Broken Arrow Tour 2012 (pics)

I am working on an article for Horseback Magazine on the Indian Lakes (Broken Arrow) tour 3/30/12.

The same sanitized version of “access” was offered as last year. Cleaned up and prepped for the public to arrive BLM broke out the “paddy wagon” and took two tours around the facility. Visitors can not interact with the animals (even though it would help both horses and people). The hospital pens were off limits even though there wasn’t “much to see but a few over weight mares in on feed restrictions.”

Interactions with the public that attended will be a focus for the Horseback story… but y’all know this is the blog.

As we went up and down each alley I saw familiar faces. BLM does not do anything to track by HMA after they arrive at holding, even though color coding tags would make it really easy. So in one pen I see a Triple B … and then three faces that look some I know from Eagle. Yes, there are also still Silver King horses there and Calico mares from over two years ago.

We saw about 2,500 faces.

Owyhee, Little Humbolt, Humbolt,  Rock Creek, Maverick-Medicine, Antelope Valley, Goshutes, Spruce, Calico, Granite, Black Rock (East and West), Warm Springs Canyon, Tobin, Pine Nut, Lahontan, Augusta, Callaghan, Bald Mountain, Rocky Hills, New Pass-Ravenswood, South Shoshone, Antelope, Eagle and Silver KIng.

And the McGee (Calico Complex 2012) burros.

Those are just faces from Nevada.

Also in the facility we have Twin Peaks in CA, Beaty’s Butte in OR and Choke Cherry and Mt     Elinor of Utah.

I know where they live. I saw many (most) of them taken from the range….

My article will be out tomorrow… and my thoughts will be expanded here.

But for now just a few photos….

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7 thoughts on “Broken Arrow Tour 2012 (pics)

  1. Laura Leigh says:

    computer keeps crashing and won’t let me post more pics…

  2. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Awesome seeing you & Elyse on the second tour. Love that profile shot of John Neill & the baby burros. I think we zoomed in on the same lovey dovey shot there with the baby burros, as well as some others!

    Very tired too Laura, I got no sleep what so ever on Thursday night, why I have no idea! Probably thinking of Brogan’s Lakota & the horses & burros we would see @ Broken Arrow, separated from family & their wild homes. Its aggravating not to be able to identify them better, know what HMA each one came from & where they will land.

    This facility should be open for adoptions, at least once a month!

    That wagon is brutal torture! You think with all the taxpayers money they could come up with a more comfortable ride. Eeegads, my vertebrae & joints are aching from all the activity just trying to remain on my feet! On your feet is the only way to get a photo. Sigh……

    Looking forward to your story for Horseback.

  3. Barbara says:

    So sad and now the BLM plans to bait trap what the helicopters miss. It looks like their “managing for extinction” is working unless this can be stopped along with all the removals. There may only be approximately 10,000 wild horses still free. Click on the population info at –9th link down. At least 85% of the herds are not genetically viable and sustainale also.

  4. Geri says:

    Laura, I was just looking at the pictures you have posted here and noticed the baby horses and burros. Were these pictures taked on this tour and if they were , why is the BLM breeding horses? Did they say anything about that, since it was my understanding that wild horses were given birth control and casterated.

  5. Geri says:

    Thanks, was just wondering.

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