Requested pics from PVC

Adding some pictures from PVC that folks asked me to post:

Roan Girls

There are three Roans. Two yearlings and a three year old.

The "blondes"

This one (4580) is really not done “justice” on the BLM page. 4580, the little grulla filly, looks like a “wild” scared horse. She was actually very brave and came close enough to sniff my sleeve. She is built nice and has a beautiful head. The one with her, 4592, has a bid and is very curious. They are “buddies.”

Special little ladies

My personal pics

I love this horse. This one was not really interested in what everyone else was doing. "Investigated" me "solo." Not nervous, but slow and independent.

This is the same horse that is bonded to the black in the "portrait" shot in the last post. This mare is a bit dominant and very sure of herself. She was not rough, no kicking, but was the first to greet me and all the others followed her lead. Her eyes are very bright. I like her. She will be a "learner."

Note on above horse: This bay is listed as a “sorrel” and is 4517.

And of course… Our “baby boy” ….

"Baby boy"

Have you seen my mom? Triple B roundup

All of these horses (except baby) are currently on the BLM internet adoption page for Palomino Valley.

Babies become available for adoption at 4-5 months of age after they are freezemarked.


24 thoughts on “Requested pics from PVC

  1. cfwarde says:

    I love that little Grulla. You are right; she looks wild-eyed and and skittish in the BLM photo. You photo reveals was a pretty horse she is. Thank you for sharing your photos šŸ™‚

  2. polopaula says:

    Thanks so much! He looks so healthy in your picture. I just love him. I am trying to find a place where the mare can go and be free. I want her to be as wild as possible for the rest of her life. And the colt, Beard, will have a wonderful and safe life with me, at least until Laura’s crusade is over.

  3. polopaula says:

    I just keep looking at this wonderful portrait of him with his dam. He really is so handsome. Thanks again. Keeps me hopeful!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      He’s a gem.

      Think about what these horses have been through in the last 10 weeks… if they are cautious of humans does that make them too “wild” or skittish? Personally I think it makes them smart.
      This mom, if she is his mom, did not come off the range with him. She came in another group.
      So if she is “mom” she was fractured from her baby while being chased by a helicopter. Stuck in a trailer on heavy alkali roads and stuck in a pen with strange mares and strange food after being crowded down an alley and poked and prodded… then her baby was removed again from her side and she was stuck in a semi trailer and driven clear across Nevada… where she was poked and prodded again. Then she and her babe were stuck in with more unfamiliar horses and more strange food (hay from different sources IS different).
      At this place she hears horses calling as they are processed and moved, trailers delivering hay, wranglers on horse chasing other horses from pen to pen…

      I sat quite. After a few minutes I was an “odd” thing but not threatening enough to keep them from eating… my camera did not frighten them.

      Yes, mom is not a young girl… but she is only 11. I get why she is cautious and warns her babe I might be a threat… but then as the threat passes she calms and so did he.
      I took several good shots of them together… and then she felt comfortable enough to let him wander and play with the others and take a nap.

      I’ll repost the pic from the trap after he was captured… it explains an awful lot.

      He is no more “wild” than any other and neither is she.

      • polopaula says:

        I really don’t understand why they don’t run every time they see humans or hear an engine. It must be that they are smart. I just knew that this mare was not in the pen with the baby when he was brought in, no matter what Jake said. I am glad she is protective of him, and accesses danger and calm correctly. 35 years with horses has taught me patience, calm and flexibility. I use it every day as a Realtor. And used it every day as a Mom too…years ago. I’m emailing Jake again this weekend (its been two weeks) to see if the freeze branding has been scheduled for the end of October for this baby and the other young ones. If that happens, he might be released by the end of November. That would be a great Christmas Present for me!

  4. Linda Horn says:

    Laura, thanks for filling us in. Unfortunately, adoptions fall off going into Winter, but if someone likes a specific Mustang they should place a bid on the Internet or to wherever that horse being held before it “disappears”. Paula, sending all good thoughts you’ll be successful in finding the right home for this beautiful mare, and cutting through the red tape to adopt Beard. He’s growing into quite the young man!

    • Laura Leigh says:

      AND I will be more than happy to go and take video/pics of any horse listed on the Internet page if anyone is interested but wants more info.

