In support of the DC effort

I can’t leave my work in the field. But I have helped craft some things that have made their way into a few packets heading to Congress.

This video is a short statement about the responsibility of Congress to police the act they began and remove discretion from an agency that can not even manage to adhere to the most basic principle of that mandate.

While while sleep deprived and going roundup to roundup.

Video on Triple B coming very soon.



5 thoughts on “In support of the DC effort

  1. Julie Barraque says:

    I can hear your frustration, and it breaks my heart~as I know it does yours…I so wish I could be there with you! If I did not have so many responsibilities at home with my horses and dogs and work, I would load up and be there with you and Elvis….please know that my heart is there with you on your lone sojourn…

  2. Honor Hannon says:

    Good video!You did your job; got it off to folks in DC; NOW its their turn to correct the injustices. You can’t do it all yourself.
    Lets hope this poor mare’s suffering is not in vain and will touch the hearts as well as the minds of the men in charge.

  3. Jill says:

    I hate to think what they would be doing. if you were not there to observe!

    When has injustice become the norm?

    This has got to stop!

    There are no excuses for unlawful cruelty nor ongoing blatant breach of trust, morality and observance!

  4. arlene says:

    Blatantly disgusting demented cruelty………….

  5. Louie Cocroft says:

    Laura, I sent your draft report on the Triple B to my senators and representative.

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