Holiday Greetings… and the seasonal plea

Just a moment to say “thank you” to those of you that have supported this work.  I thank you all…. it has been one “wild” ride.

Happy Holiday... may 2012 bring peace


5 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings… and the seasonal plea

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    May this Holiday Season bring you, Laura and Elric, and Gordon Cowan, SUCCESS! and satisfaction in your long fight to help our wild ones!! YES!!!!

  2. Cat Smith says:

    Hi, Are you seperate from the Wild Horse Federation? I just made a donation to them this morning. Let me know, please. Thank you.

  3. Thank you, Laura. Words fail. Thank you for enduring this year witnessing the truth, capturing the abuses on film, roundup after roundup. We will get the horses their day in court with abundant evidence. It is unfathomable that BLM continues to stand behind these practices and dares to continue, dares to breathe the word “transparency” as they run animals in all weather extremes with no distance parameters. Thank you for your brilliant work. Thank you for not allowing these abuses — and that is what they are, it’s not rocket science to determine that — to go on in secret. BLM is culpable because all the contractors answer to them. See you in a few days…

  4. Paula Boynton says:

    Laura Lee…just a little in your pot for fuel, thankyou for all you do, you have a big heart and a good soul…keep up the good fight our horses need you, wish I was in a position to give more…will always help when I am able to.Much special love to you x

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    This year, from Laura’s Store, I purchased the one page Calendar which features roundup photos and captive Oregon horses with adoption tags. This is a handy way to find any date in the year and write down phone numbers about the edges. I also got a tan cap with Oregon wild horses in a screen print on the cap. The cap does not say “Wild Horse Education” on it. It fits great and is actually soft and comfortable for a cotton canvas cap.

    This time I chose the little box with the picture of the Father/Stallion comforting his Son, on it from last years roundups. A favorite picture of many of us. The box is wood and quite nice and big enough for a big fistful of jewelry. It is lined in white velvet.

    LL says she does not earn much from these things but they do carry her photos and connect you to her work.

    I will also get one or two of the full sized 12 month calendars. The pictures are reminder of the struggle of individuals from each roundup represented or of those now captive. Our wild horses and burros are slipping away from where they belong at an alarming rate. Purchase a reminder of this struggle and use it or wear it proudly!

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