Guilfoyle speaks at Conference in DC today

Today in DC the new head of the Wild Horse and Burro Program, Joan Guilfoyle, will speak at the International Conference for Equine Welfare.

She has committed to speak for ten minutes to introduce herself. She will answer no questions from the public, nor participate in any dialogue. She has agreed to speak to address her willingness to “dialogue” with the public.

Sounds like the same old contradictions.

As Guilfoyle prepares to speak the last horses of the roundup  were removed from Barren Valley in Oregon. Only two runs of the pilot were documented. Almost a week allowed no documentation at all.

This video is of the last two groups taken.

Please help support the work if you can.:


24 thoughts on “Guilfoyle speaks at Conference in DC today

  1. Ronnie says:

    I just woke up and read this. Now no need for AM coffee to get my heart racing. Thank you Laura for the info that Ms. Guilfoyle will speak for (((10 minutes))). It would be “nice” if she DID have an audience question & answer period as other speakers. However, how can she answer the truth? >>>>The goal of BLM is elimination of wild horses. That said, it would be GREAT, and so appropriate, if YOU could introduce her!!! Waiting to hear what she says, meaning, does NOT say. “Silence IS louder than words”. Wish I could have been at the conference. I truly tried.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    Heartbreaking .
    Guilfoyle will just repeat the BLM propaganda . No “access” to her either.

  3. Marge Mullen says:

    Why even bother….we need a general fund that will be used to fight these bastards in court!

    I realize what Laura is doing but she needs more support!

  4. arlene says:

    OMG If she will not answer any questions, what is the use of her speaking, this goes on with the BLM , we need to really stop this nonsense, Our horses will continue to be eradicated, with lies , greed and no respect for the American people or AMERICA…….. The BLM needs to be eradicated and another public formed Agency needs to be formed and take over …. She is nothing but a fall guy, paid with our tax dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Laura, your work is top notch. Because Sun J actions appear so inept, inhumane, incompetent, unskilled, callous at handling wild horses, and because BLM fails to take the stand they have needed to take, BLM is now being clearly displayed as the corrupt, unethical organization it is. The “chilling disregard” they have for wild horses is evident in their silence and inaction.

    Dean Bolstad got very righteous and angry at me for using those words in a blog back when we were visiting the Calico complex horses at Broken Arrow. But the simple truth is your agency’s failure to take a public stand NOW only verifies that assessment. I call it as I see it. Give me something to praise. This is wrong, Sun J needs guidance, teaching, direction; AMLs need adjusting to comply with the WFRH&B Act.

    Joan Guilfoyle looks scared to death. She should be; she’s having to speak for an out-of-control, renegade agency which is not in compliance and with whom Congress is increasingly disgusted. I don’t think she’s going to last long unless she learns how to interface with people.

    I will be sending you some money, Laura. And if everyone who appreciates Laura’s work will send $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, for her expenses and/or for the lawsuit/attorney, or more if you can, please do it: It will make a huge difference. I have been enabled to put gas in my tank and a roof over my head for roundups and trips to legislative and key meetings by people’s donations, and just as important, I have been strengthened and affirmed in my commitment to press on in this heartbreaking work. Let’s do that for Laura. Her contribution is historic and vital.

    • polopaula says:

      Everything Elyse said!

    • arlene says:

      Dear Elyse Gardner what a awesome post !!!!! Well written , We can and will make a difference !!!! Laura I also am in awe of you, your determination and allegiance to Our Mustangs is an inspiration to all of us here, we all send to you all of our strength to do what you do !! The mustangs I know also give to you their strength and power , they all know who and what you are………………… Please everyone send what you can to help her …………………………

  6. Louie Cocroft says:

    Have you ever noticed how they always hand the hot potato to a woman?

    • arlene says:

      Yes Louie, Ironic isnt it !!!! They send her and they not allow her to answer questions, hummmmmm they also like wasting our tax dollars for nothing !!!!!!!!1

  7. Louie Cocroft says:

    Mr Bolstead became “righteous and angry”? Perhaps he should try on some other emotions for size. Try TERRIFIED, ANGUISHED…try PAIN…HUNGER THIRST…try COLD….try SICK…try MISERABLE.
    Try RIGHTEOUS OUTRAGE at the blatant arrogance and deceit of a group of people who are willing to participate but not willing to face the music.

