Who is Flying, Why wont BLM say?

I have been told that they have changed pilots. I have been held to where I can not observe the mouth of the trap. I had a tripod today and, even though I was held where my view was severely obscured, was able to elevate the tripod… signature moves.

I also heard Ben Noyes say “Josh do you copy.”

It’s possible there are two pilots? It’s possible they gave him a reprimand? But is it possible for the BLM to answer?

Why wont BLM reveal the name of the pilot….?

Who is flying that chopper?

Let’s see if my access to view the mouth of the trap gets even worse now.

Trap was on a very bumpy road. Truck needs help. Please donate to keep this going.


8 thoughts on “Who is Flying, Why wont BLM say?

  1. Who is that on the ground? DId I miss something?

  2. arlene says:

    I am sorry Laura , The BLM is made up of a bunch of inhumane fools, who will make everyone suffer because they simply CAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>… So Far They have Answered to No One …………….!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    What a picture! This is illegal and for the obvious reason; this is deadly dangerous flying!! Yeee gads! Josh or who ever! How bad does this have to be before the courts respond and ground these idiots!

    Hope you be OK!! Sounds like they are as wishy washy out there with you as ever.

  4. Barbara Warner says:

    I just keep hoping the helicopters will be disabled permanently.

  5. Debbie Coffey says:

    The helicopter is a Sky Aviation helicopter and Josh Hellyer is the only “Josh” listed under the Sky Aviation pilots on their website.

  6. arlene says:

    Hes still haunts the skies, with his brutally …………………….

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