Dear Santa,

WARNING: this post will really get under your skin if you hate anything I write that expresses my emotional responses to what I see and do. So if you are one of those looking for “just the facts ma’am,” don’t say I didn’t warn you. REMEMBER: this site is my “blog.” is the organization website. I have two places I post for a reason.


Dear Santa,

I know you are a very busy man. You have that “making your list and checking it twice” priority right now. If you can look into my heart you will know that I have tried my best to be “nice” when it is called for and “naughty” only under special circumstances when my patience came to an abrupt end. Personal “naughtiness” has not had an opportunity, so I am not sure if that counts toward being good.

Please Santa, if you have it in your bag I do need to find a way to get some “things.”

There are many nice people that want to send me gifts but I have no place to put them. Please let them know that I am truly grateful for all of their wonderful words. But I live on the road and have no space for “nice” things. But I need a good jack. I need to get the exhaust fixed, as I punctured it on the range. I need a better lens, as I am being held far away from our horses. I need gas cards and cards to get supplies for the road. I need those things to keep working. That is the most important thing to me. It would be amazing to have a better vehicle and a new computer… but I know times are hard right now and not having those things wont stop me… but I need to keep this truck (I am so grateful for) running.

For me personally I would like to be able to take my dog to the vet to get his tumors looked at… but for now we have a deal that the day he looks at me and says “no more,” I will not be selfish and let him go… but I would still like to know… maybe it’s better if I don’t?

I would like to see my family, but I know times are hard and being in physical space is not as important as remembering to say “I love you.” But maybe next year you could help me figure that one out?

Next year please help me find a place to call “home.” A place I can be with my horses and maybe adopt that young colt I have fallen in love with. I need some space to heal. I wont stop working for the wild horses but it would be nice to find that space to get strong in between. Maybe you could spur someone to answer one of those resumes next year? I need an office as this has grown bigger than I ever dreamed.

And Santa… if you can touch the hearts of those in government… please help them to remember that only one animal in the history of our nation has an Act of Congress to protect it…. and we are doing a lousy job.

Kiss Mrs. Santa and remember to tell her how lucky you are that she puts up with you.

Oh… and if you can send the horses some snow and wind… it will help to give them peace for the holiday too.

Thank you.

Bitter Cold Christmas at Callaghan 2010





22 thoughts on “Dear Santa,

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Will do as best we can to help you with these choices and needs! hugs, mar

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Oh, this is why I suggested Christmas cards with notes from people.

  3. Cat Kindsfather says:

    i hope Santa has his hearing aid on loud!

  4. LisaG. says:

    What brand of gas cards do you need?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Sinclair, Arco, Chevron, Costco gift cards work at gas pumps even though I don’t have a membership.
      Costco is near PVC.
      Thank you guys. Visibility is crap at the trap… so I will catch up today and then get back out.

      • Jan Chudosky says:

        I have no access (sounds familiar, doesn’t it!!!) to any of the above gift cards, Laura…do the pre-paid Visa/Master Cards work at the pump?

  5. Laura Santa might hear some of your wishes. Wait… Christmas is not here yet. I will try to raise some money on my candlelight vigil so I can give them to “Santa” for you. Wait little bit more. We might be lucky.

  6. Joy Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing your ” Dear Santa ” list , Laura !!
    I need to know what kind of lens you need ? Is there a mailing address that you could share with us here or possibly send it in an email to me @ ..

    Thanks again , Be safe and well , you are always in my prayers and am adding your dear dog too them now !! 🙂

  7. hoofhugs says:

    Laura, I hope Santa gives you everything on your list and that God takes special care of your dog.

  8. rhona grammer says:

    Laura, Your note to Santa touched my heart. I wish I could help you with everything and I not only worry about you in your lonely vigil but I worry about your dog as well. I lost my precious Irish Wolhound girl a little while ago, to bone cancer and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Animals have a way of insinuating their sweet way into our hearts and minds. Some people who feel this connection, are forever in their power.They speak to us the words and ways that others don’t seem to hear. I understand. Just love your Baby,let him be with you ’til he’s ready.The Vet may not be the answer now. My Roisin spoke to me softly on her last day and it was so clear; it still brings tears to my eyes. Your dog has only known love. What a wondrous gift you have given him! I hope your Christmas wishes will be realised. From reading some of these posts I think some of them are already in the works. I really do wish I could do more for you. I so want our Horses to be saved forever. We have five Horses and six dogs to feed and David and I are retired. I’ll send a little right now and then more a little bit later. We had to pay $99 for a large, round bale today and our Horses are making short work of it. Last year we were paying $30. I’m sharing this situation with all other Horse owners who live in the SW and have experienced the drought. Do you have a public mailing address? I’d like to send you a card. I’m a Christian and I pray for YOU and your work every day. I promise! Is there no one who could travel with you? You shouldn’t be doing this alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your little dog, dear friend of mine and our Horses.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      My son has spent a bit of time with me. There are a few BLM rangers that watch out for me and I know would help if I got in trouble.
      My dog is a Berner and like your girl they are big loves prone to cancer. He has never been an active guy… he likes TV and cuddles. Those kinds of needs are easy to meet…. Everyone loves him.
      A BLM ranger I have not seen since last winter brought a present for Elvis because he knew we would be there. Chris Hanefeld Public Affairs would walk Elvis every now and again. Elvis is a “personality” to many…
      It might be best if I don’t know….
      Thank you for your words.
      I am not alone… ever. None of us ever really are….
      : )

