How many complaints can you get before you are fired from Walmart?

2012 looks just like 2011….

edited to add:

was tired last night… editing today.

note at 5:50 onward the wrangler focusing on making sure we can’t see by moving tarp, repeatedly

at 6:32 they put a rope around the horses neck and bang his head against the trailer as they try to pull him to his feet

Please note hotshot used to get injured horse to rise at 7:46

What would it have hurt to slow it down and let the just run, captured, torn from protection of family, improperly loaded, then injured horse rest?


9 thoughts on “How many complaints can you get before you are fired from Walmart?

  1. Barbara says:

    I just hope and pray that horse is OK but I seriously doubt it lived. It looks like they loaded it anyway no matter how injured it was. This was so hard to watch. Laura , I don’t see how you do it but God bless you for documenting all of the abuses.

  2. Stubborn and stupid is a bad combo…

  3. Cat Kindsfather says:

    youtube comments ~

    What happened to walking the talk? Who within the body of roundup operations will blow a whistle? The public has heard what they wanted them to hear. You must show the public what is happening, and you are. Dirty job, but someone has to do it!

    Thank you Laura.
    They need to walk the talk.

    Very disturbing to see the chopper so close again. Also, once once again you blow the loudest whistle.

    Regarding permissible observation, it appears they are using the fine line allowed by the court, keeping observers at whatever they feel is a safe distance. I don’t think the judge meant using “distance” to keep contractors safe from the scrutiny of public eyes.

    Hard to watch the one stuck loading up, & difficult to see well from your vantage point & attempts to apparently block viewing.

  4. Cat Kindsfather says:

    My thoughts are of the one who was up & down and stuck. Don’t they get paid “dead or alive” to bring them in? Are you even able to follow this horse only being allowed to shoot images while driving by temporary?

    Very disturbing Laura. I hope you can follow up on him, and give us some better news in the near future. I would join you if I was able to. I know you & Elyse will cover it best. Thank you so much to you both.

  5. Cat Kindsfather says:

    May I share this video on my blog, and other public posts?

  6. polopaula says:

    OMG. It doesn’t seem like the BLM has not gotten the WORD to the contractors that YOU do not need more ammunition against them. I hope that this can be added to your file of BAD ACTION. Thanks again Laura. I know your plate is full. thanks for letting us in on this. I’ll send more help as soon as I can.

  7. Jacquie Ackerly says:

    Laura, is there a better lense you need for your camera or are they keeping you so far away that this quality of film is the best possible? Please let me know. I may be able to help. I don’t check my email very regularly but I am on facebook daily and can be contacted there.

  8. Louie Cocroft says:
    A Horseback Interview: Public Won’t Know if Another BLM Foal Sheds Hooves After Stampede – Agency Shuts the Doors by Hiding Horses on Private Property
    With roughly 245 million acres under its control, Horseback asked the BLM man in charge of the “gather” why horses are being housed on private, rather than public land. The BLM’s GENE SEIDLITZ, on the record:

  9. Horseshoe Angel says:

    Here are photos I took of the mustangs in LTH in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma: Wild Horse Protection Act FB page asked me to post them here: I took these this past week and will keep going back each week when I can.

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