Fundraiser to “Keep on the Pressure”

Join us this Sunday for the online Premiere of “Hold Your Wild Horses!”

Over the last 18 months Laura Leigh has been attempting to document the “hands on care” of wild horses. She is compiling the information into a series of videos to condense and share the information with the public.

“Some of the documentation has been released as it happens,” said Laura Leigh, founder of Wild Horse Education and VP of Wild Horse Freedom Federation “however I have found that the ‘bigger picture’ is often hard to follow through the updates. So I am attempting to edit the pieces together in a way that is easier to comprehend.”

Leigh intends to release the videos in one hour segments that focus on areas of concern. The first segment, available for viewing this coming Sunday, will focus on the documentation of the removal of horses from public land and the ongoing battle to obtain meaningful documentation. Subsequent segments will cover the history of herd management (under differing jurisdictions and the public confusion that creates) as well as a segment on the possible future of wild herds on public land if protocols continue unchecked.

“There are many film projects out there,” states Leigh “the objective of this project is not an award at a film festival or nationwide distribution, (this project is not in competition against other film-makers) The objective of this project is simply to raise awareness and the needed funding to keep the documentation and supporting Litigation going.”

(edited to add: there seems to be a “sensitivity” to the way I worded this. The intent is that I am NOT competing with others. I traditionally go out, get documentation and share it immediately. I am NOT asking for funds to enter a “competition” with other film makers. Those projects are valuable but this project is not in competition with them nor is it done for the same purpose. I need help to keep getting the documentation out in the immediate, basically free and used by many sources including free to the other film makers. I am editing the pieces I have into a cohesive version and asking for help to keep doing it. I hope that clears things up).

To view the film on Sunday simply make a donation to Wild Horse Education or Wild Horse Freedom Federation of $25.00 or more and you will receive an email password good for viewing the feature at your leisure anytime on Sunday. Passwords will be sent by 12 am pst Sunday and are good until 12 am Monday.

The BLM has announced their roundup schedule. Ms. Leigh needs work done on the truck to make it safe for winter travel in Surprise, Calico and Pancake. The goal of the initial fundraiser is $800.00 to facilitate repairs and pre-roundup research. Ms. Leigh has done preliminary surveys in several of these areas during her travels in spring and summer. Progress on the fundraiser will be posted on this blog.

Thank you, in advance.

Update on fundraising:

As of  11:42 pm  PST on Sunday we have received $562.50 on this fundraiser.  $237.50 needed to reach the goal. We will update periodically, thank-you! 

$25.00 is a “suggested” donation to receive the link as a “perk” to watch a video in progress.

New Edit Uploading… new passwords sent soon.


28 thoughts on “Fundraiser to “Keep on the Pressure”

  1. savewildhorses says:

    “There are many film projects out there,” states Leigh “the objective of this project is not an award at a film festival or nationwide distribution.

    You realize that nationwide distribution of these films would raise awareness? And winning awards increases the chances that a film distributor would pick it up? You may want to reword this so it doesn’t come across the wrong way.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Does that work? The edit in the above post?

      • Mar Wargo says:

        Great Poster!! Looks and sounds good….

        I hope those who come here and donate and watch will come back and discuss the videos.. I intend to take some notes and write questions to have a dialogue…. this is ground breaking work we will be seeing!!!

  2. Laura Leigh says:

    I just meant that I am not using the funds to enter competition, just keep working.
    I am not competing with those other people.

    How do I word it?

  3. […] The BLM has announced their roundup schedule. Ms. Leigh needs work done on the truck to make it safe for winter travel in Surprise, Calico and Pancake. The goal of the initial fundraiser is $800.00 to facilitate repairs and pre-roundup research. Ms. Leigh has done preliminary surveys in several of these areas during her travels in spring and summer. Progress on the fundraiser will be posted on Ms. Leigh’s blog. […]

  4. savewildhorses says:

    I am not overly sensitive-just a comment. I wouldn’t over worry about it. I’m not. Hope it works! I can’t give again for a little bit unfortunately. Earning what I made back in 1995. I’ll see if anything is left next payday.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I did not mean you… there are others.
      I am trying to word things the best I can.

      I used to be able to get freelance work… but there is very little now. Everything I do goes right into doing.
      : )

      • savewildhorses says:

        I will share your post. May be all I can do for a few weeks. Love the idea. Anyway to allow the video clip to be viewed for the week until the next Sunday? Instead of just one day?

        • Laura Leigh says:

          Trying to find a way to keep the link live on a password that accepts HD of long length but doesn’t cost me.
          There are paid services but that kinda defeats the purpose.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    I urge all those who comment here to help and donate and discuss these videos here so we can raise awareness among the advocates who can then distribute this further etc.

    If there are any competitions that award money and we can find them and get you entered in them it would be a plus!! But I know you are utilizing these videos to Raise Funds to Keep Working!!

    Keep the documentation for the horses and the lawsuits going!! Donate….

  6. Jill says:

    Is the requested donation for the first video only?

    Do you have a deferred donation plan?

    I need tires badly, brakes and an unpaid leave for surgery pending. I still have not been able to pay the balance for the euthanasia for my dear oldest dog in July…. what are we to do?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Send an email to “” so I have an email for you.
      The $25.00 is a “suggested” donation.

      I can’t rent a hall and charge a ticket… too much overhead.
      : )

      I have beat my vehicle up so bad. I have done piecemeal work and it is literally held together with duct tape. I know a lot of folks that use rental vehicles when they come out and get huge fees when they return them.

