A moment of “self promotion”

This post is a combined “Thank you” to those making attempts to help continue the documentation and a plea for foks to support those efforts… and this work.

Two pages on facebook have been created.

One to help with the basic expenses of “the road and research.”


And one to help replace my failing vehicle. I have literally put over 70,000 miles on a 98 Explorer since Twin Peaks last fall. The vehicle has been amazing but is now in need of repair. It is not the kind of vehicle to take into the desert in winter, except for smaller trips. I literally drive it now wondering if the truck will make it back out.


Both of these efforts are being done by folks that believe in this work and the gestures have touched me deeply. I often feel rather “on the fringe” of the advocacy groups. Due to the large amount of time spent literally isolated I do not have the “social” bonds that many do. I do the work simply to have the documentation reach the public. These gestures have given me “heart” that the information I bring is appreciated and that many want it to continue.

I do need support to stay out and to continue the paperwork on both the Humane handling case and the First Amendment issues in Federal Court.

So I thank you all…. sincerely. I hope that together we can continue to shed light on the daily activities involved in the management of wild herds.

~Donations and gifts can also be accepted through http://wildhorseeducation.org and for litigation through http://wildhorsefreedomfederation.org (there is a field button on WHFF, but donations need to be marked Laura).

Elvis says "thanks"


5 thoughts on “A moment of “self promotion”

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    You need us and we need you!! I don’t know if it is a fair exchange but the wild ones need all of us and that is what brings us together. hugs, mar

  2. MorganG says:

    Doin all I can to help keep you out there. Hoping it helps and of course wishing it could be one big fat check but unfortunately I’m living on the beer budget with champagne dreams.

  3. hoofhugs says:

    How ironic that you feel like you are on the fringe. From my perspective, you are at the center, at the heartbeat. You are the campfire providing the light through which the rest of us can see. We gather round to support you and reflect your light back to you and beyond our narrow circle. There will come a day. Thanks for all you do.

  4. Ramona Benton says:

    Hi Laura… I live in Ohio far away from what is happening out West, I just wanted to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for Our Wild Horses! You are wonderful and you have a beautiful Soul!! Good Luck in court this week. May God be with you!

    God Bless,
    Ramona Benton
    Collins, Ohio

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