Calico Video and frustration

I have a stress headache tonight and three projects that needed done yesterday. Video that has been uploaded over the last week is difficult to get live. I have to get a data report complete (NAS) and the background info written for a wonderful group of people trying to make a change…. trying to keep the blinders on and let the drama slide off. Can only live one step at a time and with the tools at hand…. and if you stop to think about it… Like the old roadrunner cartoons, you just know if the coyote didn’t look down he would have made it….

Repost from WHE~~~~

Attempts have been made to upload video today. Most of them unsuccessful. The ends of video are being cut off or links not going “live.” We are working on getting the issues (most have to do with inadequate internet and overloaded equipment) resolved and the other videos loaded so you can see.

This video loaded with some success:

Please be patient as we work with “hamster and wheel” technology. Your support is needed to keep observations going.


24 thoughts on “Calico Video and frustration

  1. Louie Cocroft says:

    Here’s some Elvis Energy for you, Laura….Live and in his Prime

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    Like you in many ways, Laura. He JUST WENT FOR IT….AND GAVE IT HIS ALL.

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    So, the red mark on the shoulders is a horse to be released? That big white stud and the sorrel who fought the rope, they were freed?

    Water should not be an issue. What a STUPID way to treat these stressed horses when they have run miles! It is as if they think the horses can take anything! Well, as these horses move through the processing and to STH more deaths will occur. A dehydrated horse coming off the range may have a harder time digesting strange hay than a horse who was watered properly? Wouldn’t a horse that has been watered adequately be less physically stressed than one who has not had enough water for a couple days? Considering the trauma these horses are suffering they need all the right things while this is going on. BLM needs to have Humane Criteria. I do not believe they do. Whatever they may have done better in the past… the contractors are not looking back. Neither is BLM. Ahead I hope they will run into brick walls telling them to do it right or walk. They are merely people, as are we. The wild ones could be cared for by others with patience and consideration. None of this has to happen to our horses.


  4. Mar Wargo says:

    There is enough tragedy already.

  5. polopaula says:

    I just don’t think they care… I am beginning to believe that there is an unwritten conspiracy between the BLM, the ranchers, and the Corporations. I don’t think the top administration or the Congress (except for a few) know about it.. I think it is all worked our during those meetings that the KOCH brothers have in private with many business, financial, political, and a few whacko preacher men. I believe that there is an agreement that by the time the NSA report is written and released there will be very few horses to save. I have read reports that there really are about 22000 horses left in the wild. Let’s say that the number increases by 10% each year. So in 2012 we have 24200 horses and the BLM is removing 7500, leaving 16700, and again we add 10% , so currently 18370 (and many of these are getting older, BTW), and round-up time. The BLM removes 7500 in 2013 leaving 10870..(and of course, they are still claiming that there are 34-38K because of impossible breeding and surviving ratios). So adding 10%, we have about 11950. on the range.. That year 2014, as they have already stated, they round up 7500 horses. leaving approximately 4-5000 horses in the wild. And the report comes out, and shows miscalculations, biased data, breeding severely skewed by BLM’s own interference, and the report CAN’T IGNORE the cattle…they are everywhere. Report concludes, as we have that the horses need to be left alone. However by now the Ranchers are (out of the goodness of their hearts) donating their grazing rights back to the BLM, and being paid handsomely for their good deeds, the BLM has lots of free land now…very few horses, and not many other animals except for the BIG BUCKS animals, that already referred to men want to kill, and they pay handsomely to do that. Free land goes to Corporate rape,pillage, and burn just at the perfect time, as the roads are built, pipeline is laid, and they are ready to go into production. It sounds like a sappy screen play…and there needs to be a place where Erin Brockovich rides in on her Mustang and with the help of her dedicated and rather handsome young attorney, and a judge who loved a pony as a kid, stops the whole scenario in its big old giant dirt mover tracks and the GREED is exposed, and the horses are returned from LTH to their rightful land in the same trucks that Slaughter House Sue had just loaded to bring them to her god-awful slaughter house.
    The End.
    Laura, you have been working hard and having headaches and huge difficulties with equipment, and etc. which is making you depressed. I think you are ERIN…’cause I’m depressed just sitting on the sideline.. thinking up stories and running the numbers in my head!! It is just hard for me to see that the BLM cares.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Because they are administering PZP and PZP-22 there will be fewer and fewer born. But we don’t have clear figures on this as we have to depend on Their’s. It is simply a fact we are losing our wild herds and the press rarely gets “IT”!! Nor do the public at large. We have made a big and growing dent. We need to do more. Somehow. Lots more.

    • savewildhorses says:

      Amen. Thanks for laying out the numbers that are closer to the truth than the non-changing 38,500 the BLM uses over and over. It is all about the numbers at this point. They should not even be rounding up horses, especially in Calico where they removed more than 80% just 2 years ago. BLM states their goal is 26,000 wild horses roaming. They have achieved this goal. And why they are even continuing to round up burros is just maddening. 2000 burros left. So one can only assume eradication on behalf of the 1% is the plan, not stewardship. We’ll be left with monospecies–cattle as far as the eye can see. And lovely gas wells as the backdrop.

