High Rock

I just woke up to see if BLM had changed meeting times for am… I have been calling all night. There is no message confirming observation for tomorrow. So I am going to get some rest instead.

Right now I have funds for one day of travel. I am “guarding” it right now and will head up after I get confirmation of observation ability. I know all too well it can take over a week to get any real observation.

I have the vehicle running, stocked with water and dog food for Elvis, and we are ready to take off…. I will post updates as I can… but I am delaying my departure until I can shore up enough funds for at least a few days, I’d like to stay the duration and move into Calico. I have made arrangements for Calico that are taking shape and will decrease the cost of being there. I am sending out resumes and trying to sell artwork… but I need your help.

Today a mare broke her neck….

Taken from BLM website tonight

AS far as I know there was no one there that is posting daily updates besides BLM.


I have no time to do a “perk” or “thank you” gimic for donations. PLEASE help me get there. I need to be there….

This roundup is in Nevada, and if I can keep the chain going on information that pertains to handling, I can expand the current issues being addressed in the Courtroom. This can be pushed forward…

I have also come to feel that if we are not there the story is never told completely.

Today I was able to provide an adopter with pictures of the day her horse was captured, the band stallion of her mares group… and by checking on her horse at the facility was able to tell her she needs to add a “plus one” to her barn capacity… her mare is pregnant and she now knows what the father looks like… and the details of capture.

There are many of you that can no longer look at the images and I know some do not feel that documentation means anything.. but if there was footage, wild horses would be on the nightly news again. Keeping the conversation of wild herds caught in public land “management” games is important… but we all know what it takes to get the media involved. If it is more than 48 hours old, it aint news anymore.


14 thoughts on “High Rock

  1. Kim says:

    I personally value your documentation. I am sharing wild horse education material now with students at Red Rocks Community College – helping to get the truth out there about our precious wild horses and their need for our help. Keep up the good work. I wish God would send me more funds so I can send you more funds.

    – Kim

  2. LynnIL says:

    I wait patiently for your reports as we all know that the BLM tells lies. Please keep going if you can. I will be able to donate nest week. Hopefully enough for a tank of gas.

    Thanks for all you are doing and hang in there. WE NEED YOU IF WE ARE EVER GOING TO SAVE OUR WILD HORSES AND BURROS FROM EXTINCTION.

  3. Laura, your grit and determination are an inspiration. I know a little goes a long way…and all I have is a little to give. With it I send a deep breath and positive energy.

    Here’s to a true Hero of mine, Laura Leigh!

  4. Louie Cocroft says:

    That New York Times article comment section has gone up to 3 pages with 52 comments, now. Here is the most recent

    October 19th, 2011

    I applaud the many readers who spoke up to point out some fallacies of this article.

    My favorite is how the decline in wild horse population before the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 was attributed to starvation and other natural factors. Truth is, they were being RUTHLESSLE round up and slaughtered. That’s the horror that Wild Horse Annie found, that’s why the amount of letters to Congress about saving our wild horses was SECOND ONLY TO THE AMOUNT OF LETTERS ON THE VIETNAM WAR.

    I am also very happy that people pointed out that horses are natives of North America, their evolution stretches back over 57 million years here. Yes, they went extinct here in the Ice Age, but so did some elk and deer, who were also reintroduced by settlers.

    Anyone who thinks the horses are STARVING and suffering, please PLEASE look at any and all round up footage you can find, and show me a roaming horse with a body condition score of less than 4! I would say most are around a 5 or 6! Note: most race horses have a body condition score of 3 or 4. Horses don’t decline in body condition until they are in BLM’s holding facilities or in the midst of winter in the wild. However, we won’t start rounding up any other animal if we suddenly witness a few individuals starving and dying during the harshest winters. That is how mother nature intends to MANAGE populations. Since our predators are all hunted down to prevent a calf or two from being killed from each herd of domestic cattle, natural predator management is not nearly as successful as it should be!

    I could go on for hours, but really it’s all up to everyone to do research and OPEN THEIR EYES to the conspiracy that is the BLM. WRITE YOUR SENATORS, TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Even finding info on the BLM website is a puzzle, documents with broken links, etc.

    In short, I’m writing a speech for a class at Penn State. Ask me for citations. Not convinced? Above Top Secret’s website…. The Mustang Conspiracy. All you need to know.

  5. Laura, You are an inspiration and a true hero. I don’t have much to give, but I know you need it more than I do today.
    With my little bit I send a deep breath and strength.

    Thank you!

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    How you doing? TAke care out there! Here are the petitions that are at the White House…. ( I asked RT if he might do a post on them so people will keep signing them).



    1) Reform Federal Wild Horse & Burro Management Programs and Related Policies

    2) Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars

    3) Restore the Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 to its original intent that no organization or person be exempt

    4) Fire Ken Salazar as Secretary of the Interior

    5) Stop all Wild Horse Roundups

    6) Support a Ban on Horse Slaughter

    • Linda Horn says:

      Well, Mar, my petiton now has 138 votes, so maybe … just maybe … it will get the 12 votes needed to at least be seen on the WH site by November 3rd.

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Sorry that this is the result of people working in groups who no longer keep each other abreast of things. Pity. I have to try again to get in. My computer is so slow I think that is part of it… I keep it ‘clean’ but it is old, too. I reload pages over and over… it makes it very hard to comment at places.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    I think I am going to soon post an email here for me so people can contact me about the jewelry and horsey things I am going to be selling and donating the money to LL. I will make a letter or document with pictures of things ASAP… maybe this is all we have to do!! Let’s see if it works.

    Laura is cutting it very close out there!! I will get something here ASAP! I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what there is and the quality.

    Your arrangements for the new Calico roundup sound good… We will all be trying to keep you going…. big hug, mar

  8. savewildhorses says:

    I horse being prepped for release dies? That is a tragedy. They need to slooooowwww down. And why are gathering past dark? Might be why the mare ran into the panel and died.

  9. Debbie Coffey says:

    Is it Sun J doing the roundup there? Just want to remind people they can go to Wild Horse Education and print up a few flyers to drop off at a feed store/pet store/vet offices, etc. to let people know what is happening to our wild horses and to help try to get donations for Laura to observe the roundups.

  10. savewildhorses says:

    Why are they working past dark gathering these horses? What is wrong with them? Greed. Pure and simple. The 1% once again making up their own rules.

  11. Mar Wargo says:

    What continues is out there is getting no better. We are charged with finding a way to end all the removals and turn this around. Believing we can do it is one thing and carrying it out is another. We still need a wild horse group that will do the work we have only scratched the surface of; being effective advocates with the press and bringing the public closer into this equation and finding funds. No one is fundraising and it is a full time job.

    Who wants to do more and be more effective using the information and truths we have uncovered? Who will turn around their blog time and make it into real concrete contacts with corporations and people we need to help make change? This has got to be done as we have not yet developed enough beyond the surface. We must dig deeper into our time and strength to accomplish more goals that will eventually become a real movement to take back the control of our wild ones from BLM.

    We must work together to make change.

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