Update on High Rock Release and “Thank you!”

UPDATE on the Update:

Horses will receive the freezemark AND an HMA mark… more tomorrow. Maybe they will try to release a few partial bands? Are we really asking too much? No way. It is the very least that can be done as AML is so dangerously low AND we are not following up these drastic reductions with any behavioral data.


Horses will be released at High Rock, not dependent on Calico numbers and prior to the end of Calico.

I have been told horses will be going to their “HMA’s” and the assumption is that the horses will be released in the areas they were taken from (not like we have seen at other operations). But I will follow-up on this.

I have not been notified if horses will receive a full brand and not just a PZP mark. I have not gotten any confirmation on making an attempt to release studs with their mares.

Working on getting more info.

Operations will continue for about two more days and “off” HMA horses are now being taken.

Please keep in mind that prior survey noted 1300 animals, we are now above that count. Horses are now moving because of the roundup operation and disruptions in the North due to construction…. more on that later.


PLEASE keep asking for those brands and that an attempt be made to return at least partial bands to home ranges.

high rock complex roundup


Just a thought…

Press Release on legal cases and video tomorrow… boots off for a few hours.


Sat with the horses at PVC for a few minutes this afternoon… Triple B horses moving out to Fallon, long-term and adoption “events as the facility prepares to take in Calico horses.

There is a “rumor” at the moment that BLM in Cedarville may have changed plans about releasing horses at High Rock. If they do release at High Rock I promise to be there and document the individuals.

My thoughts, however, go a bit further and I could use your help.

I know BLM is reading this blog so they are going to know I have asked for your help as well as what I am asking for… as they will also get my request in writing.

AS my “gut” hurt so bad as they announced they would do no release from High Rock until after Calico (based on quota reached) I really feel that we need a greater ability to keep tabs on the wild horses. The “clean sweep” planning that has BLM wiping one side of the state last winter and now this side… has me extremely fearful of the genetic bankruptcy as well as the survival probability as these disruptions occur when horses need family the most, the winter.

If they were holding horses and releasing after Calico (but not based on quota captured at Calico) that would be in line with the manner in which the public must address these events as uniques. But to base it on the quota sees them as conjoined events. They can’t have it both ways as it suits an agenda.

But I am very worried about the population that will be left out there… extremely worried.

I am asking that you write to BLM here: http://www.blm.gov/ca/forms/feedback/index.php?fo=15 and FAX :  530-279-2171 attention Allen Bollschweiler

Sample request letter:

Mr. Bollschweiller,

I am writing in reference to the current BLM roundup operation in the High Rock Complex.

As the Environmental Assessment calls for the release of animals to reach low AML at the conclusion of operation I request the following:

1. Horses be branded prior to release.

This will serve several purposes.

It will make horses from this operation visually identifiable. This will ensure that as horses are released in an area bordering the next roundup operation, that they are not recaptured in the next operation. These horses have been disrupted and after release may flee the immediate area causing them to move into the next area of operation. It will also facilitate, by visual identification, observations of movement within the complex and adjoining areas. This information is vital in comprehending the best way to manage these animals and has been lacking in the past.

2. That an effort be made to reunite family bands for release.

Many of the groups are identifiable through photographs taken during the operation. By making the attempt to keep family groups together, and branding prior to release, further information can be gained about the efficiency of, and impact to, family structure from the proposed use of chemical birth control.

Thank you for your consideration,

you have to add your contact info ….


It takes a bit to digest what you see and get it into context… and then make the next move… video tomorrow as several things took priority today.

high rock holding, youngsters removed from families and the range in the same day

note to blm:

Normally animals released are turned back out from temporary and not branded. In this instance I believe they should be transported to Litchfield, branded and cataloged and then returned.
We need the information and a way to track the horses.
Population at this roundup has been taken almost to nothing...
we need to track who is out there... as families... even better.
The information would be good for us and BLM toward an honest dialogue.