birds do; possums do; burros eat seeds;

    course they consume seeds occassionaly; they know when to eat the proper seeds at the proper time to aid digestion such as Pysllium Husk Seeds will help prevent Sand Colic; Mustangs will eat Berries; crab apples; wild mints by streams;

    Compare that list to BLM a pile of very green mossy type Hay put near the Mustangs times during the day…not even close!
    The diet the BLM gives to the Wild Mustangs is NOT even close to the wild diet they were used to living on very healthily; not to mention Wild Wheat and Wild Buckwheat; never ignoring the favorite; Red Clover dried grass and hay;
    a natural safe estrogen replacer for older mares…so to put the wild mustangs on ONE: two; three types of Hay is not good; too different ! just my 2c ! “ramblin’ anna in sunny east

  13. Anne says:

    hello Sandra wrote:

    (timothy is softer and less stemmy and would allow them to gain weight slowly but surely.

    my comment: and since the Mustangs were used to eating stemmy forage their whole lives; to suddenly give them soft grass with no stems wrecks their digestive systems…

    The Mustangs have a digestive system which likes fiber stem

    for example if you said to me

    I have a mustang here…she has been eating Alfalfa her whole life…and if I put her on Orchard she would be ok

    but the Mustangs have never eaten green hay in the wild;

    why? there is no green hay in Calico mts. only rugged shrub

  14. Anne says:

    ps there are Wild Mustang Hay mixes for sale in the usa…I guess the BLM doens’t have the money to buy Wild Hay Mix

    they spend their money @ the Saloon with the Catmoors… : (

  15. Anna says:

    Truthfully, orchard grass is the next best thing next to alfalfa for nutritional value-the mustangs could not handle alfalfa-its too rich for their system, orchard grass is easy to eat and digest,

    Dr. Sanford and the HSUS vet both say: Orchard Hay is lower in nutritional value than Alfalfa Hay…

    so why do they use the lower nutrition hay for 2-4 weeks?

    imo to thin out the herd due to malnutriton; this is my op. anna.

  16. Anna says:

    corection; the first paragraph was written by another poster;

    I wrote the rest of the post: here is what Sanford said:

    Feed – The feeding of horses in the hospital pens for rehabilitation is discussed below. Generally the horses are initially fed grass hay immediately after arrival at the facility. Dr. Sanford and Dean Bolstad recognized that this diet is not the same as the pasture grasses and leafy plants to which these horses are adapted on the range.
    o Grass hay was used as it is the readily available fodder that is closest to the horse’s natural diet.
    o After an initial adjustment period, alfalfa hay is mixed with the grass in increasing quantities. The contractor has a machine to mix the hay in the desired percentages and spread it in the feed bunks.
    o The switch to alfalfa is routinely made because of its digestibility, nutrient density, and availability.

    key lines from Sanford: Dr. Sanford and Dean Bolstad recognized that this diet is not the same as the pasture grasses and leafy plants to which these horses are adapted on the range.
    o Grass hay was used as it is the readily available fodder that is closest to the horse’s natural diet.
    anne’scomment: there is no pasture grass at Calico range;

    just miles and miles of sage; native hays; barks and shrubs;

    so the transition from a high fiberous diet to soft green hay
    causes colic; colic and more colic; and is a poor feed;

    because they have not been eating soft green grass ever!

    and th point is:

    Orchard Grass is Nutritionally Inferior to other types of Hay
    so why do they use a soft green non fiber type of grass?

    when the ‘Stangs have been eating tough woody bulk fiber?

