The Night Before Christmas

Click on the illustration above by Kerry Kelly of the Houston Chronicle to go to RT Fitch and Vicki Tobin's version of a "Wild Horse" Night Before Christmas.

Click the illustration above to go to a version of “T’was the Night Before Christmas,” adapted for the wild ones by RT Fitch and Vicki Tobin.

Still rebuilding the image/video data base. Over 30,000 images in the last 3 months along with 10,000 video clips and 75 documents. I keep getting side-tracked by several things. Going to try to get myself a “day off.”

All of the documents have been filed on both cases now. I knew that things would get crazy for me this last quarter of 2011 but I had no idea just how bad, January promises to be even busier. Often I can’t write back to y’all as fast as I’d like to or return calls. Please be patient… I am only one human being… I am really not a machine.

There will be a “Year in Review” coming of the documentation at roundups for 2011. It is always an odd experience when you begin to edit. You become immersed in the experience as you relive each clip… but it is repetitive and you see things that you did not see or that you pushed away from emotionally in order to “get the job done.” But when you edit… let’s just say it’s been one hell of a year.

Emotions are high right now with the slaughter issue in high gear. We all know our wild ones are also set in the target zone. But for tonight remember there is no chopper in the morning and no slaughter plant that will receive horses on US soil. Listen to that silence and pull it close… it is going to be very hard to remember what that feels like as we get ready to tackle some of the biggest battles we have ever faced to protect America’s beloved equines….

But for tonight listen… heal what you can… and get ready for 2012.

AND remember WARHORSE opens tomorrow. This will bring our horses into a spotlight of public conversation that we have not had for a long time… talk to everyone you can… it is a chance to take the conversation out of history and bring it into today. Let folks know the horses taken this winter from NW NV are descendants of some of the horses that fought in WWI… imagine that as you see the trailer. From the desert to the battle in Europe… like no other animal in the history of our Nation.