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Palomino stud, taken 9/12



10 thoughts on “9/12

  1. winddrinkers says:

    Dear God he is gorgeous! Sickening seeing all the beauty raped from our lands. Will it never end! Pass the prozac, again please.

  2. Mar Wargo says:

    He wonderful, Laura!

    He may find someone who will care for him… we can ask BLM to make a note of him in order to get his brand and age. You have the right to follow horses and beginning now is a great time as some will fall through the cracks and you won’t find them beginning later.

  3. Wow, What a Noble Boy..Strength in his Look…Sorry Strong One..I pray you have freedom

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    Have read your report and RT’s comments. They have you behind a rock outcrop!! Be careful. You are doing great work. mar

  5. It is really hard to believe that such a gorgeous creature would be taken from his rightful wilderness home.I will never understand the relentless need to remove our icons of the West and destroy what God has created. I pray that someone will take him. It really saddens my heart to see him behind the blm prison bars! Take care out there Laura, you are making a difference and I thank you for all your hard work

  6. What a travesty of freedom and the 1971 Roaming Freedom Act. This healthy, beautiful stallion should be free with his family. Instead mankind steps in to unjustly disrupt nature and the environment with selfish acts. Disgusting and dispicable!! Makes my stomach churn.

  7. You rock, Laura. Beautiful photo. May he not end up in a Wendi Bierling situation (Twin Peaks sale authority horses all over age 10 who BLM sold to Wendi Bierling in Michigan, where they starved down to a Henneke level 1 and were fortunate to survive).

    Those horses were sold out of short-term holding and shipped by BLM to Wendi Bierling in Michigan.

    But horses are sold under the radar out of longterm holding all the time, also. We had best support Laura’s litigation… it’s right on the mark. Her earlier case addresses the access issue all the way through the BLM system.

    Need you out there, Laura. Thank you for the willingness to be there. We need to help make it possible for you to follow this through. Bless you…

  8. savewildhorses says:

    Are they planning on releasing any horses back to the range? Why don’t they return the older ones back anymore?

  9. Oh my goodness….he should be FREE!!!!

  10. Another heartbreaker. Thanks for all the great work you do on the horse’s behalf, Laura.

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