RIP “Wild Thing”

Yesterday a mare broke her neck and was euthanized.

She was the last horse to load after receiving PZP-22 and was agitated and broke her neck on the panel. Story coming to Horseback magazine soon.

link to “gather” report:

The young grulla mare was a beauty and full of spirit. RIP little “Wild Thing.”

"Wild Thing" during branding and PZP treatment

Please donate to keep observations going if you can. Calico will go on through the end of the year and without you this work can’t continue.


21 thoughts on “RIP “Wild Thing”

  1. Julie Barraque says:

    And I’m sure she’ll be on the “non-gather” related deaths list…..if she hadn’t been “gathered” she’d be alive today 😦

  2. Joy Jones says:

    Beyond words Heartbreaking 😦 ..As the BLM continues reflecting the Administration’s version of protecting animal welfare..
    May God have more mercy on the killers of His gift to humanity , than I can find in my heart and mind !!

  3. Nancy Z. says:

    This sickness is breaking my heart more than anyone will know. How in the world can this go on?

  4. Cindy Kuller says:

    Another disgusting example of our great government at work. I agree, Julie, I expect her death will be recorded as ‘non-gather’ related… Bastards!!!

  5. CJ says:

    Thank you President Obama!

  6. I am sobbing here, seeing this. This senseless death, the pain and fear she suffered at the hands of humans. I beg you Epona, forgive us for killing one of your children.

  7. savewildhorses says:

    So, is this one going to be listed as non-gather related too?

    They need to slow the f down.

  8. Connie Dassance says:

    please,tell your freinds,family,people on the streets.Only together as a nation can we put an end to this horror.So ,please tell everyone……

  9. Marge Mullen says:

    Why doesn’t the BLM just come out and tell the truth?

    I mean, why dont they publicly state: “We dont care about wild horses and burros. We will continue to eradicate them in favor of the ranchers and extractive industries. Our goal is extinction, by any means, and as quickly as possible” Instead they continue to try and give the impression that they give a crap, by soliciting public input, which is inevitably dismissed and ignored.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      In the same vein; if they can’t remain on certain parts of their range… let’s find where they can remain and take them there and never do this horror again!

      • Mar Wargo says:

        About 12:55 pm Mountain time;
        I just watched Sue Wallis interviewed on CNN!! She says we have to return slaughter to allow the starving children and also The Chinese eat horses!!

        I am sure it will come on again. It should also be a clip in archives sometime today!!!! Gross!!! mar

  10. arlene says:

    Tears stream down my face for Little Wild Thing , this is all for nothing , a needless gather ……..She died prematurely because of a useless agency and their greed……………………………..I CANNOT BELIEVE THEY ARE not NOW PO ING THE HIGHER POWER FOR WHICH THEY MOST CERTAINLY WILL HAVE TO ANSWER TO………………….God be with Little Wild Thing Please dont let her die in vain, and help us to stop these needless deaths of the innocent…………… Dear Laura I can feel your hurting , and your pain , Please know that she is safe now …. she runs free now .from those Lousy Bastards………….

  11. Ann Lawrence says:

    ..and we pay our taxes for this? and for legislation to lift the slaughter ban? and we had NO VOTE? and that Obama had HORSES pull that tree to the White House? a tree for peace and joy? Hypocrisy! I will add the name Little Wild Thing to my list to read at the vigil–she will not be forgotten. And she will be remembered in 2012.

  12. Cat Smith says:

    There are no words to describe such cruelty…not only to the horses, but to those of us who love them and have to hear of such grotesque treatment and murder. Yes, murder. There is no other word for what these gifts from God are subjected to at the hands of merciless handlers, agents and politicians. Murder. I hate you all.

  13. Louie Cocroft says:

    I had a chance to listen to Senator McCaskill on C-Span. She sounded serious. Any and all documentation should probably be sent to her. She and her staff are taking a hard look at federal contractors. There needs to be an investigation.

    Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight
    As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Contracting Oversight, Claire will give government contracting a hard look — and root out waste, fraud and abuse.
    Office of U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill
    United States Senate
    Hart Senate Office Building, Ste. 506
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Phone 202-224-6154
    Fax 202-228-6326

  14. Barbara Warner says:

    Another horrible and completely unnecessary death of one of OUR wild horses. Why didn’t they just give her PZP and let her go ? They have no compassion or empathy at all .

  15. Donald Barr says:

    I work the southern section of the U.S, for the last 4 years, horses at auctions down by the border, sale horse etc, If you want to do something go to the blm watch an auction see a gather go to a long term holding area. The blm is not going to listen to ” US wild horse Terrorist” as Dean calls us, you get in their way, give laura what ever she needs, You tube is working people ask me all the time when Im at these auctions , whats the story what is going on here and they want to learn more, If the pressure from wild horse advocates was not there they would have already killed 30 thousand horses,

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Thank you, Donald. Go to a roundup… and if you do be pleasant and do not be argumentative. A roundup is a place to learn…. and watch… and document… and then be vocal.

  16. Such beauty again lost. She was to be free again, and because of carelessness, loses everything. Thanks Laura for all you do. Donald, I hear what you are saying! Exposure, Exposure! I tell customers constantly where I work what is happening, 99% do not know what has been happening. I did however meet 2 elderly ladies who actually had slight knowledge of the wild horse roundups. I gave them so much information and it turned out the one donates monthly to Wild For Life!! I was so surprised and so happy about that! She even knew of your name Laura Leigh! So it is definitely important to keep spreading info., websites, you tube.

  17. Louie Cocroft says:

    YOU BET! This would all have happened under the radar had it not been documented and shown to an enraged public. NO WONDER BLM management/employees and contractors don’t want their names or pictures revealed.

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