Updates on fundraising, etc

Our Fundraiser raised $562.50 by 11:42 pm Sunday night for the video, a bit shy of the goal.

I have found a service that will keep the link, almost one hour HD, alive until I replace the video. So if you make a donation to Wild Horse Education of over $25.00 you will receive the link as a “perk.”

We are also continuing the “perk” of  an unpublished image in a jpeg for any donation over $10.00, images change on Sunday night, for the month of October.

I have just finished the 2012 Calendar. I was late on getting it up last year and was reminded to “get it loaded.”

2012 Calendar by Laura Leigh

Later this week the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meets in DC. You can ask others going to hand deliver your written comments even if you can’t make the trip… I am hoping to be able to get the truck running well enough to be at the roundups so I can give live reports.

Going to try to get some rest tonight. I have been on the phone with many people needing information and footage… the weather has turned cooler… it feels good.

I think there are many folks putting up petitions on the new White house site. I think it is creating confusion. If you have a link I miss can you post in the comments section?





8 thoughts on “Updates on fundraising, etc

    • Linda Horn says:

      Yeah!!! Each one of the live links works! Now we need votes, votes, and more votes! Shares, shares, and more shares! Wild Horse & Burro Advocates … let’s get crackin’!!!

      • Linda Horn says:

        Will someone please check all the petition links. I’ve tried to connect from here & and other places they’ve been posted, and keep ending up on blank pages. I’ve signed out and signed in. No dice for me, but it maybe my machine (or “operator failure” LOL).

  1. Morgan Griffith says:

    Oh good, glad you are continuing the link to the video. Life happened this weekend and I wasn’t able to watch and was disappointed. Now I will be able to do this. Also going to get that calendar and also increase my scheduled monthly donation a bit, Laura gets a raise 🙂

  2. savewildhorses says:

    Calendar looks great! Don’t know how you find the time to do all the things you do. I do wish the father/son photo was in this one. I love that photo where the stallion is comforting him right after the round up.

    • Morgan Griffith says:

      I’m starting to think Laura has cloned herself. Laura just reading about your schedule exhausts me. Mar, Life is OK agin.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I used that photo for the Calendar last year… all the photos in this Calendar were taken in 2011.
      The Twin Peaks one was 2010…
      I have some from 2009…
      Maybe I’ll get that book laid out someday… I make sketches on the road as well. Someday I need to get my hands into clay again and purge all of this….
      But that “artist” has no economy right now to exist in.

      Want to get to Surprise but I need to raise another $600. to make that happen. Was shy on the goal for the video… car needs to be reliable. I have beat the crap out of it.

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