  8. LisaG. says:


    sending in my donation of mini dollars. It will buy you a few gallons of gas and some Chinese food ..

    Talked with someone at BLM yesterday. They simply refuse to acknowledge that the copter skids hit the horse, calling it an illusion due the the telephoto (zoom) lens. When I say the horse appears to jump forward as contact is made it falls on deaf ears. I don’t think this BLM employee is a bad person, but we come at it from such different perceptions I doubt he will ever see what I see.

    Continued strength and courage to you. Thanks for all you do.

  9. Mar Wargo says:

    Laura, Your work here is excellent. Thank you so much for your vigilance.

  10. Bindelstiff says:

    Thank you so much for the work you do! I’m a newbie to the predicament of the wild horses. If it weren’t for sites like this and people like you, people like me would never know this is going on! The more I learn, the more I want to scream! The way they are treating our federally protected wild horses is despicable! This poor treatment has got to stop! I sent you a donation and will send more in future. I’ve called my legislatures, signed petitions and will continue to spread the word. Thank you!

  11. Karibaskets says:

    I don’t like the watching the videos and get overwhelmed with sorrow and frustration each time I do. I figure that the wild ones HAVE to go through the experience, the least I can do is learn from it. Laura, please take care of yourself. They need you, as we do, to get the word out.

  12. polopaula says:

    Got a call today from Jake Beck, ??BLM Palomino Valley, Can’t adopt the colt (too young, but they don’t do round-ups in foaling season) They have 12 that were one month or less old when captured, Jake said. (do they all have to have cowboy sounding names?? next I’ll talk to Slim and Tex)
    The blaze-faced colt was not an orphan, His mom claimed him when everything was quiet at the overnight holding pen. Really. She was in the same pen for over 6 hours and was too timid to get her baby. He said that now she keeps him in a corner away from the men and trucks when they feed or come close. and she doesn’t even like the other mares, and now the foal is just like her. I said that I don’t care. I’ve raised horses for 27 yrs. I could deal with it. Then he told me that the colt would have to be branded before i could adopt him, and I might have to buy the mare for $20 to get the colt. I don’t mind doing that, but the mare needs to go to a sanctuary. She is at least 10 yrs old (he said), so she would be better at a place for wild horses or long term holding than with people, I believe. What do you think? I was as nice as possible, tho’ boiling inside, and told him I would call back in a month to see if the colt had been branded…then it would be 30 days more after that before he could be adopted. It will be very nice in Texas then, but winter in PV. I’ll just do the best, but they won’t get rid of me that easily. ARE YOU ASLEEP YET? Also watched almost an hour long video of the protest group in Colorado. Felt sorry for them, but not surprised. They took afront at the fact that the BLM doesn’t follow the law, or its own policies, and when the going get rough puts Sue out front to settle the crowd. My first glimpse of her. She’s certainly a charmer. There were more law enforcement people there than public and press. If you want it and can’t find it, I’ll send it.
    posted plea at more websites along with this blog.
    Goodnight brave Laura. Stay safe and be healthy.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      You can get the baby at 4-5 months after freezbranding. The mare they say is his mom did NOT come off the range with him, I was there. She is a beautiful mare. She is no more scared or timid than the others.
      One of the horses I took to sanctuary they said got “crazy” and hurt himself. Hours after that he was touching my hand through the panels at PVC. Others were with me and took photos… he gave me a “kiss.”

      That baby is a gem, trust me.

  13. Louie Cocroft says:

    For you Laura. Food for your Soul

  14. arlene says:

    Laura !! God Bless you and the Wild Mustangs, and may we all find what is needed to to end this travesty.!!!!!!!!!

  15. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, you caught that! Any relation to you? That’s what made me decide to post that rendition….it was also one of the best quality audios that I could find. I looked for 3 days to find JUST THE RIGHT ONE for you. When I saw the name at the end, I knew that was the right one.

  16. Ronnie says:

    Laura, no silly questions, right? 🙂 Where do I send a donation for your use: gas, food, etc. relating to the round-ups. I see “Wild Horse Education” as a place to donate. However, there have been other places to donate for litigation and so on. Lastly, do I need to only use Pay Pall? Please advise. Thank you.

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