Good-bye 2011?


As I watch the clock on the screen of the computer make it’s countdown to the end of 2011 I am indulging in the “year in review” mental gymnastics we all find ourselves victim of on this night. We face all the memories and the “would, coulda, shoulda” that leads to the common practice of “New Years Resolution’s.”

My data bank had a snafu and I had to rebuild the photo and video library. In the last three months more than 30,000 images and 10,000 video clips were added. Last night I began to put the “Year in Review” into a video short. Maria Daines has once again sent me a clip to use.

Setting the year into a “less than 7 minute” piece was a rough edit. There were so many faces, stories and memories I had to leave out. But I think you will get an idea of what I was able to capture on media last year.

In January both of the legal battles I have made go to hearings. Reading the cases is like an odd biography of my life these last two years… it has been a very “educational” experience on so many levels. I never knew your hair could break off from the condensation of an exhale freezing in sub-zero temperatures… or that I could change a tire in a snowstorm on a desert two-track alone. Add to that what you learn about how the government works and how it fails. How deep prejudice can run…

The work has created changes. We have “observation” (or at least the pretense) daily. We now have talk about humane care standards that unfortunately is still just talk… but both of those issues are still active in the court system. Both of these issues have been the focus of almost every action I have taken… it is an odd realization. But both have so far to go…

A “Resolution?” Smarter, stronger, faster… focus…

A “wish?” May the 2012 “year in review” video show change for the better… and and end to the prejudice on public land against our wild ones.

The clock has changed… Happy New Year to all of you and your families. Two and four legged… furred and feathered… and scaled.

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7 thoughts on “Good-bye 2011?

  1. arlene says:

    Yes Good bye 2011 and a big Hello to 2012, may it bring the beautiful winds of change and Freedom to our Wild ones…….. and Slaughter be abolished by the people who love our Equines…………………And all that are truly mentally blind see the beautiful gifts that they are ………………….

  2. Ronnie says:

    Beautiful, Laura. Thank You & Bless You for all you do. Alas, the acknowledgments to you might not all come in writing, but they are there in our hearts and minds. And hopefully, in contributions $$$ for your labor of LOVE. To me, you are right there alongside Wild Horse Annie. Pray for True Joy in 2012 ~ Our Horses ~ We are off to a good start! Nickers & Hugs.

  3. Laura, this tells the story. You rock. I know what every image has cost you. Thank you for bringing the reality home to the American public and to our lawmakers and courts. The truth has long needed to be told. For too long, our government has tried to whitewash roundups. They are ugly, grueling, terrifying events the way they are presently conducted. The horse handling awaiting the exhausted horses traumatized from the helicopter adds insult to injury, as well as injury to injury. You have a great eye, horse savvy, and an artist’s way with the camera. I pray donations flow and we all keep you in the field. You are making a tremendous difference. Thank you so much.

  4. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, I shared this video and it went out in a great many directions. The body of work that you have created has come at a very high emotional price for you. You deserve to see it come to fruition. Take care out there and know that our thoughts are with you. There is Power in the collective mindset….more Power than any of us could realize. Just keep holding that Vision.

  5. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done , Laura . You are Super Woman. I just don’t see how you do it all.
    I pray the New Year will bring the goals you and all of us have been working so hard to attain for the wild horses.

  6. Laura your work is awesome–thank you for sharing it to the world. So many people do not know the real truth about what happens to the wild horses. We support horses and the work they do to help the world in many ways. If you get a chance check us out.

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