  17. Anna says:

    my comment:

    Could you imagine how “hot the sand at Fallon and Palomino?

    and yet the HSUS told the BLM to construct shade for them;

    yet the BLM did NOT construct shade: BLM is in violation ! AW

  18. Anna says:

    ps to Sandra if you are reading this: i read your post on The Mustang Project; they don’t post my posts so i reply here…

    I said to you: John Neil can tell which mustangs have given miscarriages because john neill says; they tuck up like greyhounds; i think you misunderstood what Oneill said:

    John Neill said; The Mares who have given miscarriages during the night…THE NEXT DAY they tuck up like greyhounds; so when John Neill went out to the Corrals in the am; he would see “dead foals (miscarriages) around;
    and then he would look over and see: some Mares “tucked up like greyhounds: AND THIS IS HOW NEILL CAN TELL WHICH MUSTANGS GAVE BIRTH TO “MISCARRIAGES…

    THE NEXT DAY…the mares are “tucked up like greyhounds

    John Neill did not mean: The Mustangs tuck up like greyhounds during birthing (the miscarriages)

    John Neill meant: AFTER THE MUSTANGS MISCARRY; the Mustang mares “tuck up or curl up like Greyhounds

    not during the birthing BUT THE NEXT DAY AFTER Birthing

    so my message is; IF A MUSTANG MARE is “tucked up or curled up like a greyhound AFTER giving birth…

    “curling up like a greyhound

    i have never seen a Mare “curl up like a greyhound have u?

  19. Barbara K says:

    Why isn’t somebody who can make the changes necessary do something to STOP this abuse once and for all???!!!! I know the footage is important but the Humane Society surely can stop this cant they? It is against the law… is it not? Animal cruelty is a crime!! Its obvious that these barbaric crimes are being committed against these animals. SOMEBODY has to do something dammit! WHOEVER CAN needs to get off their ASS and DO IT!! I feel so angry and hopeless about this atrocity. I think its a good idea to put the horses on Indian reservations where they will be cared for, loved and appreciated. That is where they belong anyway, with the First Nation Peoples, ot with these white ass cowards of European decent. I’m so ashamed of our government! Id love to round them all up and shoot them after I chased them all into a sudden crushing stop!! These horrible acts are not even human, they are EVIL to the deepest core of every individual involved in it.

  20. Ellen McCoy says:

    The documentation of the abuse is important. But then what? What is being done with it? Does anyone see it but us? It’s like preaching to the choir.

    I too am angry, frustrated and brokenhearted. Why in the H–l doesn’t somebody do something?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Much is being done with it.
      One of the things many don’t realize is that the images actually reach a larger “us.”
      In the last year this “choir” has grown and is continuing to grow… public outrage can and does facilitate change.

  21. Anna says:

    yeah but if no one sends the videos to the Officials; which are the only people who can stop the roundups; the officials will never know ! that is why i quit the blogs and began my letter writing campaing to the officials; only Gov. officials can stop the BLM because the BLM is a US gov. agency gone astray!

