Fast post, Litchfield (High Rock Horses, holding)

This is just a quick update on the Litchfield facility.

Horses from High Rock are being taken to this facility. Ability to assess horses is extremely limited at this facility. Most horses are in corrals that are not easily visible. This trip I was able to see primarily studs only.

I will return when youngsters are moved for vaccination.

Processing is not visible and access to view was denied.

Overview Litchfield, 11-2

Gorgeous bay stud (Fox Hog pen)

Stunning young studs (buddies, very attached to each other)


20 thoughts on “Fast post, Litchfield (High Rock Horses, holding)

  1. Cindy says:

    So many beautiful souls…heartbreaking…

    Thank you Laura for documenting.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    This is so very wrong. Where will these beautiful horses end up. All those stallions are needed for the low gene pool . Will they all be gelded?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      BLM is not releasing any more horses into High Rock until after Calico is complete. However whether they geld them will be one of those things we will need to watch closely.

  3. cfwarde says:

    They’re so beautiful.

  4. savewildhorses says:

    Why are they returning to Calico so soon? It was just 2 years ago they removed 2000 and decimated the population. They can’t have reproduced that fast in such a short 2 years. What’s up with that?

  5. arlene says:

    They are stunning magnificent !!!! A perfect example of mother Natures finest, We must force the hand to stop this , they belong to the land that is rightfully theirs, I beg them not to Geld them…………………… Let them be who and what they are, it is a horrendous mistake to take them from where they need to be…………………..

  6. arlene says:

    That Black Stallion is one of the finest i have ever seen, he is oh so magnificent……………………. Thank You Laura If only we could free them all, come on Obama Free these Beauties !!!!!!!!! Do one darn thing you promised !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Thanks. Once again it would be nice for someone, with money and land, to intervene and not allow all these stallions to be gelded. BLM may very well never release any back. That is my bet. The numbers are never right and then they go back on what they said.

    This must end and we must gain control of this mess and rebuild and recover this program and the herds.

  8. Jennifer says:

    @SAVEWILDHORSES I am with you on the whole Calico round up..again..why are they rounding them up when its only been two years???? And they took soooo many, How could they possibly think the AML isnt met???:(:(

  9. hoofhugs says:

    If you are concerned about how the BLM is conducting our business with our horses using our money, please contact Representative Mike Simpson (R) Idaho, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. He has expressed the committee’s concerns regarding ineffective BLM wild horse and burro strategies. This is the same committee that has expressed concern about the number of citizen and citizen groups who are keeping Interior occupied in court. I think we need to let them know what our concerns are as they occur, and give them as the body with oversignt responsibility to manage the BLM legislatively rather than forcing the citizens to use the court system because Congress has failed in its obligation to provide oversight.

    Although both Houses control Interior Appropriations to some extent, I started following this committee last March, and there are recurring themes and evidence of a growing understanding of some issues by the committee. Not so sure about some others, but they are at least trying to sort our fact from fiction, and it is evident that this group does not have wool completely covering its eyes.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Sounds very worthwhile… but we need to be precise and cordial and be sure our facts are straight. This is a a good one to pursue, thanks, hoofhugs.

  10. Louie Cocroft says:


    2312 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515
    T: 202-225-5531 F: 202-225-8216

  11. J.T. Quinn says:

    Laura if you get a chance check this out maybe with all of the advocates voting ,Wild Horse Education could recieve a few dollars.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Last year there were more than a few who did try this. If someone would like to try again it takes vigilance and commitment. Laura has not got the time, please understand. So it will need a volunteer who is willing to see it through and keep people informed so they can vote. It is always
      worth a try!! WHE has only a handful of folks and they are all doing

      Anyone willing to do this? It would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Craig Downer says:

    Good tip on the Committee on Appropriations and contacting Simpson. This committee better hurry up to institute urgently needed reforms before the herds are entirely obliterated!

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