Clog the FAX

Rounded up by BLM on 1-28-2012

We went back into Court to attempt to address the issues of a lack of humane care standard in the BLM’s wild horse and burro program. Although the door is open to bring the next challenge (and we are preparing to hit the road) it is time to “clog the FAX.”

Judge Howard McKibben could not address the “program wide” issue and pointed out that “is the job of Congress.”

GO to for details.


4 thoughts on “Clog the FAX

  1. Cat Smith says:

    The free fax didn’t work for me so I added a message with your web address on each representative’s Facebook page for my District, including the President’s.

  2. Cindy says:

    poor guy! no need to have his face busted open like that! 😦

  3. Tabby says:

    Heres something you could fax them for like a good reason why to stop[ all of this. It would be pointless to round up all of these wild horses with the way the economy is right now, no one could afford to adopt them and for those who do adopt them all they’re going to do is take them to be slaughtered to do this would be a waste and cause the destruction of an animal that has been the very backbone of the old west for years, BLM needs to stop before they ruin a important part of our history. The wild horses should be left alone unless BLM can prove that the population is harming anything. To continue with this would just add another example to the long list of mistakes made by the government and human ignorance destroying the things that should be preserved in this world. I post this here cause I don’t have the means to send it to congress. Hopefully someone else will.

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