HIgh Rock, fast post

There is no cell and internet  is at one location in town.

Roundup stopped “due to wind.”

Took over 4 hours to bring in the first group, 7th day at this trap… tomorrow will be the 8th… and then trap moves.

Tarp added at trap to “settle” horses… cough. Horses were given less than 4 minutes to settle before loading. Tarp blocks all view of handling during loading. APHIS vet apparently left for holding after first run. No vet at trap remainder of the day.

I did not sleep last night and am shot… more info tomorrow…

Sun J is doing High Rock (Elrik Buzan)

high rock second run (Leigh)

New tarp at trap (Buzan)

Please note update page and “gather v. non-gather deaths)… if it wasn’t for the roundup these horses would be alive. Let’s create meaningful statistics… the foal that broke his neck at Litchfield IS gather related…


20 thoughts on “HIgh Rock, fast post

  1. Mar Wargo says:

    Rest and tell us what you can… take care of you and Elric, too.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      If our wild horses and burros truly belong to the people then we the people should be able to save them, ya think!? We will have to muster what it takes to go into the next phase… I will be working on it so I hope you all will be too. What are you willing to do you have not yet done?

  2. hoofhugs says:

    Rest, eat, and remain strong.

  3. Paula Denmon says:

    Take care, Laura. Just wrote a response to the ridiculous Horse-slaughter article in the NYT, only to have it deleted because it questioned the research of the author. Then found and reposted Paula Bacon’s response from her position as Mayor of Kaufman, Texas. Interestingly enough, the commentator had chosen highlighted responses that he/she thought were on-point for the article. Paula Bacon’s was not even selected. the only one in 218 responses that had a direct connection with the slaughter issue. I’m reposting it here for reading and use. There were so many references to slaughtering the Mustangs in those 218 comments. it is so surprising how heartless and callous people are. Feel free to delete any of this that isn’t appropriate.

  4. Paula Denmon says:

    Slaughter response written today to NYT by Paula Bacon, my hero in 2007 for front-line work in getting the last two slaughter plants closed in Texas. I worked hard too, but it much less accomplished way.
    My city was a doormat for horse slaughter with one of the last 3 horse slaughter plants operating in the US. They barraged us with 3 big problems– big environmental problems, stigmatizing the community and economic development–And the plant was a fiscal black hole, locally and beyond. As the mayor in 1986 said, “Quite frankly, we don’t want you here…. You’ve never made a dime for this city and you never will.” But thanks to their ability to outspend the city in order to continue operating no matter what, it took over 20 years to finally see them gone.

    A horse slaughter plant is unlike a cattle slaughter plant since horses have much, much more blood than cattle, and that blood cannot be hauled off to be used in fertilizer because of drug residues, The burden on infrastructure by a horse slaughter plant is extreme. Environmental problems are easily quantified – the plant was in constant violation of laws and a taxpayer-funded mandatory $6 million dollar upgrade imminent. Not just with my city but the other places with horse slaughter plants also had a long history of big federal, state and local environmental violations, not paying their fines, etc.

    BTW, horses in the U.S. commonly receive medications that are not intended for food animals and are known to cause blood disorders and cancer (even including horse aspirin called ‘bute’ [phenylbutazone] and several other regularly administered medications). Apparently the meat is not a good food choice and neither is it good for making fertilizer.

    Also unlike a cattle slaughter operation, a horse slaughter plant creates a hugely negative stigma—understandable since 75% of Americans do not support horse slaughter in this country. Developers declined further interest in this community after asking, “What are all those horse doing there?” and looked very surprised when told. “Not a good fit,” was generally the reason given for their lost interest.

    Fiscally, the plant never made the city a dime–WE paid. No sales tax, tiny property tax, Poor paying dangerous jobs, straining our hospital, housing stock and schools. And when their tax records were brought to light, they had paid a mere $5 in federal taxes on sales of $12,000,000. Tax returns for the previous five years showed their tax rate was 3/10 of 1%, which is like you or I paying $300 tax on an income of $100,000. The forensic accountant hired by the city said they sell to themselves overseas at a loss so that their profits only surface overseas.

    There are many other serious negative aspects to horse slaughter, like the inquiries from distraught horse owners about stolen horses or family pets bought at auction by the self named ‘kill buyers.’ And then there is the USDA document covering 11 months of 2005 and containing a staggering 906 pages of graphic photos that show what was happening to the horses at the plant in my city and in Fort Worth. Behind the privacy fences were unthinkable, grim violations of federal and state regulations, from mares birthing foals to horses with eyes dangling from their sockets and legs ripped from their

    It’s only Half Done—a GAO report says either make it legal or finish the job and make it illegal so the cruelty, irresponsible ownership and overbreeding are not supported by the safety net of horse slaughter on US soil or elsewhere. We need to pass the federal ban and be done with this ridiculously abusive and Un-American practice.

  5. Barbara Warner says:

    God bless you and the horses. If only the wind had………………………….

  6. […] group, 7th day at this trap… tomorrow will be the 8th… and then trap moves.” said Leigh, “Tarp added at trap to ‘settle’ horses…. Horses were given less than 4 […]

  7. conniej947 says:

    Laura, thanks for the update, I hope you get rested.

