Two things to do today

First it’s National Call in day to protest the appointment of Calli Hendricksen to the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board.

Callie has been appointed to fill the “public” seat on the Board. Callie is vocally pro-slaughter. Not only for our domestics, but she has been very vocal in the “opinion” that slaughter is appropriate for wild horses. This view is not representative of the majority of Americans that feel (as we always have) that eating horse us “un-American.”

She is also a member of an organization that has pushed to zero out areas as she represents livestock interests.

Callie is not an appropriate “public” representative to the board. Livestock and Wildlife interests are already represented.

You can find call in info on RT’s blog:

ALSO” today is the last day to get comments in on the EIS for Mt. Hope. Ask that appropriate studies be done to determine impacts to wild horses and appropriate mitigation for their welfare take place. The current EIS for the project does not appropriately take into account the already fragile nature of the horses in that area.

PLEASE use the email here or mail your comments today!

Calico Roundup 11-20-2011


8 thoughts on “Two things to do today

  1. Barbara says:

    When I called the number for Salazar I was given the number of Debbie Collins at 866-468-7826. Please call her so she can “educate ” you. She and I did not agree at all about anything.

    • polopaula says:

      I called her too, Barbara. Left a message for her to send me an adoption package, and to call me back. When I spoke with Salazar’s office, they did not suggest that anyone educate me, but I will be more than happy to let her try. i am eager to find out her office address. That might be a great address for a protest. As you can tell, I’m getting fed up with the impunity that they make decisions with no thought to the wishes or will of the PRO-HORSE PEOPLE.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Deb Collins… she is the one at Silver King that actually yelled at me (on tape)… that the BLM website is accurate information. The website was more than 100 horses off at the time… tell her to take your name and number as the public servant she is and log your disapproval…. then ask her to repeat it back… to make sure.

  2. polopaula says:

    Done and Done and Done

  3. Lisa Griffith says:

    I called early and spoke to someone at the DOI. If I have some free time next week, I might call her so I can get educated. Or, I might just hit my head against a brick wall. The result would be the same.

  4. Great article. I came across this by mistake but was happy with what I found. I am going to bookmark this page so I can come back later to look for future articles thanks.

  5. Barbara says:

    Laura, I am missing your blog.
    Do you know I adopted a mare in foal from the BLM that was from the Triple B roundup? She is staying with me because it could be dangerous to move her and put her thr. more stress. She is so smart and quite young–maybe 5.
    She was at the Liberty, KY adoption.

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