Painting today… decided to share some of my process. Posts will be updated bottom to top so it makes sense.

I work in many mediums. These days I often paint digitally because the “no muss, no fuss” works well while traveling.

Today I’m playing with water….

I like to start with water soluble graphite.

Then  get it wet and start adding color.

More color.

more… and then a literal bath.

Today I had no idea what I was painting. I have to “warm-up” for some work. The painting is just taking “shape.” I’ve decided to go for a piece that describes the moment you don’t exist anymore when you ride.

I think I’m finished … ok … I know I’ll work on it some more later.


have a good Friday night…

posted 2/18/2010

On January 16th I saw this horse gathered from the Calico Complex. I fell in love. This is a sketch I’ve been playing with.

I will write more about him another day…

Meet “General.”

Posted: 2/16/2010

Painted awaiting the New Year… with a very pressing feeling that wild horses could vanish like a  dream.


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