    1. Introduction.
    Madeleine Pickens has purchased the Spruce Ranch in Elko County, NV; together with the associated rights to use public lands for grazing and is in the process of adding the Warm Creek Ranch; a property contiguous with the Spruce which will be the gateway to the project outlined in the following prospectus (collectively, the Ranch).
    It is the intent of Saving America’s Mustangs, a Nevada nonprofit corporation that has been determined to be exempt from federal income taxation as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (SAM) to build and establish an eco-sanctuary for wild horses on the properties listed above and as described in the subsequent filing.
    At such time, the Secretary of the Interior presents SAM with a Definitive Agreement to create and establish the wild horse sanctuary. Madeleine Pickens will deed the Ranch to SAM or another Nevada nonprofit corporation that has been determined to be exempt from federal income taxation as an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, in perpetuity for the purposes of managing and carrying out the duties of creating the wild horse eco sanctuary.
    2. The Plan.
    Purpose: To provide for the custody of up to 10,000 wild horses currently held by the BLM in holding facilities in various locations across the United States, and for the handling of additional wild horses gathered during the term of the Definitive Agreement (as defined below) by the BLM from the various Horse Management Areas pursuant to the requirements of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971, as amended (the “Act”). All of the animals delivered by the BLM to SAM from time to time under the terms of the Definitive Agreement and not either adopted by third parties under programs approved by the BLM or deceased are referred to as the “Animals”.
    Undertakings of SAM: SAM will identify, acquire, equip, manage, maintain and operate one or more facilities on land approved by the BLM, which may include a combination of public lands under management by the BLM and private lands, suitable for the custody of the Animals. The Ranch shall at a minimum provide sufficient water and forage for the Animals during normal weather conditions, and shall have the capacity to grow or acquire enough fodder to provide for the Animals during reasonably foreseeable winter or drought conditions.
    Undertakings of the BLM: Beginning on , the BLM will deliver Animals to SAM on a schedule as outlined in the Definitive Agreement, though not less than 1000 in the 90 day period following the date of initial delivery of Animals. The BLM will pay to SAM each year an amount equal to the lesser of the average long term holding costs currently incurred by the BLM, and $500 per year per horse indexed to inflation.
    Short term holding: SAM is prepared to enter into an agreement with the BLM to do short-term holding at the sanctuary location. SAM represents that SAM is prepared to build a state of the art short term holding facility and to house short term wild horses for significantly less than the current average BLM cost of $5.75 per day. The Secretary may wish to include a short term holding proposal in the Definitive Agreement and SAM is prepared to take wild horses under such circumstances. The enclosure for short term horses would include more than adequate space, shade shelters, technologically advanced hay feeder and water systems.
    Amenities and public access: SAM intends to build a wild horse eco sanctuary that is open to the public and include a full range of amenities. This will include, but not be limited to; overnight accommodations, a cutting edge learning center for youth and adults, a state of the art horse receiving, training and clinical facility, trails and campgrounds. In the event that any of such facilities are located on public lands, the BLM will cooperate with SAM by consulting with SAM regarding the design of such improvements and by reviewing and approving the final designs for such improvements.
    Existing HMAs: There are existing wild horse herds within the boundaries of the Spruce Ranch in identified HMAs. SAM would like to work with the BLM to find a way to create a pilot monitoring program for those wild horses and keep those herds intact if possible. SAM is willing to fence additional land boundaries and provide water sources when and where it may be necessary to
    maintain the herds within that HMA. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss an approach to this issue with the BLM.
    Further considerations: SAM fully understands that horses that arrive from other holding facilities must be slowly integrated back into a larger confinement area and will accomplish that task after a consensus regarding the best practice is established. SAM will consult with the BLM and other consultants in the equine field to determine the appropriate manner to assimilate wild horses back into The Ranch at such time that horses are delivered.
    The Ranch will be totally fenced to preclude horses spilling over onto surrounding ranch properties. In addition, adequate controls will be put in place to immediately respond to instances of horses broaching existing fenced boundaries.
    The wild horse population at The Ranch will be a zero reproduction based herd/s. All male horses processed into the sanctuary will be gelded and proper measures taken to ensure no male horses are allowed in that are not neutered.
    SAM will continue to pursue opportunities to acquire adjoining properties and water rights to increase the capacity of the sanctuary and the potential for forage production. One of the key features of the sanctuary will be an extensive effort to establish a resource management plan that will include improvements over the entire property.
    The Definitive Agreement will provide that the BLM will not initiate a request for proposals for new Animal holding facilities without first offering to SAM the right to accept the additional Animals under the Definitive Agreement.

  22. Dearest Laura ,
    Thank you for all the things you do for these Voiceless Horses , they were the Symbol of Freedom for this great nation , why this is done to them …

    I see a Mission in the BLM Wild Horse Roundups , other than what they are saying , there is not enough Forage (Food and Water) in the public lands ,
    BLM , has a mission to Destroy the Wild Horse completely from the WEST , this is the BLM mission , One Cow eats as much as SEVEN Horses Per DAY.
    We have seen the roundup hasn’t finished they bring the Cattle in ( Wild Horse OUT , Pregnant Cattle IN ) , this is what we have seen BLM doing ,
    You know better about the Water , Bank of China and the Congress Man Harry Reid , they are selling the West to the Chinese ….
    I hope this great nation would WAKE UP before it’s too late .

    with honor and respect for you Laura ,

  23. I have put some of your video clips in my blog for giving awareness to the people for the hard work your doing and asking for donations and their help on facebook ,
    i know how hard it is fighting this unfair fight , specially when your enemy just received $ 1.1 billion for this fight and you can’t even fix the door to your car , it’s a shame for those whom paying their taxes to fund Wild Horse Killers like the BLM and Ken Salazar , Abbey , Cattoor ……..

