Triple B horses, adoption event, already

The horses taken from Triple B are hitting the adoption program or shipping already to long term. That’s how fast this happens folks.

You can go to the Internet adoption site. (Horses listed as Maverick-Medicine are also “Triple B.” )

On that page you will see age, color, capture date and place… but nothing at all about the horse. Nothing at all.

Most of the horses have no bids in an auction that has gotten no press… as BLM’s new “head,” Guilfoyle, does PR release after release with her new energy stooge reporter from Greenwire, Phil Taylor. Does she mention once that the horses from the roundup supposedly being “investigated” are up for adoption? Does she tell you somewhere in that mix are the babies that survived and the horse that we saw that was actually hit? No.

But I’ll tell you.

They look at you… like they don’t know what has happened. Some look at you with curiosity because you are not trying to move them or process them… but sit there quite. Some are so bored that they come to smell you and see what you are. Others stand there and wait for you to run at them or yell to move them…. some just don’t seem to care.

A few still have family members near… and the bonds are strong.

These two… now called “4517” and “4617” are bonded. Neither has a bid. “4517,” the little bay, is more dominant… and very brave. “4617” followed closely as her buddy came to say “hi” to me… and then followed suit. Both horses are built well. There will be no mention that these two should go to a new home together… no mention that the stresses they have been through should be minimized to ease transition into man’s world… no mention.

Horses at PVC on the Internet adoption site

I will tell you more tomorrow about these horses… but I need to get some sleep.

These horses were taken in a brutal summer roundup. These horses were held in a facility where I had to argue to get them water… these horses were taken in a roundup where “Humane care” became the subject of a Federal Lawsuit….

They will slip through BLM’s processing mentality that will do NOTHING to promote them as unique beings suitable for relationship… each and every one of them matters… even if they are not “showcase horses” like the Kigers… that adoption event is being promoted and “worked.” BLM is NOT a “National Program,” and is riddled with prejudice… “desert rats” and “canners” just don’t rate.

Yes…. I’m cranky. I look at these pictures and remember them free…. and then see the way they were treated at the roundup…

I’ll write more tomorrow….



11 thoughts on “Triple B horses, adoption event, already

  1. polopaula says:

    Ok..crying again. so worried about the colt. Think that I’ve found a place for the mare, perhaps. Debra Gulley, and her advocate daughter Cinnamon, had planned to adopt the two mares, mother and daughter, then the beautiful, older mare colicked and was euthanized after being fed straight alfalfa. they may take the colt’s mom instead. I’m trying to reach them by phone and beg…

    • Linda Horn says:

      Paula, are you talking about the mares in the photo? As a horsewoman I’m sure you’re aware of this, but it bears repeating. Domestic horses frequently colic when they’re quickly transitioned from grass hay or grass/alfalfa mix to straight alfalfa. How many times do we have to say to the BLM, “Good quality grass hay ONLY!!!” I wonder if the alfalfa has something to do with hay contracts. In our area, alfalfa & alfalfa mix costs more than grass hay, but alfalfa is more plentiful, because it’s more profitable. Alfalfa protein content varies widely, which is why many horse owners choose to feed pellets like Equine Senior, since the protein content is available on the bag. They feed free-choice grass in the warmer months, and slowly transition to free-choice grass/alfalfa mix as it gets colder. Very few feed straight alfalfa, even in the dead of winter. What the BLM doesn’t know (more like choose to know!) about wild horses and burros would fill an encyclopedia!!!

      • polopaula says:

        Yes. i know all about that…the alfalfa killed the older mare. and I am as always upset by their stupidity. I am hoping that perhaps Debra will adopt in her stead, the mother of the foal that I want to adopt. He has not been branded yet, so BLM will not let me speak up for him. It is a crazy situation, but if you look at Laura’s post BY THE WAY. You will see his picture. I am hoping to save him, but the are so callous. I am just wanting to get him out before winter, but their bureaucratic crap just gets in the way. thanks for your concern… Please look at his picture and say a prayer or cross your fingers for this little guy.

      • Laura Leigh says:

        Alfalfa in Nevada is much cheaper.

  2. Angela Valianos says:

    Palomino Valley Concentration Camp, as are many others; is simply an ORDER TAKING FACILITY !!! Kill Buyers either call or personally go in and PLACE ORDERS asking for ‘ones’ that look like cows; meaning FAT ! SOMEONE needs to go to ALL BLM so called holding areas and take a head count; I know I would not be surprized when the count comes back with less then 1/2 of what the BLM claims to have. MANY have NO BRANDS; I keep saying this….

  3. savewildhorses says:

    I am not really sure why they call it an adoption program. It really isn’t. Only a handful find loving homes. Just a small percentage of horses removed each year have a chance. They don’t put nearly enough money or effort into this part of the WH&B program. I pray these 2 are adopted together by some loving person or family or sanctuary. Breaks my heart.

  4. Marianne says:

    I have been to a wild horse so called adoption process. Upset me to see horses behind 5 ft panels. I told my husband they need to start putting humans in cages, have the animals walk by and admire them. There, the wild horses were aloof didn’t want to be bothered with the human brutes. Even horses that were formerly adopted broke to ride and owned privately, weren’t interested in any human mingling except one gray gelding, he was licking everyone, probably need minerals. It was really sad to see that they were no longer free, only passed from place to place avoiding that 3rd strike against them. What a shame.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    Adoptions are so important and this program is hurting and needs to be overhauled just to function. Improvements on the scale of what is needed are no where in sight. Change is needed now.

  6. Mar Wargo says:

    Love these two… lovely wild girls.

  7. Please support the petition to restore the act to its original intent that no person or organization would be exempt. Thank you for all who have already signed. If you signed on please go sign again on the White House petition site. thank you for your support. that is “41” capital “I”

  8. Oh no, there is a bid now on only one!! The sorrel mare has a bid. The bidder has bids on 2 others and apparently did not see or read your valuable article with info about these 2 buddies. Darn, wish we knew who the bidder is to contact them about it……

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