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Horse hit with helicopter_Triple B

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working on a big project and you will all know about it tomorrow… but thought this interesting.

If kids can’t watch it… is it humane treatment?


21 thoughts on “Inappropriate

  1. polopaula says:

    Laura, I posted a question about the blaze faced foal on the BLM site. They answered me that they had a picture of the foal and the blue roan dam on their Flickr picture site. sent me there. The mare was definitely not in that pen. and the picture is from the rear of a (the) foal and I don’t think it is the same foal. I asked for a picture of mare and foal from the front, and asked if I could post your picture of the foal on their site to compare. No response there yet! It could be another lie… or maybe it is the same foal. just doesn’t make much sense unless they went back to get that mare from somewhere, or she was misclassified in one of the other pens. sorry I am so focused on that one many lost! You are our champion..

    • Laura Leigh says:

      I don’y know about “champion,” I just feel like a walking “broken heart.”
      : )

      A blue roan would NOT be his dam. He did not come in with a blue. A blue might be a wet mare with no foal that is nursing him.

      I will look for him.

  2. Louie Cocroft says:

    VERY interesting…WHO is the YouTube community?

  3. Louie Cocroft says:

    It’s probably a bit too late to worry about restricting those videos now. That Horse is already out of the Barn.

  4. Mar Wargo says:

    This “reporting” could be anyone deciding to be a pain in the ass! It is pretty sad because what is going on is about freedom of observation and telling the public the truth. Other videos showing much worse have been there for months and even years. It is more of the manipulation and attempts to lessen the anger at BLM. I know the dark side is at work here.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    Should I even think an ‘advocate’ did this? Of course, how can one Be an advocate and play dirty to other advocates! Only the dark side attacks us, right? We are all here for the horses, right!?

    WE all want the roundups to end so we can turn this crisis into protection and safety for the wild and captive horses and burros.

    We do not work against each other.

  6. arlene says:

    Very interesting , the videos i have seen on youtube some of them have been not fit for an adult to watch>>> But to censor a true video that shows what happening and what the blm is doing to Americas horses, the work of the Seedy BLM, without a doubt, I must ask who are these people at youtube, and has the Corrupt BLM gotten to them and why are they (YOUTUBE) allowing themselves to be edited by the BLM……….An old saying is there is something very rotten in Denmark??? I would say guard that video and send it everywhere , there must be more to this video , we should watch that video in slo motion there is something more there quite possibly …………………

  7. Ellen Holcomb says:

    interesting tactic…..
    if it is the BLM trying to silence you, it just drew more attention to it;
    if it is a BLM supporter, ditto.
    if it was someone upset at what the BLM is doing, ditto.
    if it was a critic of your work, ditto.

    I wonder how that worked out for them?

    strength and resolve to you Laura, you are our voice and the voice of the wild horses!

  8. I posted the YouTube link on the FAA site and requested them to investigate the pilot. I don’t know if they will respond or “disappear” it.

  9. equus5 says:

    There are graphic slaughterhouse videos that children have access to. Is is possible the BLM had something to do with this?

  10. LynnIL says:

    I did hear that just last week many video got flagged the same. I heard the report on the news. People were laughing about it. So I got the drift that those notices were in error. Don’t know if they fixed them.

  11. Laura,

    It’s the TITLE “Inappropriate” that they are objecting to.

    I only mention this because a foaling yahoo group I belong to is shoved into the “Adult” category every once in a while when a member mentions reproductive body parts in the SUBJECT LINE.

    So you probably need to change the title to make it clearer, like “Inappropriate Helicopter Maneuvers” or “Helicopter Improperly Herding Horse”.

  12. savewildhorses says:

    I also find the treatment of our horses inappropriate.

  13. Lynne Little says:

    I seriously don’t see that another advocate would object to this. It really doesn’t matter if there are personal opinions/issues involved, we are all out to do the same ‘job’ and that is to spread the horror that is BLM I know my children (aged 11 and 14) have certainly watched plenty of Laura’s videos in the past … my motto is, if you don’t look then you can’t see what is going on. However, I always ‘screen’ videos’ and make up my mind as to whether they are suitable for them to watch or not. I have never came across any of Laura’s yet that I don’t feel are appropriate. Yes they’re hard hitting sometimes and upsetting but children need to see what’s going on in the world in my opinion to brace themselves for adult life. I think it’s more likely to be your pro-BLM or pro-slaughter ‘lot’ that are at work here.

  14. arlene says:

    Seems to me this is a gift to use in court, if you tube deems this to be to Graphic for children, then extreme cruelty is therefore involved, this is so good to use ,,, along with photos of these Morons should definitely be enough to prove it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, There should then be no doubt in the Judges Mind, that the BLM is Guilty without a shadow of a doubt……I like the sound of in light of this evidence The BLM has been dissolved…………… and the people will chose who will reside with the Mustangs, all Mustangs will be returned to the Range immediately ROAM ACT is RESTORED……………….. .Court adjourned !!!!!!!!!

  15. arlene says:

    I think that youtube just handed us a gift , we must figure out how to use it for some awesome Wild Mustang advantage, This is proof that the BLM is educing criminal extreme cruelty towards our Mustangs with extreme Malice……………………….. I say arrest the whole lot of murdering lairs……….

  16. It’s NOT THE CONTENT of the video that’s the problem, it’s the TITLE.

    The word “INAPPROPRIATE” has caused itself to be tagged as INAPPROPRIATE and put in that category.

    The title says nothing about wild horses or sadness or cruelty… it just says INAPPROPRIATE. In other words, you are censoring yourself.

    Change the title and there will be no problem.

    • Laura Leigh says:

      The title of the YouTube is “Horse hit with helicopter_ Triple B.”

      I did not put the word “inappropriate” into the YouTube.

      “Inappropriate” is the title of the bog post because YouTube tagged it to the video.
      The blog is not censored, this video clip is by YouTube:

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