Stop sign on public land , Ely NV

I apologize for this blog being silent for so long.

After the end of “roundup season” I had several documents that needed to  be prepared and video etc. archived. I lost part of a database and had to rebuild it. I had equipment failure and my truck broke down and needed to be replaced. Then I had a rather intense health issue to deal with. Elvis is also getting older…

This last winter was intense with roundups, discussion and Court hearings on two fronts. The pace was intense these last two and a half years.

Yet both cases remain active and work is being done. Discussions are occurring and I pray that productive outcome is more than just a dream. More document prep and trying to stay alive. Infrastructure to move into team operations is in motion. The Advisory Board experience was like no other… pressure points are really sensitive.


Last week we had movement in the First Amendment case. By the 30th I will know when/if we need to head back into a Courtroom for another round.

I have been revamping the Wild Horse Education website: http://wildhorseeducation.org so if this blog is silent check over there….

Spent the “SuperMoon” with the horses in holding….


I am not “gone” just trying to keep working and survive.

The landscape is changing. If the field is more fertile? We will see….

This video is coming up on 800,000 views. Do you think we will break 1,000,000? I think this issue is gaining greater attention than ever…


One thought on “Update

  1. So very sad but shared on my fb page.Doing what I can to help the cause. Thanks for all you do for these horses. What a hard thing to document this cruelty.

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