WHE Video Released

Repost from WildHorseEducation.org

Hold Your Wild Horses! How did it get so bad? has been released publicly.

After being viewed by those that received it as a “thank you” for donating to the work the consensus was that the public needed to see the piece. This piece is part of a larger work and still in the edit phase. It is a “work in progress” so be patient with some of the places that are “rough.”

These three pieces represent the work done. In this piece you see the entire “story” of the documentation of the one horse that generated the TRO last year that halted the Triple B roundup. In order to keep that kind of accountability it takes relentless observation, daily.

The first part “A horses Journey” was completed last October. The third piece “What can be done?” Is in progress and expected to be completed as soon as humanely possible. All three segments will be edited together into a single story.

The piece is an educational piece.

If you can donate to the work contain in the piece your support is needed. The work contained in the piece is part of two active Court cases that have brought significant movement to the “inertia” of change in the program. It is our hope, that with your help, we will continue to learn and become more effective in achieving our goals.

“Hope you enjoy” the piece is not an appropriate saying here. We hope you come away with an understanding and perhaps some new insight.
~Thank you.


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