Whose Home on the Range?

This is a very long piece by Jonathan Arkin. He really tries to get the whole story told… and it reminds me just how long this journey has been!


In the song Wild Horses, released by the Rolling Stones in 1971, Mick Jagger sings of a love gone astray and laments: “I have my freedom…but don’t have much time.” In an ironic and cruel coincidence, a piece of legislation born that very same year – and grossly misapplied since – has marked for time the very freedom of those wild horses Jagger longed to “ride some day.”

Read the piece in it’s entirety here: http://actionnownetwork.com/home/contents/?p=7042


One thought on “Whose Home on the Range?

  1. arlene says:

    You know Laura , these are the worst helicopter maneuvers i have ever seen, the real helicopter pilots should tar and feather this nincompoop,this man is an embarrassment to aviation //////// I see the one horse limping , there is complete negligence……………………. Do you know what that so called pilots name is ?????? All of this suffering is unnecessary this is disgusting nonsense………………………

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