2009 Or 2011

Wind shut down operations early… getting report out. But having another “moment.”

Calico 2011....

General, no longer free 2009

Calico 2011.... I pray they release him....




28 thoughts on “2009 Or 2011

  1. Barbara Warner says:

    Thanks for the good news that the roundup ended early today, Laura.
    Praying for you and all of them . Hope you got some good food today.

  2. Paula Denmon says:

    Me too. I look forward to your pictures so much.. it is such a connection to the horses.. General looks like he is wondering why the hell he is there again. I had this idea early in the morning that we were going about getting exposure the wrong way.. Sent it to Leslie. We have to have HUMAN interest to get the focus on the horses, and it has to be you.. You have to be the new WILD HORSE ANNIE. It fits..40th anniversary of the law that BLM is ignoring. Your unselfish dedication to this cause, and the multi layer approach that you have used which will attract lots of people. Caring and direct concern for the animals, distributing information in “techie” fashion attracts many, good literary style writing, calm and educational instruction… lots of good attributes of your fight for the WH&B…and your courage in facing them in Court.. really like a TV show.. So I know it is different idea, but I think it could be the one that works… No more Preaching to the choir… The whole animal activist community (about 20 million) and then the general public on your side. I’ve already made a plea to the Ellen show. I will keep at it til you are there.. Then Leslie said articles in Magazines…People. Life.. Sunday Magazine in big papers.. then talk shows etc.. in the end a movie and play. Just keep it up..what you are doing as long as you can, but I feel a strange urgency, that if we take too much more time, the horses are going to be few on the range, and too many to support in LTH..and we will get stabbed in the back like the 3 Blunt,Kingston, and Kohl.. and they will vote to send them to slaughter, and other than lying down in front of the killer trucks, there will be nothing we can do. So what do you think???

    • savewildhorses says:

      someone needs to start going to DC. Just like Wild Horse Annie.

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Two years ago this was a serious consideration. I have been talking to people again who want this. It takes money. We have LL on a shoestring budget doing incredibly serious work. You think we can send volunteers to DC to live briefly on another shoestring budget? I wish someone would try. My fear is every time we divide our focus we also divide a very shallow monetary response from people. Will we lose more support for the center? We had figured to get people to go for a week or two or whatever they could handle… one goes and leaves and another takes their place. Who would like to head this up? Please, this is a project that could yield some great results.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          If we could get a few more people doing serious paper work which is begging to be done… once we have reached certain goals for the WHE then we will be abler to do much more serious fund raising and other necessary activities which will come out of that.

          Don’t you think LL needs help getting a new truck?? We have also tried finding donated vehicles… logistics did not work and the vehicles needed work.

          What happens is up to all of us. Action is needed. That means commitment to projects that will build our base and get continued help to LL.

        • Mar Wargo says:

          One thing we do not have enough of is underemployed wild horse lovers who are unattached and able to commit. I know there are people out their who think they just cannot quite do something this drastic to their lives. We have so many people who are over 50 and set in their responsibilities and lifestyles. This is why we do not have more help, imho.

          I still think we need to do a very comprehensive survey to find people and to know who is doing what already and how we can
          better use the people we do have!

      • Laura Leigh says:

        I have been to DC. DC is different than DC was back then… the range is different than it was was back then. The issues are much different.

        In Velma’s day she was not against the same interests that have Congressional approval…

        Folks… I’m not “Annie.” Velma Johnston’s life was very different than mine. Besides… can y’all see me behind a sewing machine making my own clothes?
        I’m more “junk yard dog.”

        • Mar Wargo says:

          You are in a class all your own, kid!

        • savewildhorses says:

          No, not you. You are needed where you are, documenting the round ups and abuses. Someone needs to be there. I just wish we were able to get more funding. I don’t have deep pockets as this recession has just about done me in, but surely there is money out there.

          • Mar Wargo says:

            If we finish the 501c3 process we can begin to apply for some very prestigious grants. Because of the actual work Laura has Already done she and Wild Horse Education QUALIFY for many. This is how to get funding. This is how to change the playing field. We need to work together. We are months behind in this. Please, everyone, focus and help get this done! How can you not? We are wasting time!

    • christi77 says:

      I think this is an excellent idea. More people know, more help we get.
      Thank you for bringing this into view.

  3. Stephanie Graham says:

    I am with you Paula (your comment above)! Laura…please keep the reports coming and let us know in specific detail what we can do for you and for the horses! Yes….call, fax and so on. But what else? Thank you! We love you and your work and those beautiful symbols of freedom…the Wild Mustang!

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    Brother or son… nephew? This was a family with a strong presence. The destruction of these families is insane. Let him go free!

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    Paula, This is an Emergency. This is a CRISIS. We live with this etched in our brains and hearts daily. What comes will come. We are working towards credibility in the public eye and LL has more that enough in her body of work to be whooed by the press and others. And she has been. But that is not the only or most important answer. The wild ones are in trouble and she is there with them because she has had the staying power to manage it and her suits must play out. The horses come first. To change LL’s direction will take a change in priorities and lots of money. Who knows what will come. I think we need people to go after the corporations for restitution. Plans need to be realized for real management changes. When you make a star of someone who I do not think is in that mode, you will alienate many. Please do not put LL on a pedestal. She is a force unto herself because she went out and did the ground work. Publicity will come if you work on it. I think it should be worked on at all times. We do try… and we need more help all the time!

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    In the December issue of Cowboys & Indians Jerry Fitch and Habitat For Horses is written up by Jerry his self on page 211. There is also a full page add for the Nokota Horse Conservancy in the front section. When I see a bastion of upper class ranch and celebrity society begin to add these things to their fare I am encouraged. We are closer to these influences all the time.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura, the trailer may not be worth it. I am sorry. We will keep looking.

