Humane Care fight marches on

Not foal? BLM DOES roundup during foaling season

This week photojournalist Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education filed another Brief in the ongoing fight to get BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to create a meaningful standard of care for the wild horses and burros that Congress mandated them to protect. In the 40 years that the Wild Horse and Burro program has existed under the BLM no standard of care has been created with disastrous consequence.

This action began with the Court granting a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in August of 2011 against the Agency. This action came after Leigh’s lens captured conduct that included lack of water, dragging animals by the neck, hotshot use and a helicopter apparently coming in contact with an exhausted animal.

The conduct was later admitted to by the agency in an investigation called the “Triple B Team Review.”

The new filing by Leigh’s Reno attorney, Gordon Cowan, came after asking the Court permission to move the action forward. Permission was granted based on precedent set in another case brought by Wild Horse Education and Cowan.

The government attorney’s are fighting Leigh’s Motion. The argument is based simply on the assertion that they are fighting her Ninth Circuit, First Amendment, win that set the precedent.

In the current brief Cowan rights “ The ruling in Leigh v. Salazar, 668 F.3d 1126 (9th Cir. 2012) stands as precedence unless or until the appellate court reverses itself. “

Nowhere in the government’s argument against Leigh do they address her assertions. According to BLM math, they will be required to do another operation at Triple B in the very near future. They do not argue her assertion that the care standard is needed. They do not argue her assertion that the offending conduct occurred.

“This is typical of the legal strategy employed by the agency,” said Leigh “They never address the real issue at hand only create assertions that the issues can not be addressed.”

Leigh, through her attorney, has attempted to initiate conversations to rectify the issues. To date BLM has refused to engage.


Wild Horse Education is a Nevada non-profit supporting documentation and distribution of information for sensible change for America’s wild horses and burros. To support the legal challenges and continued documentation visit:

Links of interest:

The entire BLM Triple B Team Review is no longer available online but an Analysis of the report, including extensive quotes, can be read here:


Youtubes of interest:

Horse hit with helicopter:

Animals rounded up in sub-zero temperatures with causalities in holding:

Year in review, 2011, montage:



4 thoughts on “Humane Care fight marches on

  1. cssssswv says:

    You GO, girl!! 🙂 {and Mr. Cowan, too ! } sometime…Eventually…they are going to HAVE to listen. And they’ll FIND out (the hardest way, apparently) –that Even Sir Sala-Czar & his Rogue “agency” are NOT above the LAW, nor. The Supreme Court!?
    {what Gall, he has “:0 simply unbelievable ! } ….& SCARY ?
    However, YOU 2 —never Forget:
    YOU are the *HEROES* of our Time ! ! (& even when it doesn’t “feel like it”…WE truly *appreciate it, too 🙂 & so Do ~the Magnificent, Noble HORSES ! )

  2. […] (yet)..another Brief filed, in the ongoing fight to get BLM (Bureau of Land “Mgmt”) to create a meaningful ~standard of care~ for the ¤ wild Horses & Burros ¤ that Congress mandated….¤40 YEARS¤ ago! –»please? read: “Humane Care fight marches on” by Laura Leigh ! the Humane case Marches on… […]

  3. Barbara says:

    Salazar and the BLM should not have to be taken to court to do the right thing. Why isn’t Congress doing anything to stop this atrocity of abuse and mismanagement ?! The WFRH&B Act is being broken.

  4. […] Humane Care fight marches on ( Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInRedditStumbleUponPinterestDiggPrintEmailTumblrLike this:LikeBe the first to like this.   […]

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