      Yes, these horses disappear fast. We are going into Calico and Pancake this winter… the Triple B horses will be moved out fast.

  5. Barbara Warner says:

    Laura, are any of these mares in foal that you can tell ? Also where are the stallions and colts ? It doesn’t look like any of them are up for adoption. Have they already been gelded ? No geldings for adoption either. So where are the boys?

  6. Laura Leigh says:

    Remember BLM splits horses up now. Makes it VERY difficult to track families and horses from the roundup.
    Most boys went to Gunnison.
    Remember last time I tried to get in there? Had my truck searched and even my medication taken (I’m an epileptic).

  7. Mar Wargo says:

    We are in an early blizzard. It will warm up in a couple days. Going into winter I am concerned for all who have been captured. Will there be enough hay for all our BLM prisoners this winter?

    My heart goes out to the mares who are strong and wise and will not be free again unless we help them. They are a huge resource.

    There is a new White House Petition that asks to end the Burn’s Amendment!! as well as stop the roundups and work out new strategy with concerned advocates. Thanks to Linda Horn…

    • Linda Horn says:

      The other White House Petitions were “grandfathered” at 5,000 votes, so that number is still valid. They upped the number to 150 to be seen by the general public, and 25,000 (by November 2nd) to require a reply. My Petition may not make the new “magic number”, but I’d love to get enough votes for it to be seen.

      “Reform Federal Wild Horse & Burro Management Programs and Related Policies”

      Affirm federally protected wild horses & burros are living symbols of the American West, held in trust for the American people. Urge Congress to repeal the Burns Amendment to the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act for lack of ethical procedure. Place a moratorium on wild horse & burro removals, except in verifiable emergencies, until Interior & Agriculture Secretaries provide complete, accurate information on all related matters since 1971, roundtable meetings conclude, and the BLM website posts all materials in easy access formats. Meeting criteria: voters divided equally between government and wild horse & burro advocates, including peer-reviewed experts, plus one neutral party; held at convenient times/places; majority rules. Post all minutes and a final report in a timely manner.

      Here’s the link:!/petition/reform-federal-wild-horse-burro-management-programs-and-related-policies/KlDTT2ls?

      • polopaula says:

        Signed…#2, but I tweeted and facebooked link, hope we get some action.

      • Barbara Warner says:

        Have had lots of trouble signing as link didn’t work from White House when I copied and pasted. Sent the Email to myself and the link was then high lighted and worked to change my password to sign this petition. I am No. 3.

  8. Lethie says:

    I was just catching up on what has been happening since I have been gone. I made a trip to CO to see the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horses. I just recently found out about the wild horses in the US and had to go and see them in person. It was an incredible experience for me, but I am also distressed about what is happening to them. The roundups seem to never stop and it is difficult to read the all the posts about the various HMA’s.I admire you for what you are doing Laura. I don’t know how you do what you do, but also glad someone is trying to change the current management practices of the BLM. I got woreout just reading your blog, and feel your pain in seeing these horses lose their families and their freedom. A terrible injustice is being done to them and the people responsible for allowing this to happen should have their head on the chopping block. I don’t know what I can do to help solve this problem, but I promise you I’ll do my part in making my voice heard in whatever way I can. God bless you and I pray that a resolution will break through for these innocent beautiful creatures.God help them……

  9. Shame on the American Government (BLM) ,
    they are a disgrace to the American Nation ,

  10. Kathy says:

    Glad to see the babies Ok, but wondering how the mom he reunited with, turned out to have be a 3 striker with hair grown in over what should be her newish brand?

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I remember this mare… I have trouble with people but can remember a horse I saw once at a roundup even months later… (wonder if it’s an interesting learning disability or just a disability based on interest?)
      : )

      This mare did NOT come off the range with this baby but she was in the pen at holding. BLM made a “written” statement that the baby hooked up with a “blue roan.” I personally wouldn’t call this mare a “blue roan.” (But BLM has 4517 on the Internet site listed as a “sorrel” and I call her a bay).
      This mare may have lost her foal and taken this one or been separated on the range… we will never know. The way the pilot flies?

  11. MorganG says:

    Signed the petition and will be sending in my donation for Sunday. Of course it will be viewed in between football games. I love those roan ladies. Dang wish I could own a horse but then I would be faced with all the choices.

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