Flanigan (other things)

I am editing Flanigan video and working on a story that explains the region, etc. 13 taken today.

BLM will usually say that the observation area is “good.” I was not high enough to see the trap mouth. I was not close enough to even make out distinctive markings, let alone assess anything right after capture. If at least one of those things does not occur “access” stinks.

300 mm zoom AND enlargement on computer

Made it through the hearing on the Ninth and prepping for the Humane case hearing next week. A standard of care that is written… with parameters for chain of command and protocol for violation. Why that concept even had to hit the litigation phase is extremely frustrating.

I will get to all of that stuff in a post tomorrow… it’s cold, raining, windy… maybe operations will be cancelled?

But for now I just want to share these photos of two young boys playing at PVC…. the one stopped to check me out but his buddy wanted to keep the game going… I need to wash my mind and these pics make me smile. (PS. they both need adoption).

I don't care if she's looking...

aw... c'mon....

I'll be your best friend...?

More tomorrow… I will get roundup video uploaded…