Update on High Rock Release and “Thank you!”

UPDATE on the Update:

Horses will receive the freezemark AND an HMA mark… more tomorrow. Maybe they will try to release a few partial bands? Are we really asking too much? No way. It is the very least that can be done as AML is so dangerously low AND we are not following up these drastic reductions with any behavioral data.


Horses will be released at High Rock, not dependent on Calico numbers and prior to the end of Calico.

I have been told horses will be going to their “HMA’s” and the assumption is that the horses will be released in the areas they were taken from (not like we have seen at other operations). But I will follow-up on this.

I have not been notified if horses will receive a full brand and not just a PZP mark. I have not gotten any confirmation on making an attempt to release studs with their mares.

Working on getting more info.

Operations will continue for about two more days and “off” HMA horses are now being taken.

Please keep in mind that prior survey noted 1300 animals, we are now above that count. Horses are now moving because of the roundup operation and disruptions in the North due to construction…. more on that later.


PLEASE keep asking for those brands and that an attempt be made to return at least partial bands to home ranges.

high rock complex roundup


3 thoughts on “Update on High Rock Release and “Thank you!”

  1. Paula Denmon says:

    Just thinking that maybe the email and fax helped, makes me feel better. I just have a hard time believing that according to their numbers, only approx. 260 horses can live there : but over 3000 cows can graze there. then there was the story for all of the energy that has to be brought in so that energy can be made. I’ll try to find it again to post.
    Good job. Let us know when we can help.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    Is the construction on the Ruby Pipeline?

    The Xtra-long pipeline from Canada to the Gulf has been stopped for now. It may get scrapped. Hoping….

    I am hoping BLM will do the brands as you have asked, Laura.

  3. Lynette says:

    I can only say that I HATE, HATE the BLM! My heart is so heavy with pain that I can hardly stand it any longer. To see these beautiful animals treated so cruelly and yet one in this horrible government comes to help. Even those who we thought were on the side of the wild ones, do nothing! One day they will all say “What ever happened to the great wild horse herds?” But it will be too late. The BLM will see to that.

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