The fight for Access continues

 Where’s the Trap? (Mike Lorden) Leigh and others at the Calico Complex Roundup 2012

Wild Horse Education’s Ninth Circuit Press Access win challenged by BLM

(Reno) On Friday the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) filed a Motion for Reconsideration in the Ninth Circuit case challenging access to Wild Horses and information surrounding the care of animals. The Motion addresses the win for Press Freedom granted by the Court on February 14 in the access case brought by Laura Leigh, journalist for Horseback Magazine and founder of Wild Horse Education.

The Ninth Circuit Court in granting Leigh’s Appeal recognized that roundups will occur as a matter of course. BLM had argued that the issue was “moot” because the roundup had ended. The Ninth Circuit ruled the issue was not moot because the Agency is mandated under the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act to remove excess animals (excess as defined by BLM) and that the animals will continue to reproduce. This created a win for journalists and the public attempting to gain meaningful access to the actions of their government.

Lawyers for the BLM write in their request to the Court, “that the mere possibility of agency action does not present a live controversy.”

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