    There is a need for someone to work on the truck for Laura fund. Won’t someone please step out and help be the front person on this project? We need to raise about $3,300. for LL to get a good used 4 wheel drive.

    Come to the rescue of one very over worked and under paid lady who has given everything to the wild ones!!

  8. Paula Denmon says:

    Mar, I understand and agree with everything that you said..but I don’t think we need to spend money on sending people to DC… Unless we come with thousands in our pockets, they ignore us. I want to get national exposure for Laura, and then her story gets many millions of supporters behind her, and some big donors. Ellen DeGeneres gives 10K-25K and a new car each day on her show to a family down on their luck..
    She loves horses…her partner (wife?, don’t know if they are married), is a dedicated rider. ellen talked about their 3 horses the other day and the QB of the Saints had his jerseys made into saddle pads for them. We need Ellen,and her sponsors to give Laura a new truck, and 25K to support her work, and get attorneys to help her for free, or pay her dedicated attorney . I think that her story is a great one for People magazine where millions read it. I know that before I started reading about these issues, I thought the well advertised Madeline Pickens group were taking care of the problem with her ranch.. Now I know different, but many interested people are just as fooled as I was.
    I am not advocating that we stop doing anything that we are doing now. I think we need to add a determined effort for the general public to know Laura as a “beloved advocate, a hero for horses, a standard bearer that will fight against the removal of the horses, and their slaughter from LTH”.
    This is the thing that I have noticed in the last 10 months. It is the same group of people who post in all these blogs, and emails, and FB posts. We all say “how awful”, “makes me cry”, “if only I could” but few of us have the resources to truly fund this effort …AND WE PREACH TO THE CHOIR.
    I am new to this group of advocates. I have been more active in the last few years in progressive politics, which I think has a huge connection to beating back the power of the BLM and corporate pressure. So since I am very new, I will certainly bend to the will of the group, and continue to do the jobs the best I can and donate the small amount that I have left over when I pay my modest bills, and feed my 3 old horses.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      There are many things you can do… some are listed below! We need help. If you want LL to tell you then write to her. She has a 501c3 to get up and running. Would you like to help on it?

    • Mar Wargo says:

      ” We all say “how awful”, “makes me cry”, “if only I could” but few of us have the resources to truly fund this effort …AND WE PREACH TO THE CHOIR.”

      This is not me. I ask all the time for people to help do very real work. I have never asked Laura to back me up as she is busy. I am trying to back her up. I do contribute to her work. All I can. My experience has been better with wildlife in the past but success for the public influence has seen a better day and we are fighting to get that back as well!

      I am sorry I don’t seem to have the ability to reach people. I don’t think that is because I don’t try!

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    Paula, I understand where you are coming from and every year we have many people who want to go after celebrities to get help. Fine. Go for it. But Wendy Malick and a few others are already on our side. There are world class journalists wondering if they dare touch this story.

    If you want to celebrity chase why not help with the 501? We need help. There can be no grants until this is done. Grants will help in ways we have not even touched!! Please consider this project! Be practical.

  10. Mar Wargo says:

    I think we could send people to DC to lobby. They can stay at the hostels. You don’t need to have tons of money. But we do not even have a little.

    People have been approaching Ellen D. for years about the wild horses. You are not the first or the last. If she was wanting to stick her neck out she might have already. MAny people involved with domestic horses are content with that, unfortunately. They may fear labels and how the government is treating animal welfare people as if they were animal rights people.

    Don’t get your heart set on this. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment! There are things YOU can do that will help change LL’s status without any celebrities help!! We have stages to move through. They must be done, one after another. None of this is too big for us to handle. We are just too few who are willing and able to help!! We are months behind and this means we are off schedule for applying to grants.

    Please take this seriously!

  11. Mar Wargo says:

    I wish we had a group who you could bend your will to, Paula. We barely have that. I have projects to work on and I am not going to be able to do them all. Some of us are the only people who DO things. WE need a few more to help.

    In my opinion we need a place to talk that is not public. Not FB. But where we can lay out the needs and get more work done. Another thing I wish we could do.

  12. Mar Wargo says:

    When we ‘preach to the choir’ believe it or not we move along and we get people on track and get others unconfused. It is a part of the process that helps people learn and progress.

    The pressure on slaughter has again taken many from us.

  13. Mar Wargo says:

    Paula, Which do you think we could do first? Raise $3,300. for the 4×4 for LL or get Ellen D. and associates to get her a new truck? Think about it.

    We need someone to help raise the funds for the truck.

  14. Mar Wargo says:

    You win Paula. I am no longer an advocate. I am walking. I will only contact my associates privately from now on.

  15. Paula Denmon says:

    Mar: Please don’t go anywhere. I have not typed one more word since I said that I would do whatever the group wanted. Each of us has history and skills that perhaps can help. But I do not want to do anything that Laura or the group doesn’t want. I did confer with Leslie Peeples; she thought it was a good idea, so I did send the request to EllenShow for Laura. Nothing will probably come of it, but I hope nothing bad will come of it either, and for you to quit with your diligent work because I sent that note to EllenShow would really be something bad happening from it. I have been posting and pleading for financial support for Laura with limited success. I know that times are tough, especially for horse owners, being pulled in a dozen ways, all of whom legitimately need funds, and we are making certain that our horses have hay at outrageous prices. I know more about creating public excitement and support for issues, than I do about applying for grants, and 501C’s. But I will participate in those endeavors as I can. And the reason that I have not been on this blog site..or any other over this long Thanksgiving weekend.. is family..lots of it, including my X of 34 years.
    so please don’t say that I win. I was not competing for anything, and will not make any other pleas to public or political figures.

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