Message to BLM

I can see the positive and have reported it. I will report on what you allow me to see. If I can’t see it… or simply see things that raise serious issues… if I have no channel for dialogue… my only option is to have the public raise their voice.

I will contrast for you:

Kiger 2011

Triple B. If you listen to me  you can hear me say “Ben, call him off.” I knew the potential here was “not good.” No one near me EVER has a working radio anymore because it can only be assumed you don’t want me to hear you… and do not want to hear me.

All I want is an avenue for productive, honest dialogue.


2 thoughts on “Message to BLM

  1. Cat Smith says:

    Hey, BLM, leave the damn horses alone!!!!! You cruel, cruel, cruel morons!

  2. Dear Laura,
    I sent a letter to the government.They wrote me back and told me that none of these things were going on.I first saw this story about the wild mustangs on CNN. I looked up CNN on the web and found more videos on B.L.M and cruel way they treat these mustangs.I was so upset and heart broken. If it was anyone of us we would be fined and arrested for animal abuse.What makes them any different. I am going to write them back and try to send them the video from CNN.Then I’m going to send a letter to the White house or call the White House. Bless you for what you’ve done for them.
    Sherry Spencer

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