  8. savewildhorses says:

    Can someone explain to me how you can run horses for 4 hours then only allow them to settle (not) for 4 minutes before loading them? 4 minutes to cool off and not even catch their breath from the most terrorizing ordeal of their lives being chased by a huge predator that never tires even after hours, being separated from their families and loaded into tiny a tiny enclosure that does not exist in the wild of wide open spaces? Which part of this do they think is humane? And how many babies do not endure that 4 hour marathon? I shudder to think. What is their reasoning for loading them after 4 minutes? Have you asked them? This is not right on any level.

    • arlene says:

      There is not any explanation in this world for that cruel and inhuman act, like that only a idiot and moron from hell would do a thing like that !!!!!!!

      • savewildhorses says:

        Agree. Laura needs to amend the lawsuit to include this. People in this SunJ outfit used to round up in the past directly ONTO the truck with catastrophic effects. Directly onto the truck from being run. There are photos out there with some of the horses being trampled underneath while loading on the truck. Looks like they might be heading this way again. 4 minutes to settle, actually that is not settling at all! They should be banned from round ups. They have proven over and over that they have no concern for these animals. This contractor needs to be CANCELLED!

        • arlene says:

          Yes !!!! it would be the thing to do !!!! Laura is awesome and I know all she does is so very appreciated by all there are no words for her greatness all I can say to her is Gods speed !!!! They have no scruples only pure lies, this has to stop !!!!!! I would love to go there, how long must our Mustangs suffer like this , damn it this America we cannot allow this to continue……………………………………….. They should be banned and Jailed for their horrible crimes against thew Mustangs………….

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    As Laura’s lawsuit advances in the court and BLM feels the pressure, the agency has been using all the ‘liberal’ press they can influence in order to poison any thought on the wild horses by a huge cross section of readers in the U.S.. The information that has gotten to people this way has been the most inaccurate I have seen. The writers of these so called ‘stories’ have mostly been of the ‘not heard of’ variety also. That way they can be held at fault for ‘mistakes’. But when this kind of inaccurate information is placed before us to mislead us with public relations claims, these publications need to make retractions or apologies for printing untruths. This tradition has been ignored. This leaves these publications open to lawsuit themselves for being a part of the deliberate coverup of the facts and the promotion of lies to the public. This media situation is way out of line with the accepted and expected practice of backing down and acknowledging the truth when falsehoods have been printed. What the heck is going on in this country when being correct is swept under the rug and stomped on!? This is no way to treat a nation or the taxpayers who have been mislead to the extreme on what the real story is with our wild horses and burros, currently protected species being eradicated by their own management!

  10. Mar Wargo says:

    We need more comments from folks following Laura Leigh’s roundup work at RT’s; http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/warned-blm-helicopter-contract

    Laura is in the field and she is struggling with the observation, the lawsuit and the ability to be mobile and to continue her work overall. Those of us who support her with our comments and donations here, need to give her that support at other sites, also. Otherwise it looks as if no one is following her work or the roundups of our beloved wild ones!

  11. Paula Boynton says:

    God bless and protect you Laura, stay safe and strong, we are with you every step of the way x

  12. Mar Wargo says:

    This is from Wild Horse preservation Campaign;

    Update on the Two MEGA Roundups Underway To Remove 4,000 Mustangs in Wyoming and California

    1,045 Mustangs Captured To Date; 13 Dead

    Mustangs stampeded into trap at the High Rock Roundup, BLM Photo
    Two massive roundups are currently underway in Wyoming’s Red Desert Complex and the High Rock Complex on the northern California-Nevada border. Both of these roundups are scheduled back-to-back with capture operations in adjacent complexes, creating a mega roundup operation that will remove over 4,000 wild horses from more than a three-million-acre swath of land in the three states.
    In the Red Desert Complex, as of October 24, 2011 (day 16 of the roundup), the BLM is reporting that 580 horses have been captured, 201 horses have been released and five horses have been killed (one horse was killed after breaking her neck, another died from “cardiac arrest” and three were killed for “pre-existing conditions.”). Also this week, the BLM announced that it was shifting gears to begin the roundup in the adjacent Great Divide Basin before completing the Red Desert operation. On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, the BLM captured 218 wild horses in the Divide Basin Herd Management Area (HMA).

    Over in northern California, the High Rock Complex roundup continues. As of October 25 (Day 11 of the roundup), the BLM is reporting the capture of 545 horses and release of 37 horses. Seven horses have been killed, including two foals. One foal died after breaking his neck at a short-term holding facility and the second died after suffering from “severe lacerations, apparently cut by barbed-wire fencing while being gathered” which “detached a leg tendon from the bone.” Other deaths include a mare who was killed after she broke her neck at the trap site, a stud who was killed after he broke his leg at temporary holding and three horses who were killed for pre-existing conditions
    As soon as AWHPC is able to, we will provide you an eyewitness account of the tragedies taking place at these BLM mega roundups.

  13. Joan Cruz says:

    Could it be that the blm nows its days are numbered and they have to get as many horses as possible before they are stopped either by budget or court?

    • Mar Wargo says:

      Yes, we have kind of figured that… and there seems to be other internal evidence of this. It would be nice to cut to the quick and know what we can save and hold onto and get on with it.

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