Calico Video and frustration

I have a stress headache tonight and three projects that needed done yesterday. Video that has been uploaded over the last week is difficult to get live. I have to get a data report complete (NAS) and the background info written for a wonderful group of people trying to make a change…. trying to keep the blinders on and let the drama slide off. Can only live one step at a time and with the tools at hand…. and if you stop to think about it… Like the old roadrunner cartoons, you just know if the coyote didn’t look down he would have made it….

Repost from WHE~~~~

Attempts have been made to upload video today. Most of them unsuccessful. The ends of video are being cut off or links not going “live.” We are working on getting the issues (most have to do with inadequate internet and overloaded equipment) resolved and the other videos loaded so you can see.

This video loaded with some success:

Please be patient as we work with “hamster and wheel” technology. Your support is needed to keep observations going.