  6. hoofhugs says:

    This is how they kill horses without getting the attention of NEPA. The BLM does not want these horses to survive. The BLM is just trying to kill as many as possible while, and Ken Salazar has certainly worked hard for the Public Lands Grazing Association and the Nevada Cattleman’s Association.

    This agency cannot be allowed to continue to manage these horses. There is no way that anyone who cared about the well-being of horses could continue to manage them in this manner. It is inconceivable. This is equine husbandry at its worst. It can no longer be considered ignorance. Clearly, it is deliberate as their alternative management strategy indicated this would be the approach they would take.

  7. hoofhugs says:

    I don’t think the Koch brothers have a thing to do with it. This has been going on for 40 years. I think it is gong on because we have a President who is virtually clueless about every aspect of American government and doesn’t honor the American people or what made us great.

    “American is good not because she is great, but great because she is good.”

    You don’t spend time looking too hard at the perfect example of not being good, the BLM and their friends in the ranching community that are so consumed with their own self interest that they have forgotten they are a part of something that it is greater than they are, and they do not care what they have to destroy to get to keep playing cowboy. And by way, guys in your big brimmed hats, the term cowboy did not originate in the West, but in the East.

  8. polopaula says:

    Well, I guess that we will have to disagree about the President.. i believe he is our only hope to stop the slaughter of the horses.. And we know that he co-signed the bill when he was a Senator, if we can get his attention in very demanding times… We need an Executive Order now.
    And I really don;t think that you can take the corporate greed out of this scenario… It is pervasive…and oil,drilling,gas,fracking, mining all want the WEST as their play ground.
    This is not Ken Salazar’s first rodeo.. Remember he had the Bush administration to get things set up, and he really would have been rolling in clover had not there been a little oil spilled in the gulf, and his underlings with the MMS part of his Department caught with their pants down and in bed with the very drillers that they were supposed to oversee.. Sound familiar?
    And Koch Industries ( ) certainly had plenty to do with the influence of that Agency (MMS) to further their huge oil/gas conglomerate. Not much of a stretch to see how it all could play out with the BLM also.
    I wish it were right versus wrong.. I believe that it is GREED and POWER versus right… I wish my name was David, and I had a sling shot.

    • savewildhorses says:

      I am with you. Don’t forget Cheney’s secret, behind closed doors Energy Policy for America. The one we weren’t invited to. Now we have fracking with no regulations from sea to shining sea.

      • polopaula says:

        pretty sure I will never be invited to any of their parties.. But did have a client and friend, who had done wonderfully as an outside sales person for a smaller oil/gas tech supplier. Koch bought the company that she worked for, moved her in to do PHONE sales, gave some son of corporate buddiy her territory which she had worked so hard to create. her income dropped so low that we had to sale the home she loved. she was forced to quit and move to Houston to make a living… I knew little about them then. Just hated what they did to her.. But know them now…and hate them worse.. But back to the Mustangs…I seriously feel like if they are not involved.. some one just like them is.

  9. polopaula says:

    Well it is fracking the hell outa Texas. Under the Parks Mall in Ft.Worth, can you believe. I sell Real Estate..sold an 4 plex about 6 blocks from the mall. Energy lease with fracking allowed already in place.. Just fracking amazing to me… Earth Quake.. we haven’t seen one yet compared to what could happen.

  10. Barbara Warner says:

    All these comments are so right . All I can add are some web sites for further proof of the BLM’s “managing for extinction”. I think BLM has already reached the low AML of 16,000-18,000, and with PZP and PZP-22 there is no way there can be 20% reproduction.
    From Carla Bowers, estimated pop. chart :
    Data of all removed in FY2011 :
    Of course we don’t know if the BLM’s numbers are right or not since most of the time they are lies like the 38,000 constantly used in AP articles.
    Consider the FY 2012 roundup schedule and it’s clear the BLM is out to completely destroy this native species. Link to native species paper:
    HMA’s zeroed out (not up to date) but scary enough :
    Wild horses are symbiotic to the ecosystems so the BLM is ruining the environment by destroying them as well as allowing all the grazing, mining, drilling, fracking, solar panels covering the desert, etc. Predators are mostly gone too. The whole balance of nature has been upset.
    Then the BLM says this is not affecting us .
    Just for laughs there’s the latest study of the range being done where the affect of cattle grazing is not being included .

    • savewildhorses says:

      They system seems a bit rigged. Not sure how it gets unrigged. I only pray that the Occupy Movement grows and grows. To imagine that 1% of the people can wreak such havoc on everything blows my mind.

  11. Barbara Warner says:

    Here’s the link to the study mentioned above. It is absolutely ludicrous. One was done in 2001 too that only included our wild horses. And this is where BLM spends some of our tax dollars.

  12. Louie Cocroft says:

    They are Criminals….engaging in criminal activity for a long time. It’s going to take something pretty big to stop them. I’m thinking that “something pretty big” is the American People. Look at how they’re trying to run and hide right now. They are running out of places to hide.

  13. Laura Leigh says:

    I just love you guys…. keep it going…

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