Roundup Photos

Photographs of Wild Horse Roundups and the facilities they are taken to. This blog has many photos embedded into the posts. If you go to “categories” and find the topic you might find additional photos. All photos copyright Laura Leigh

Calico Foal

Hope (feet literally began to fall off, died) Calico Jan. 2010

Colt with helicopter just over him (Calico 2010)

Hospital Area Fallon Facility (injured Calico 2010)

Foal euthanized at the Broken Arrow/ Indian Lakes (Calico 2010)

Horses awaiting the adoption event (Calico 2010)

Injured face

Injured face (Twin Peaks 2010)

Separated and sent to places unknown (Twin Peaks 2010)

Running for his life (Twin Peaks 2010)

face lacerations (Tonopah 2010)

Mare leaps to freedom (Pine Nut 2010)

Orphan (Pine Nut 2010)

Injured mare left for 5 hours in alley (Silver King 2010)

Captive Mare (Tuscarora 2010)

Dying baby in holding (HMA unkinown 2010)

I will try to update. If you are looking for a picture from a specific roundup or horses still wild and free I may have it. I have literally tens of thousands of photos… let me know.

I tried to pick photos that speak to the beauty of the horses yet include the tragedy of confinement… 

Eagle 2011

Eagle 2011


11 thoughts on “Roundup Photos

  1. elissa kline says:

    You’ve done an amazing job here with a tragic subject, Bravo. I can imagine how many shots you have. the blessing and curse of digital.

  2. Marie Lindberg says:

    This really breaks my heart…makes me so sad…and speachless…Im living in sweden and I have just recently found out about this matter with these wild horses…I blogg about it and try to raise awerness…Wish I could do more, Thank Yo for documenting this, sharing with us.

  3. Marie Lindberg says:

    Marie in Sewden here again…is there any chans fo me to borrow Your photos? Im writing/blogging for “The Perfect World”:
    were I a blog about animals situation in the world. I have written ablut these wild horses twice, and I will continuing doing so, they have bcome very close to my heart (i have got 5 horses on my own, so this really upsets me). Im doing what I can here from Sweden thriugh my blogging,tslking and share info. These pics above makes my heart really nearly stop, it would be grate using them to show people what is happening not only in the round-ups and holdingpns, but also After…Its horrible, really heeartbreaking. My Very Best,
    Marie Lindberg Sweden.

  4. Hi Laura,
    First Thank YOU for documenting all these round-ups, holding-pens etc. The whole wildhorse isue/situation. Im swedish and I just found out of how these horses are beeing abused both under these helicopterhunts (CHOCK for me!!!)
    and afterwards in thes narrow Holdong pens and corallls, Horrible to keep these horses in captivity. I do want to do all i can to help from Sweden, even if there is not that much I can do, But i can try to raise awerness, both through talking and writing about it. I’m blogging/writing for “The Perfect World”: and i have done 4 storys so far and will contiunuing writing about all this. I wonder, is it possible for me to borrow photos from you to my storys. The pictures here on the starving foal, and others is photos that I think the whole world should see. I will Of Course write also abot you and link to your site. Id be happy if you have the time to answer me! My Very Best from Sweden, Marie Lindberg

  5. OK Laura Thank You!!!
    //Marie Lindberg

  6. Bridget says:

    My heart is so broken ,,after seeing thie I will never be the same,i literally feel as though im dying inside ..i cant stand i t…i am so overwhelmed by these tragedies….

  7. elissa kline says:

    Excellent job documenting the horrors of round ups, Laura. I honestly do not know how the BLM and others involved with round ups sleep at night.

  8. Laura says:

    Thank-you for attempting to document the gathers. The public deserves to know the honest truth-the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oversite and knowledge are always a good thing. Do you have any photos from a bald mountain hma gather on Jan 7, 2009? We have a mare gathered then with a distinctive bald face and bat roan coat. We would love to know more about her.

  9. Tina Wooten says:

    Broke my heart in a million pieces Laura to see that photo of mother by her foal who was injured and now is dieing……God help the wild Horses and help us to save them…:(..

  10. Tina Wooten says:

    Laura Leigh God Bless you, I don’t know how you do it.. Such a tragedy to see so much pain and torture to our voiceless Wild Horses..:(…..Take care and praying for you and all our precious Wild Horses..:)..

  11. Anna says:

    Thank you Laura for the amazing job you are doing. Regards for the horses.

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