I know I have been rather “off the grid” for the last two weeks. But that does not mean I have not been working.

After dealing with transportation “nightmares” and a paperwork avalanche I muddled through “saturation.”

Yup. I hit the saturation mark that the rigors of being in the field and documenting all I have seen created. It was like a tidal wave that hit me from behind.

Hope dying of hoof slough (Indian Lakes/Broken Arrow)

Over two years ago I saw baby Hope dying after his feet began to literally separate from the bone after the stampede over volcanic rock at Calico through the sub zero temperatures and deaths of respiratory illness at Eagle to the helicopter pilot antics that created the TRO at Triple B.

On Valentines day of this year the Ninth Circuit granted my motion for access at the very same time I was leaving Stone Cabin frustrated at the lack of meaningful access to document capture and handling.

How many days on the range? Countless. How many hours prepping legal documents? Countless. How many hours editing video and publishing reports and photographs? Countless. How many days in Court? I have lost count.

Today I was allowed by Hon. Judge McKibben to file another motion on the inhumane treatment I have seen. A press release should be out first thing in the morning.

I have crafted three reports: Handling, Access and Communication on BLM actions I have witnessed and documented. I am finishing a report “Viability? What does that mean?”

The press release will be out in the morning and the reports will be released as soon as they are proofed and presented.

I am still here.