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No Name…

I have no name that man can speak.
It is carried on the wind and grows of the earth.

I have watched those called “man.”
I have stood with him and given what I can.
I have carried him on my back.
I have pulled his loads and tilled his fields.
I have died with him as he fights his wars.
I have tried to show him what it is to be apart, yet live together.
He has not learned.

We began together. Made of spirit and earth. No matter the words man places on that time… it remains a truth.

Yet I was not tasked with the lesson of power and responsibility.
That lesson belongs to man.

I cannot choose the path that man takes.
I never could.
I could only stand with him as he wanders through his successes and failures.

I stand and watch man as he continues to deny his greater truths.
As man removes himself further from his connections to himself.

I cannot choose the path man takes…
But I still stand with him.
I stand with him as he turns his back on me, again.
I stand with him as he prepares to remove the symbols of our connection to the earth.
For my spirit in the wild is the symbol of that place, for us both.
But I still stand with him.

I am the bridge he can choose to cross back to himself.
But I cannot choose the path man takes.
That lesson belongs to him.
I have no name that man can speak…
he calls me: “Horse.”

Poetry by Laura


15 thoughts on “Art and Horses

  1. Anne says:

    hello and what a beautiful poem: No Name; excellent poem !

  2. Laura Leigh says:

    Thanks, Anna.
    I wrote that just before the Pryor round-up.

  3. Anna says:

    You wrote that ?

    wow that is fantastic !

    you sure are multi talented ! !

    ps someone said you have new pix of mares and foals ?
    where ? tia Anna

  4. Mary Cooke says:

    Three words “Beautiful” and “so true”! Words for once fail me!

  5. Lynn Souther says:

    Anna…..your POEM is very moving.
    Laura Leigh’s ART is BEAUTIFUL:)
    Well done!!!!!

  6. SoCalWolfGal says:

    Laura, I did not know you had a blog. I have been following you through Madeline Pickens, R.T. Fitch and Simone Netherlands Facebook Pages. We who love our wild horses and burros can never, ever repay you for witnessing day after day the horror we thought about.

    I simply cannot understand how Bob Abbey and the BLM continue to get away with this after all the documentation of the extreme cruelty inflicted on these horses and burrros for no reason. Except they are in the pocket of the cattle ranchers, the NRA and the hunters and the big oil companies.

    If this is allowed to continue our National Parks and Federal grazing lands are going to become nothing but a National Stockyard. And a National Disgrace.

  7. nana says:

    … beautiful heartfelt words …
    bless you, Laura

  8. evajoy says:

    This poem is wonderful! how do you do something like this?! This blog is great – I think it is because I love horses like you!

  9. Judy Cubel says:

    You are ONE talented lady. It is good to have you on our side. I just wish that the Wild Horses and Burros could read and know what a good person you are and to have you as a friend.

  10. Maya Spies says:

    Laura, your beautifully written poem, ‘No Name…’, describes so well how heavily indebted we are to ‘horse’, and that we all are losers when that indebtedness is not recognized and embraced. Your poem also perfectly conveys the stoic generosity of this unique and splendid creature, so magnificently wild, but able to bend to mankind’s wishes with complete grace.

    I have long believed that there should be a national commemoration for the horse, in recognition of all that horses have done and suffered and endured for us (and often still do), and the fact that our nation would not be what it is without the willing horse. Leaving our wild herds wild, into perpetuity, could serve as that commemoration, personified. The current mustang protection laws have that intent, but it’s not adequately spelled out.

    You are a beautiful spirit, Laura. Thank you.

  11. Tina Wooten says:

    Dear, Laura I just have a few things to say to you…God,knew what he was doing when he chose you our Guardian Angel over Wild Horses..Thank you Laura Leigh for all your long hours of work and heart in saving our Wild Horses. Don’t ever worry about support because you my awesome friend have …..”A Army Of Wild Horse Soldiers” behind your back!

    Tina Wooten A Wild Horse Soldier 🙂

  12. Tina Wooten says:

    I also wanted to say one more thing Laura your horse poem above is out of this world AWESOME!!!!! Tina Wooten


    Dear Laura,
    I have just come across your poem now Nov 12th 2013, its very poignant but very beautiful at the same time.
    Your Photographs are superb and I admire people like yourself who are so ecologically aware and strive to express natures concern’s in such a creative way.
    I am artist,( Equine Painter on Canvas,) and have over the past 2 years have been painting on the theme of the Endangered Mustang horse of America. I was moved and propelled into action after I read the book by Carol Walker & her colleague Ginger Katrens “Wild Hoof Beats’ America’s Vanishing Wild Horse’ a very realistic but balanced account of what is happening to the Wild horse.
    I have completed a series of more than 20 paintings and although an Irish Artist working and living in County Mayo, West of Ireland, the story of the Vanishing wild horse in America is just as alarming as the vanishing Orangutan Monkey in Asia or the depleting Rhino in Africa…I often wonder what will remain for our Grand children?
    I exhibit here in Ireland to bring awareness of the wild horse plight without been political or brash…moreover the work celibrates the beauty and power of these horses, by conveying their dangerous plight through a visual narrative.
    My long term plan is to exhibit in the U.S. targeting states such as Montana, Colorado, Nevada,
    My new website will be completed by this Christmas 2013 and I will post a blog for you.In the meantime I will give you a hotmail email account you can contact me on.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Trish Findlater

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