Dusty, tired, celebration

Run Free (Stone Cabin, 2012)

Wild Horse Education is almost at the one year mark. With the desire to create that open information source and to get out information in a more “newsworthy” fashion that the org was born. It has been a grueling first year with some incredible achievements that have been built out of the theories and sweat laid down over the few years prior.

We are reaching a larger audience that is growing ever more concerned with the management of wild horses and burros and, in the process, becoming ever more aware of what is happening on public land. We have a youtube video that has averaged over 150,000 views a month and is almost at 500,000 views, in just the last three months! Two years ago that type of traffic on a youtube did not happen to wild horse videos. People are starting to ask questions.

This year we gained the first TRO (Restraining Order) to conduct and a massive Ninth Circuit decision on the First Amendment based on the documentation and the effort to document.

The Ninth Circuit case reads like an odd biography of my life. Trying to document the hands-on care of wild horses has been like trying to uncover the mystery of life. It boggles the mind the effort that the government will go to hide the activities. That adherence to “secrecy” simply raises more questions on “why?” The time and energy involved has been immeasurable.

The case on conduct was like running a crazy race. To achieve the TRO it required three trips back and forth across the state while the roundup was in progress. The rigors of documenting, logging photos, getting reports to, editing video, DRIVING, prepping Court documents and then making the Courtroom was … well a high-speed roller coaster ride that has not stopped. That case has gone active and more documents are being prepared.

Wild Horse Education also began a “free book in progress,” that includes a glossary of acronyms.

Begun a website (still evolving) to house the documentation.

Numerous reports have been prepped and distributed.

note: I just literally felt myself exhale.

Our Spring Newsletter can be found at: http://wildhorseeducation.org/2012/03/26/spring-newsletter-2012/

This may very well be the year we see the first published Standard for Humane Care in the history of the Act.

And we have only just begun…. and please remember that none of this was/is possible without you. You are the force that creates the current that this vessel rides.

All my gratitude.

If you had help keep us “on the job” go to http://WildHorseEducation.org and donate. It is appreciated and every dollar helps.


8 thoughts on “Dusty, tired, celebration

  1. damien11 says:

    Wild Horse Education (WHE) has worked so hard for change and to bring transparency to the dirty liittle secrets hidden in this multi leveled conspiracy against our wild horses, and the delicate eco systems they live in! Thank you so much for all you do!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Laura you are a true Warrior! You give us the “ammunition” to fight this battle. Your strength is admirable…

  3. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Great blog post Laura…….
    “This may very well be the year we see the first published Standard for Humane Care in the history of the Act.”

    I am especially happy to hear this & will be overjoyed should it actually be written in!

    The news on the video hits is really awesome! It is one of the best productions for sure, stellar actually!
    Kudos and appreciations to Maria Daines, Paul Killington & you of course.

    You’ve come along way baby for the wild horses! Thanks you for keeping with it even in the eye of many violent storms.

  4. Cat Kindsfather says:

    Why do I always see the annoying typos after I click post? Sorry, that should read …. “You’ve come a long way baby for the wild horses! Thank you for keeping with it, even in the eye of many violent storms.” ; )

    (Don’t sweat the small stuff right? But it really does irritate me whenI do that!)

  5. Barbara says:

    Laura, you are our inspiration. You go, Girl !
    We can’t thank you enough.

  6. Cat Kindsfather says:

    I like your WHE video here as well, especially the part where they get whats up, and then race out of the trap splitting right past the chopper.

    Can’t help fantasizing that they stay free, running home to a secret hideout.
    Sad history Laura, but grateful for all you have documented, which is more than anyone else on the wild side.

  7. missshahera says:

    Ah Laura, do you get to rest, EVER? I thnk God every day for you, your determination, I pray for your safety, strength, courage, and of course for the well-being of our precious wild horses and burros. Know you are thought of and loved each day.

  8. Laura, thank you for your never ending work on trying to improve the management of the wild horses. You are a true warrior and I hope something good will develop from all your efforts. Keep spreading the word and I’ll try to do what I can for your love of the wild horses.

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