ALERT- Jackson Mountain

Triple B roundup, July and August of 2011 (foaling season!)

This is just a fast ALERT and more info will be added shortly.

Those of you that have been worried about me, the sky is now where the sky should be and the ground is where the ground should be… thank you.

From Wild Horse Education

BLM has released a Press release today on the Jackson Mountain HMA.

During a phone conversation with Winnemucca District manager, Gene Seidlitz, we were alerted to the limited public comment period. BLM is limiting the time to comment on the EA claiming a potential emergent situation.

(The above link takes you to BLM press release that contains a link to the EA’s in the district, all active ones. Scroll down to wild horses to download the Jackson Mountain EA)

Please note that the roundup is scheduled to begin in July of 2012. If we can all remember the Owyhee roundup specific questions come to mind. IF there is an emergent situation that is known involving water and actual foaling season in the Nevada desert why in the world would BLM take action in July that would require a helicopter run?

We had deaths of foals at Triple B in July and August of 2011 and there was no water emergency.

If you note the AML in the EA for each areas of the HMA that encompass Livestock grazing you can get an idea of the inequity of forage use.

Wild Horse Education is preparing an independent survey of the potential for disaster.

If you would like to donate to the effort it is greatly appreciated.

We will craft sample comments as soon as our survey is complete.


3 thoughts on “ALERT- Jackson Mountain

  1. Darcy says:

    Laura, thank you for being out there 🙂 & for all you do!

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