Jackson Mountain, Day 1

As the conversation shifts from “How the hell did we get here?” to “Monitoring and assessing operation” here are day 1 notes. Please follow WildHorseEduaction.org as I may not get to this blog daily.

Also I want to say a prayer for the magnificent Conquistador, a stallion of the Pryor Mountains. He passed today with no obvious sign of injury. Ginger went to search for him as he had not been seen… Run Free Forever beautiful, beautiful stallion.


BLM began the emergency roundup at Jackson Mountain today. The operation began in the area where water has been hauled, literally. The stock tank was located within the wings of the trap.

Temperatures today were unseasonable cool.

The range is in serious compromise. Very little, to no, new growth was noted.

Driving was aprox 2 plus hours to the trap location from Winnemucca. As the roundup progresses distances are expected to increase.

Four runs were made today, two prior to arrival. Meeting time may move to 5am.

The first run witnessed was the largest run of the day. However observation vantage was poor. Two animals broke from the trap and were pursued. After the animals disappeared from site the helicopter was called off. REDAD THE REST AT: WildHorseEducation.org

Jackson Mountain emergency roundup during peak foaling season, Day 1


2 thoughts on “Jackson Mountain, Day 1

  1. Lisa Griffith says:

    No roundup yesterday, (Saturday)? Must only be an emergency Monday through Friday.

  2. daniimarie says:


    I just adopted a little mustang this weekend! If you are interested in following our journey take a look at our blog! I was happy to find yours šŸ™‚

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