Listen carefully….

This clip was posted last year from the HBO television series “Newsroom.” The clip is making another round Facebook and I wanted to speak to those of you that have followed this blog these last years.

Listen to this carefully…. this is the betrayal.

"Hope" died of hoof slough (feet falling off), Calico Complex 2010. Click photo to go to story.

“Hope” died of hoof slough (feet falling off), Calico Complex 2010. Click photo to go to story.

When I talk about the “pain” I feel as an American watching what is happening to our wild horses and burros THIS is what I am talking about. I was raised in a family where you served your country, because to do so was an honor. I was raised in a family where being an “American” was a driving force to serving in World Wars where my grandpa left a family at home who was “on a list” as of German heritage… and may have been interned. I was raised in a family that was silent when the TV blared the National Anthem before a baseball game. I was raised in a family that said the pledge of allegiance as if it were genetic code…”with Liberty and Justice for all.”

Our wild horses and burros are a lawful user of public land. Living as resilient survivors with hardly anything they thrive in that Freedom… or so we thought. Once WE were that resilient survivor… the were no “problems,” only “opportunities.”

I sit on that range and am pierced through my very American heart. I feel betrayed by my government’s lack of recognition of the living being that represents MY interest on MY public land, be subjugated and abused as the rights of private profiteers over run my rights. “Liberty and Justice for all,” has been replaced with “it only has worth if it represents a dollar.”

MY Constitution WAS based on Liberty, Freedom, Equality, Bravery and sheer Grit of those that faced charges of treason for signing that first Declaration of our Independence. Is there a dollar figure that represents Liberty, Freedom, Equality,Bravery and sheer Grit? Are we that genuinely see success as more than a bank account so outnumbered that hope is lost?

I sit on the range and weep for our symbol of Freedom, the wild horse, and what my country is becoming. Yet that “genetic code” I was born with makes it impossible to walk away as those that value “profit lines” destroy our equal right to an interest that’s value fuels the soul… the spirit of a wild horse. I believe we are not outnumbered. I believe we will change the management of wild horses. I believe America can be great again….

Thank you for letting me “vent” here. I am studying briefs and arguments made by our government about how they wont do right by the horses and deny anything is wrong…. as this program gains an attention as they lie about everything from wild horses going to slaughter (and Salazar himself is implicated) to court documents that state “all horses were handled humanely on the range,” (after 3 TRO’s by Federal Judges that disagree). A BIG part of WHY I began this crazy “ride” is to tell a story the American media ignored… one that speaks MY soul as an American. I am an Advocate… but I am a journalist. The concept that a journalist is an machine that types a non-emotional, bi-partisan (bi-polar) report is a cop out. As a kid I watched Cronkite cry…

Please watch the below video and FOLLOW the work for the wild horses at Wild Horse Education. We need your help.

Strong language alert

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6 thoughts on “Listen carefully….

  1. Mike Pliskin says:

    will she be helpful?  Salazar is just a beauracratic pimp of our tax dollars.  He screwed up Housing Dept too.

  2. Ronnie says:

    Thank you Laura, Advocating for our horses has taught me more about our “democratic” government that I never learned in U.S. history. The tragic, irreversible forfeiture of our environment (public lands), wildlife, ecosystems. The threatening labeling of *peaceful advocates as “terrorists.” All for corruption, self-serving, lies… The hallmark: *GREED! Older generations have historically worried for the younger. However, our times do not bode well, as outlined so succinctly in this short, 3 1/2 minute video. That said, how heartened I was yesterday to have my daughter call me about Ms. Sally Jewell, nominated by our Commander-in-Chief for Secretary of Interior, replacing Salazar. My daughter was worried…& emotional. But most importantly, she was alert, caring, proactive>>To initiate change rather than reacting to events. She ended with, “If only the American people knew…” Hence, the last sentence in his video speaks volumes: “The first step in recognizing any problem is recognizing there is one.” Your heart breaks Laura, but you DO. You take action. You educate. We all do what we can do & a great part is educating & involving our younger ones, of ALL ages. They too can carry the torch for *Freedom *For *Our *Wild *Ones. Bless YOU!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Ronnie…. we try…. we can still believe. I am proud of your daughter. If these are the challenges we face, and how we deal with them, I shudder to think what we are leaving for our children. If our hearts break like this, and we have raised “awake” children, will we leave them hope? Or a heartbreak that makes ours seem small?

      Hug your daughter for me. Mine is far away… bless you both.

  3. cssssswv says:

    MY~!~Tweet 20:31 Feb 7, 2013 ….
    Tweet from
    Is there a #dollar_figure 2 represent #Liberty #Freedom #Equality #Bravery & Grit? #Listen_carefully?(Laura Leigh)

  4. Laura,

    This country is a very different place from the one we grew up in. 30 years ago we were at the top of developed nations, now we are one step above developing nations in terms of our health, education and income. I only mention this to point out that the issue is much bigger than people not caring about a national icon or humane issues.

    It is the corporate forces which have REWRITTEN legislation so that companies like TransCanada (a foreign company) can condemn and seize private property here in the U.S. for their economic gain and destroy the Commons (shared public lands, etc.) that belong to all of us.

    The wild horses and burros are being mistreated, but so are the American people, who have been made homeless, debt slaves and free labor for prison corporations. Public assets are being privatized, sold out from under the American people’s noses.

    Individual legal battles like yours, on all fronts, are the only way we are going to get our America back. Just recognize that the forces you are fighting are HUGE and powerful. Your cause is the only one I have been donating to, with my limited means, because it is possibly the most meaningful cause in the long run, i.e. future freedom for all of us.

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