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thank you for all the work you are doing to spread awareness that this is happening to these wonderful beings.

      The fight just “is what it is” and well worth fighting.

      Best to you.

      • I found one very informative Video clip which you have spoken in about your activities and what the BLM is doing , I couldn’t put that Video in my blog (the one with Annie Griffin “” ) and if you think there are any other videos or notes to put in my blog as you can see i have made a special page for you in my blog Laura Legih’s page , Please send them to “” ,
        You can help me with that , at least i have 1 to 2 thousands readers in each day , feel free to send me anything that you want me to put in your section ,
        it is my honor to be a little help specially for you ,
        anyone whom loves horses would be honored to work for you and i am one to the last drop of my blood and with all my heart , because i know when i am working for you , i am working for someone whom does everything for the wild horse with all honesty .
        Laura , i honor and admire your honesty .

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Thank you. It has not been an easy road and promises to get harder… but the “things we do for love” are hard to explain with logic.

          I am working on a piece that spans all of the roundup related activity of the last year in a short film format. I should have it loaded by the weekend.

          Thank you again for sharing the love I have for what speaks directly to my soul.

          • I am about 6,000 miles away from north America,
            the wild Horse Roundups and Slaughter has changed my life and my personality ,
            I am also a Equine Behaviorist and Equine Welfare ,
            also i have learned and experienced in Horse Body Language , and for knowing their language those videos effect me so deeply , when they beg for help even to their own Prison Guard or for the one ready to shoot them in the kill pen for slaughter , i can read all those Signs Laura , sometimes i wish i never knew their language , it is very hard when you know their language , I can read pictures too, horse pictures .
            Laura , many don’t understand what kind of a creature horses are , my own life has been saved several times by stallions and Mares since i was a little kid and i own my life to horses ,
            their senses are so different to ours , the problem is that we think their senses works just the same as ours and we always compare their sense to ours and that’s where we go wrong , they have to my opinion a sixth sense that we don’t have , they are capable of doing things that is very hard for us to understand and yet we think we are the only creature with intelligence (if anyone that read this has any doubt about their power of intelligence i can explain it) .
            why all the accidents happen at the Gate of those damn Trailers , because Horses see the Trailers as Caves , in nature and wild what comes out of those Caves , the Predator , so it is life threatening for a horse to go inside a Cave , these Wranglers don’t have a clue of these things and yet they gather around the Gates , that is when the horse feels his life is at danger and wranglers pick up the whips Advancing them , what would we do if someone push us to a life threatening Cave , we would not put a step forward ,
            i always cry with you and i can hear you crying Laura , your voice has become a voice of cry for me , with your voice i cry for them , even now that i am writing these words i am crying Laura .
            Always light prevails the darkness my dear Laura ,
            my best wishes for you and them the wild horses .

  24. Dear Laura,
    Among the videos that i have either from you or others non has touched my heart as much as this video has , even when i think about this video clip i start to shake , this clip has changed me , this video has made me a person whom i never would give up this fight for the horses , this video made me follow you and your work ,
    this Video :
    bless your heart Laura ,
    may their souls be with you all the way ,
    may their heart beat for you throughout your fight for them,
    I know you will win this fight because your on the right side , you fight for the voiceless , your the voice of Wild Horses.

  25. Thank-you Laura – from across the pond we see the cruel destruction of so many wild horses, burros and foals during the BLM round-ups – they ARE totally wicked, especially with Sun J who is just bullying that foal (who was following anyway) into the trap. We will sign and do everything we can to help you. BLM increasingly makes access so difficult and that is probably because they don’t want witnesses to the deaths and injuries they cause to these terrified horses who have been forced run/gallop 10+ miles. The ceaseless ongoing cruelty of these round-ups is America’s shame purely because of the BLM don’t-give-a-damn attitude.

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