3 hours left: Triple B action ALERT!

‎3 hours left… cut and paste and make comments your own. they count individual comments…. also make sure you add the numeric notation in the subject line!



6 thoughts on “3 hours left: Triple B action ALERT!

  1. Lisa Griffith says:

    I want to put something in perspective. The BLM says it hauled more than 60,000 gallons of water to the Triple B complex in 2011. (how much more than that I’d like to know). That comes to 1,905 BARRELS of water at 31.5 gallons per barrel (standard measurement). To frack a gas well can take 250,000 BARRELS of water. Our whole pond up Arkansas contains 180,000 (give or take) BARRELS of water. A normal sized home swimming pool might hold 20,000 gallons. A large water tanker can probably carry around 8,000 gallons so that would be 8 large water tankers of water though probably smaller tanks would be used for the more inaccessible areas.

    It is enough for 4,000 horses to drink for a day, or 1,000 horses to drink for four days.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes… AND to add more perspective BLM has been hauling water every year to the same locations. So that speaks more to an issue that transpired a decade ago, not an emergency issue. The Jackson Mountain win has created a precedent to justified v unjustified action. Hopefully every suit builds on the last until Congress wakes up.

  2. Ron says:

    So if the BLM continues to haul water for the horses then may be there is not enough water for the number of horses there. Just a thought

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Actually Ron you have to look at the circumstances surrounding the very first water haul. Permits were granted that did not properly mitigate the damages to the horse population. In the HMA’s (only about 10% of public land) the horses are to be considered in the same fashion as the other primary uses (cattle, extraction). Triple B is 0ver 2,615 square miles and comprises 5 separate areas. AML is actually far too low to represent the viability of fair use under law. The other users (that caused the damage, not horses) need to be looked at.

      The BLM math is about as fuzzy as it gets. Under law the resources required for minimal viable use for any user must be a known factor and reserved for that use. In this specific case the minimal viable use is not even known. We have boundary lines that were shaped more by local politics than by horses in 1974. Those issues must be addressed if we are to make any pretense whatsoever that there is fair multiple use on public land.

      • Ron says:

        Thank you for replying. Sorry for the tardiness of my reply….no electricity for the computer. You mentioned permits? Could you explain a little more on the permits?

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