      I will keep it going as long as I can. I make a joke that where I am when it finally dies… I’ll just set out a mailbox and call it “home.”

      • savewildhorses says:

        Please be sure to do your calendar again and ready well in advance of Christmas. A dayplanner type would be cool too. In your spare time, of course! ha.

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    Sell a few of the bracelets!! Take a few pics and sell them here? That is what they are for!!

    • savewildhorses says:

      What bracelets, Mar? I’d be interested in seeing them.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Mar made a few beautiful bracelets for me to offer as gifts to donors.
        I just have no time to get pics up and then mail anything out.

        I have more work to do on the cases… horses I am trying to track… range reports I am trying to get out to folks that can use them… my truck doesn’t run and I’m broke… and my old mare has foundered…

        hence the “what do I have” that I can raise funds on? I have sold anything I had of value, can’t get any paying freelance right now and am so busy I have not even called my mom in over a month… (she has learned to check the blog to see if I’m alive). I have friends calling thinking I’m mad at them…
        I am just working my fanny off…

        Just finished a press release (y’all should get it am), the calendar and am trying to get some graphics to render for the piece for Sunday.

        I am noticing that there are many folks that do not know the timelines on the cases and the documentation. The “updates” tell a “now” story but loose context…
        I envision three pieces:
        1. The horse (what it goes through)
        2. History and how the program got “broken”
        3. The future: what it may look like with no change and what we need to do to fix it
        Yet like everything else I do I feel like I am trying to “paint the Mona Lisa and all I have is a box of crayons.”

        I often feel like I can’t work hard enough, smart enough, fast enough, cheap enough, efficient enough… and if I make a mistake … well lets say I feel like I am walking on eggshells…

        • Mar Wargo says:

          I will work on the bracelets and other things… and get pictures to show ASAP.

          Save Wild Horses; I work with all kinds of beads; mostly gemstones (including turquoise- several kinds from Nevada and several from Arizona, Peruvian opal, lapis lazuli, Owyhee jasper and many more) and ancient glass beads from Europe and Tribal beads from around the world, silver, pearls and coral (red, white and black) brass and wild horse charms….

          We will get these visibly for sale ASAP because Christmas is coming…. Also necklaces and maybe earrings but mostly the bracelets, and some cool horse collectable things, too.

          I need to make more!! I have donated time and materials to WHE for anything we can sell. It is very nice jewelry. I would like to have an online shop…. It will just take some learning. Meanwhile I want to make it available so it will benefit Laura in the field.

  8. savewildhorses says:

    Did you see this from Wild Horse Preservation League?

    “Despite promised reform, the BLM announced earlier this year that it intends to remove 32,800 wild horses from the range over the next four years, a move that will boost the holding population to at least 53,000 horses.”

    Isn’t this really the end of the wild horses? They are zeroing them out and there are most likely 53,000 in holding now, so this would push it closer to 80,000. How do they get away with this? Why is no member of Congress acting on this? So much for the new head of the WH&B Program. There is no answer left at this point except a complete moratorium to stop this program’s destruction. We will have no horses left by the year 2020 except captive, gelded, segregated imprisoned ones. The lawsuits need to break the back of these round ups as illegal and perverting the law. They are clearing the lands once and for all of wild horses.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      Yes. It is the truth.
      AND what is left on the range will be pockets that are genetically bankrupt.
      If we can’t get “smart” litigation going that coordinates efforts and the resource to fight… it’s over.

      • savewildhorses says:

        I think so too. It will be game over. I think this removes all doubt what business the BLM is in and it sure ain’t protect wild horses. There is no more time or energy to waste listening to a word they say about anything. Like Obama found out with the GOP, they really aren’t interested in negotiating or giving one inch on anything.

    • Mar Wargo says:

      If you look at the facilities reports, and there should be a new one shortly, you will find fewer captives than you projected. Do not forget that there is a drain of maybe 2000 horses every 18 months or so from Long Term Holding. Thousands were sold to KB and have long disappeared from this life since the Burn’s Amendment was enacted and put to use in 2004/2005. We looked at these figures last year and the LTH horses’ numbers have not added up. It never does. The Elephant in the room with BLM is never acknowledged but you can find the number drain when you look at the new reports.

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    Is there a link to this information, Save Wild Horses, that you sited? Who has said this officially or unofficially?

  10. savewildhorses says:

    American WIld Horse Preservation Campaign is where I read it. I assume it was released by the BLM. You’d have to ask them who said it. Pretty alarming to say the least considering most experts think there are less than 30,000 wild horses left.

  11. Mar Wargo says:

    Part One; The Horses Journey.

    Brutal. Wasteful, Cruel, Violent. Abusive.

    This should have ended by now.

  12. Mar Wargo says:

    It is all so brutal. The loading!!! It is enough to drive a sane woman mad! Over running. Over crowding pens! The loss of foals… so many!

    How could this happen in America? The worst modern day treatment of a wild species in this country (except for predators).

    And in the video you see all the bad stuff over and over again. One year to the next. One state to another.

  13. Laura Leigh says:

    My guess is the link is working.
    ?? No Complaints so far.

    Uploading a new edit.

  14. Louie Cocroft says:

    It was hard to watch Laura…HARD TO WATCH! How you have managed to withstand and endure is incredible. A Higher Power must be working through you to keep you going.

  15. Jill says:

    When I send you the rest of my suggested donation, you may just send my link to the President.

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