A quick post on http://wildhorseeducation.org

Barren Valley over.

(copyright Laura Leigh 2011)

Still overcrowding…

will get the video edited. have to update Ninth case… pooped.



17 thoughts on “Tired…

  1. If these horses had a monetary value to the contractors alive, ie. they were fined or deducted for every horse injured or killed, something would be done about this overcrowding and unsafe handling. As apart from that horse having a leg through the rails,(the tarp should at least be the other-side of the rails) there is an unguarded top to a pole that could impale a horse that came down on it.
    Highway and building contractors get deductions made to final payments and even fines for work that comes in late or is not up to scratch so why cant similar methods be introduced by the BLM for these contractors.

    • polopaula says:

      So true.. But these guys seem to have an all-out pass. Laura and her attorney are doing the best thing to get it before the courts and the public. I feel like we have to find a way to support her with more funds. She is exhausted. And I feel useless. The only thing I could send is money.. and unfortunately I don’t have any… Maybe soon.

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    A picture worth a thousand words showing how terrified the horses are. Thanks , Laura. Get some sleep.

  3. Jill says:

    Beautiful, strong legs wedged in a cattle gate!?

    Lovely neck, pushed up against unprotected steel?!

    Total cruel mayhem and uncontrollable destruction….

    A fat paycheck will make these scum of the range do anything it takes. No worries for humaneness, safety or reality.

    Injustice and unchecked unlawfulness, a plague that has spread without control in the western states that is left in the hands of the inept and those mapping out these relentless, methodical war plans of greed. .

    A plague of uncaring destruction with no magic bullet to stop it.

    With our economy in the tank, we are being robbed to fund ugliness!

  4. savewildhorses says:

    What on earth are they thinking? Is this a game to them, how many wild horses can we fit in a tight, confined space? What is wrong with them?

  5. Jill says:


    They know no wrong!

    They have no conscience, no morals, no care! This is the BLM, and the wranglers who they employ!

  6. cat Kindsfather says:

    Netting & canvas can’t hide the atrocities. Surely exhaustion is overwhelming you, compiled with the stress of the on going agenda, the tremendous amount of sorrow & frustration wears you down also. Guard your health, mind, body & spirit is taking a beating.

    Thanks for staying in, its been a long series of roundups in every kind of weather. And then there is the lawsuit.

    Everyone reading this, please send Laura something to help out. To stay on, she needs us. The depression continues for us all, especially the wild horses & burros!

    Take care, & thank you Laura.

    Laura, please drop the link for donations here & on facebook. Make it easy all the time for everyone.

  7. savewildhorses says:

    I hope you sent this photo to RT or someone at the conference in DC to include in a presentation.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I working on a video. Lost my power cord. I have a Mac ibook and the cord is almost $100!!! I have no funds to get a new one…

      • Margaret says:

        Laura I should have some funds in a few days. I’d be honored to help pay for a new cord. Anyone else want to play?

        I’ll start by making a ten dollar challenge. Someone else donates to the power cord fund and I’ll match that 10.

        Rest Laura. Take the time you need to sleep. We can wait for video and news.

  8. Louie Cocroft says:

    I tried to post on R.T.’s site, but it won’t post there:

    They DO count the signatures;

    Comments Are Due by September 27, 2011 – Take Easy Action Below

    Oppose BLM Plan to Remove 283 Wild Horses from Three Nevada HMAs
    Action Will Leave Behind 8 Times More Cattle Than Wild Horses in the Flanigan, Dogskin Mtn. & Granite Peak HMAs!

    Results of public comment period
    1348 comments submitted
    Plus 30,617 from separate organizations that allowed individuals from all over the world to submit form letters pertaining to Wild Horses and Burros

  9. Robin Bailey says:

    Louie, thank you for the info!! Got mine sent.

    Laura, just PP’d you what I could. I know it all helps. Stay safe!!

  10. Jill says:


    What model iBook do you have?

    Where could a cord be sent?

    email me, if you need my email I’ll send it, but you should have it.


  11. Jill says:


    WHICH iBOOK are you using?

    The power cords may be had as little as $10!

    Please, let us know.

    Will anyone match a donation of $10 for gas for Laura?


  12. Laura Leigh says:

    I had to get a cord… I need to get the video and pictures from the last day of Barren out before Guilfoyle speaks tomorrow.
    It’s more important than food.

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