  9. Dearest Laura, I hope you can feel all the love hovering and covering you and
    Elvis right now. God is great and He knows our every need. I have been sending donations to your legal and gas fund. Is that the best way to get cash to you? I live out in the middle of nowhere, 75mi from a city to purchase items for you. I cannot praise you enough regarding all your work and I so desire to help as much as possible. I really feel like your work is the most influencial for our wild horses. Every day thoughts of you enter my mind and I am so grateful to you. I try to give my little herd extra love, wishing I could find a way to have it reach out to our wild herds. It is difficult not to be filled with anger and I don’t like crying at the thought of their plight – it is so very unproductive. The nightmares don’t accomplish much either, except to wake up and feel more determined to find a way to stop this madness. So please tell me how best to help you with the money. You are loved, hugged, and in my prayers.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Christie, hug your horses and tell them we are trying. Both the legal for Cowan and the Wild Horse Education fund help me. Gas cards and prayers…
      I am trying my best and will continue to do so… if it will be effective in a large scale way… I don’t know… but I will keep trying and looking for every opportunity.
      I promise.

  10. Leslie Peeples says:

    To my friend Laura, You have made a stand for humane treatment for the wild horses and burros and a stand they “we” the American public has the right to know and see what is happening to “our” wild horses on “our” public lands with “our” tax payer dollars, so if Santa hears anyone, it should be you! This heartfelt post is an unusual glimpse into the real you, the one we don’t generally see as you are usually suited up for battle. In this season of good will, longing for family and peace for the horses surfaces even greater, I hope good will comes your way, not only for you and Elvis, but for the horses and burros too!
    My wish is that BLM would STOP if even just for the Christmas season, so you and the horses could have a break, so you could take the time to breath and heal and see your family. My ultimate wish is that your court cases will force this rogue agency (BLM) into humane treatment and actually upholding the intentions of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. It’s been 40 years since the act was passed for the horses preservation and protection, it’s time BLM got on board and actually preserves and protects!
    Sending my love, wish I had unlimited funds and could be there with you, love your post!! Leslie

    • Laura Leigh says:

      40 years, and no humane care standard. I boggles the mind.
      How can the agency claim to be honest in any aspect of the program if it has not even a standard for care.
      The only animal in the history of our nation to have an act of Congress devoted solely to it’s protection…

      I don’t know if the cases will be effective but they have sure been a source of discomfort and at the very least have created dialogue…

      (hug) to you, too…..

  11. Thank you for all you do for the horses and getting the word back to us. I hope you got my small donation the other day. Please know I sent the same amount to Mr. Cowan. I know it isn’t much but like many others I don’t work and alas my 15 dollars is the best I can do for now.

    Please give Elvis a hug for me and tell him his cousin Oscar says hi. A friend of mine has a dog of the same breed. As does her daughter.

  12. Dear Laura: I sure hope Santa is listening to all of your wishes and makes them a reality. Elvis is lucky to have found you in all of your infinite compassion. Animals that know love are the true lucky ones and those who love without restriction are even more lucky. I always say that I know of no one who will make a 6 ft vertical leap even if I have only taken the trash out. I sent a gift last night on PayPal that I know will get put to great use. Take care of yourself and don’t forget your vitamins!!! Love, Les

  13. Sonora Winds says:

    Dearest Laura,Your bittersweet post has brought tears to these middle-aged eyes who often feel they have seen far too much. You are my hero and have my greatest respect and gratitude for all that you do. I wish I were there to ride shotgun for you.Hopefully we can help Santa with your list. We send love and pray for your safety.Your courage is much to be admired.We must win this battle and that will only be possible if everyone sees the images that you capture and is touched/enraged by them and demands justice, peace and liberty of our beloved mustangs.My mustang rescue carries her own terrible story within her every day.After more neglect I strive every day to prove to her that some of us do care and that she will never go hungry or be harmed again.But she misses her freedom-I see it in her eyes as she looks off in the distance.It makes me so very sad. We have no right to take them from their home. Love and Blessings upon you and Elvis.

  14. oh laura this made me cry. i think about you so often and could never muster up the whatever it is that you have to do what you do. i’d land in jail or get shot or some awful thing. we have had many nites this year eating popcorn for dinner so we could feed our 5 but that’s okay. and…when we get our tribal dividend next week, want to send you something. where should we send it? think of you all the time honey. take care of yourself and stay strong. sending you hugs on the wings of the raven, roxanne >>>>——–>

    • elizabeth loftin says:

      You girls are so much stronger than me……..all my life….I have loved horses and the people who love them !!!! I have fought peacefully and leagally………seems like our Goverment is begging for a civil war !!!! How much can we take !!!! Make criminals..of chilren…rough houseing !!! That’s normal growth pattern social behavior !!!! Brutily assauting an old woman by the hand of the law…and on and on it goes !!!!! Its time Americans say no more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Beth Schang says:

    I am praying that God and Santa hear and answer your prayers as they are my prayers for you and the horses (and dogs) we all love, too.

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