BLM moves forward with Spay paperwork

UPDATE Colorado State University has pulled out of the study. However at this time it is unclear if BLM will partner with another University to continue this experiment.
We are awaiting an official statement from BLM.

Wild Horse Education

cropped-burns_leigh023.jpg Wild horses at the Burns corral in OR (photo: Laura Leigh)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is moving forward with paperwork to begin a spay experiment in Oregon.

An EA is now available for a 30 day public comment period:

(all documents associated with this objective can be found here:

The experiment was placed (prior to approval) onto the “gather schedule” and has already been given a start date of October 1. BLM has placed operations onto schedules in multiple instances prior to any NEPA completion in the past. It leaves little room for any confidence by the public that any “public comment” period is even taken seriously by the BLM.

Our scoping comments: rs_ws_spaycomments_whe_060418

BLM actually placed a youtube online to promote this procedure.

After reading the EA and accompanying documents you can send your letters to: Be aware that BLM is offering…

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