My Country

This youtube is just random shots. I took all but the one of me, Elyse Gardner took that one.

I love my country.

I was raised in a family filled with service to country. A grandfather that served in two World Wars. Uncles in various branches of military and a father and uncle that were police officers. Being an American really meant something to me growing up.

As we get older the recognition of the fragile reality of our world and the human vulnerabilities of our idols begins to shape who we become.

“No man left behind” became a childhood concept that stood in contrast to the things I witnessed…

But I still believe in my country.

I still believe we will find a way to protect our wild places.

I still believe we can rise to the economic hardships and not loose sight of human rights and environmental issues.

I still believe in my country.

Yet in 4 short days the gather will begin in Owyhee.

In 4 short days we will have babies just days old run by helicopter miles and miles over the desert floor. They will struggle to keep up with their families as they flee from the threat from above into traps… never to be free… and those will be the lucky ones. How many will perish in flight? How many will perish after the gather? We will never know…

The public will not be allowed to witness. We will not be allowed in until the 22nd of July.

Please write your Congressman and media… this is not acceptable. Not with this track record…

All of this will be done as public land is used to create private profit off the backs of the American taxpayer. While you have your Congressional rep on the phone let them know we want a full cost recovery system on our land… no more tenants that can’t operate responsibly. Particularly now, as so many Americans struggle to find work and make ends meet, a system that bleeds more from the taxpayer can not continue.

Just a thought for tonight…

… celebrate the birth of our nation by creating a place of peace, not of war. The sounds of war will fill the air and terrorize both domestic animals and wildlife. Human PTSD survivors will have a hard time, too.

Sing to your dog… play Mozart in your barn…

Happy Birthday, America. I still believe in you.


So much for talking…

While we were in Denver listening to BLM’s hired gun Michael Harty act as if his meeting actually meant something … the stallions at Fallon have been castrated. I wonder how many of those smiling faces at that ¬†meeting knew what was happening?

Gelding of the five years and older stallions took place this week.  During gelding, one stallion was noted with two cryptorchid testicles and was euthanized, one stallion suffered a spinal injury while in the chute and died on his own and one gelding was found dead in the pen.

The letters I have written (we all have written) go unanswered. Instead Gene Seidlitz of the Winnemucca district replied to Craig Downers letter and cc’d us all.

That is not a reply to MY letter.

He addressed Craig’s fly over… never my questions directly… NOT EVEN CLOSE.

He never responded to my last letter. He has never sent me the schedule for data collection that he invited me to participate in… that started today. He is side stepping and squirming instead of simply answering. Does someone behave that way when they have legs to stand on? Or when they are acting like someone with something to be ashamed of?

A proposal sits unanswered that would have taken in all of these horses at a savings to the tax=payer that would not have required gelding!!!!!!

Does our president care that his BLM… yes Obama’s BLM… behaves in such a manner? A manner that only deserves the label “sociopathic.”

How can anyone go to work in the morning for the BLM and look their children in the eye at night?

Before I left for Denver I said to watch them… best face, big hit.

Watch them now while they close air space and deny me access to observe data collection…. what are they really doing?

I am in the desert and rather beside myself at the moment…. we will NEVER even be permitted to see these older stallions that the BLM has castrated… who died? Does the BLM even care?

I will write more later… I need to walk or something.

How can anyone go to work in the morning for the BLM and look their children in the eye at night?

SaveWildHorses posted this in comments. I think this is a great idea…. start cc ing the White House, Senators on your emails to the BLM.

Yes! And on every correspondence with any BLM official please make sure they see your cc: to the following

Your Senators
Barbara Boxer
all the chain of command in the WH&B and BLM (Don Glenn, Bob Abbey, Ken Salazar)
and the President

Soon, I think we may need to start contacting the Justice Department