Day 3… very condensed

VERY fast update. Today had MANY issues. We are filing reply tonight… working as fast as I can. NEED your support. Please donate if you can.


Day 2 had no operations due to weather.

Calico Roundup 11-20-2011

Day 3. Full Report coming soon.

Older Palomino that came in the last load on day one was euthanized. Reasoning given was that mare would not make the ride to holding well. She was not eating like the others, therefore not good for release as she would most likely not make it through the winter. It is noteworthy that she did come in the last band (that took two and one half hours and three horses were witnessed stumbling. Was loaded immediately after capture and pushed into the panel by other horses and had a hard time regaining her feet). She was observed to be thin and weak in holding on Monday.

Today we had many things happen. I will get report out as I can. I need to sleep and get out very early.

“Flagging?” If you wave a flag at the back of a horse what direction does it run?

Calico 11-20 loading
Loading 11-20

On a bright note the lead dun stud (near back) will be released…. a couple of his mares are also in the release pen.

More asap….


11 thoughts on “Day 3… very condensed

  1. savewildhorses says:

    Is there anyway you can get them to stop smashing up the horses like that? What’s wrong with them? Are they blind?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Filed Reply Brief.
      I will get info out as soon as I can on the Brief.
      “Humane handling” policy that includes facets of handling from water and feed, traps and handling as well as pilot conduct… say a prayer…

      • Mar Wargo says:

        I want to say “Congratulations!” Guess I did. This must have been very intense to try to cover all the things you have seen out there and know should be taken into consideration. Yes, saying a little prayer! Watch out BLM, there is change in the wind!

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    In doing this the way they do they do not give these horses a chance to turn and jump out as you know a few brave souls will try. They are constantly smooshed together to start for control and to keep them from reacting and to keep them ready to move again, be separated and then settled. Settling seems to be a thing of the past, tho. Aggressive control is what we see.

    I am wondering what has now come up. Take care out there!

  3. Mar Wargo says:

    I am sorry the golden mare is dead. She should have been left on her home range. It is a total waste of a life to kill her because she won’t trailer well or habituate. Who the heck cares? She is a wild mare and deserves to die free!
    Her health was dependent upon nature not man. Remove her and her life being taken like it was makes her death pointless!

    • savewildhorses says:

      They should have released her with the strong stallion and the other mares. They would have taken care of her. A 2.5 hour pilot drive is what killed her and they didn’t give her time to bounce back.

      • Mar Wargo says:

        There has been an evolution in roundups over the past few years and all the consideration once given the young and old has been thrown out the window in favor of a ‘scorched earth’ policy that rarely allows any wild ones to be returned.

        Yes, she should have gone with the release group. She might have recovered well. There are no options offered now. No considerations and no respect for life in the wild.

  4. Such a beautiful band. Such a waste of life. She survived all that time out on the range. The BLM tactics killed her, not age.
    That beautiful foal subjected to such force and trauma, not the first and not the last…. such a horrible act of man.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    HAppy Thanksgiving, Laura, and to your family also. Love and hugs, mar

  6. Christie says:

    So grateful for your strength. The BLM,s Wild Horse and Burro Program may be the biggest scam the American tax payer has ever supported. I favor completely removing our wild horses and burros from this cruel, rogue, and fraudulent organization. They have gotten away with torture and murder of our wild horses that they believe they will be able to do it forever.

    I hope that this will be one more time when pride precedes the fall.

    Will try to send support soon.

  7. Tina Wooten says:

    Laura Leigh our true Wild Horse Warrior you are so strong to keep hanging in there like you do for Wild Horses. It must be so heartwrenching to see so many beautiful Wild Horses losing their freedom and lives.I feel so guilty but I can’t hardly look at pictures of them running for their lives from helicopters and then being separated from their families in such a tragic way.The Wild Horses are looking so terrified and tortured in those holding pens by the BLM.. God I pray hard so hard that it it all ends right now! Please take care Laura and always know that you are supported and that the Wild Horses are on all of our hearts and minds….God Bless..Tina Wooten

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