Stone Cabin Home Range adoption UPDATE

Special needs adoption needed. Club foot colt. Info on him and others at

Club foot colt at Stone Cabin adoption

Much is happening and I will get an article up tonight I PROMISE.

Trap is moving and the snow is falling hard.


6 thoughts on “Stone Cabin Home Range adoption UPDATE

  1. Lisa Griffith says:

    I really hope an adopter comes forward for this cute, little guy. The BLM usually shoots the club footed ones. It’s “something” that they are at least giving him time to find a home.

  2. Donna Buscemi says:

    Congrats on todays Court victory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all that you do to expose what’s happening to our horses & burros.

  3. Nancy Z says:

    I hate that blue X on his back, it looks like a target. So sad, hope someone rescues him.

  4. Lisa Griffith says:

    Laura, since this might be the fastest way to get your attention, there is an advocate in Northern Nevada that can take the club footed colt (and perhaps the other two if they haven’t already been euthanized.)

    If there are no other offers of adoption for the club-footed horses, then we should consider Laura Bell’s offer.

    She is located in northern Nevada and I think Stone Cabin is mid to southern Nevada as I look at the map. There would be some trailer expenses to get the horses to her, plus adoption fees unless these horses will have the fee waived due to their conformation issues.

  5. arlene says:

    I have always found that each horse has their own beauty, this one his blaze is amazing !!!! What an awesome beauty he is , I am sure he will find a forever home !!!

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