Guess I have to call.

I have seen no documentation from BLM about that foal and his “mom.”

I apologize for a video that is not edited well…. I’m tired and have my work cut out for me today.


19 thoughts on “Guess I have to call.

  1. arlene says:

    Not working !!!!

  2. Barbara Warner says:

    There is no blue roan. Also where is any water and hay ? That was a live hot shot for sure. I could just cry but I need the energy to keep fighting
    .Will give “Managing for Extinction” book and other info to KY Senator Paul’s aide Thurs., also info on S.1176. She was very nice to talk with by phone.

  3. Forest Horse says:

    Thank you for witnessing Laura.

  4. Cindy says:

    they should hire people who have a clue for godsakes!

    • savewildhorses says:

      they have to care first to hire people with a clue. They don’t care. These horses are discards, waste to be removed, nothing more.

  5. Mar Wargo says:

    No blue roan. A tiny baby that had no milk all day and all night? Where is it now? Injuries that make you wonder if the individuals will be euthanized. So many bloody legs and feet. Beautiful horses. Violent removal. Lack of water.
    No Humane Standard! No knowledge of sorting or even awareness to watch until the foals all hook up to mares. A foal left over we want to see again. A hot shot used, unmistaken.

  6. polopaula says:

    I know what I said even before seeing the video was right. No mare and foal within that distance would not have called to each other and found each other. The story of the “blue roan” is an absolute “bald-faced”, I can prove you wrong lie. I’m still texting Leslie, and calling those BLM #’s. Thanks Laura… Great documentation. Hot shot definitely. They think we are stupid. ass!

  7. thank you Laura. i am sick to my stomic with the care these idiots force us to pay for in the treatment of the horses. just sickened.

  8. If it was you or me or anyone with a slightest intelligence would he/she move to where death was waiting for them ? Sure we won’t and Sure they won’t , except with the HOT SHOT , that is how these Criminals work at the BLM , they are all have their dirty hands deep in BLOOD and to me there is no difference if the BLOOD is human Blood or Horse Blood , actually to me the Horse BLOOD more pain in my wounded heart than Human Blood , Because Human has a voice and could defend themselves but Voiceless animals and horses included CAN’T .
    You belong in HELL with all those whom work in that corrupted Blood sucking American Government Agency (BLM) .

  9. i need to make a typo correction in my last post up above where i say “actually to me the Horse BLOOD more pain in my wounded heart than Human Blood” and the CORRECT sentence is ” actually to me the Horse BLOOD MAKES more pain in my wounded heart than Human Blood , Because Human has a voice and could defend themselves but Voiceless animals and horses included CAN’T defend them selves , they are Prey animals nothing like those worker whom are PREDATOR .

    Thanks Laura ,

  10. Louie Cocroft says:

    They wouldn’t have brought a hot shot if they hadn’t planned on using it.

    • arlene says:

      I would certainly know where it should be used ! and wouldnt be any where near our Mustangs………………………….

  11. Beth Schang says:

    What ever happened to majority rule? When did our government decide that it could ignore the will of the people? These BLM employees care not for the horses – no more than those who herded the Jews and Gypsies into the gas chambers during Hilter’s “final solution program” – to them it is “just their job” – the bitter irony is we, the American taxpayers, are paying the salaries of employees we want FIRED and their jobs eliminated forever !! I couldn’t be more disappointed, disgusted, distraught and ashamed of my government.

    Thank you, Laura, for your courageous reporting !!

  12. Shirley Colton says:

    I watched but couldn’t see very well. Was the downed colt hurt? Was it separated from it’s mom? Where are these horses being taken?

  13. That was a live hotshot, a “hot” hotshot. Amazing gall that BLM is attempting to sell that as an uncharged poke that caused no pain. This further convinces me that any attempts to reason with BLM are becoming futile. We had best go straight to lawmakers with this evidence. Does this represent the new humane standards, new animal welfare standards BLM was claiming to be working on last June 2010 in Denver? Must be.

    Our Bureau of Land Management officials are culpable here. This contractor is what it is; that BLM allows and actually defends these practices is the real cause for outrage. Roundups cause manifold injuries which are not listed; then BLM goes on to claim there are no injuries. Do the updates list that young stud being protected by his father as injured? A great help would be more people at the short-term holding facilities to get tag numbers on these horses as soon as they are tagged and follow up on these individuals. I am in Colorado, unable to help with that. If you are able to take a day and help follow up on the horses, that would be great. Take photos with tag numbers evident. You may not know who or what you have documented, but you’ll be amazed at how valuable the information becomes.

    A BLM chief official once said to me the proof is in the pens; just look at how the horses are in the pens. Well, they are injured. Hello? They are lame. They are bloody. They are orphaned. The numbers are vast, too. When you stand there, really take the time to look at the horses, many are limping. Helicopter roundups, especially with a pilot lacking feel, is a grueling marathon.

    That comment was made when I complained during a roundup of the distance being run and the fact that the helicopter was driving four large bands separately, juggling them so that when the helicopter turned to drive another band, all the other bands of horses would turn and run back towards their mountain home, in this way tripling their distance run. They usually didn’t stop and rest; they literally retraced their steps to try to go home.

    We had a huge viewing area and could see this taking place for over an hour. It was heartbreaking. The BLM official was right there, and I vehemently objected and stated this should not be permitted; this was greed in evidence, trying to drive too many all at once. That’s when I was told the proof is in the pens.

    Yes, indeed, it certainly is.

  14. Mar Wargo says:

    BLM bears false witness. They will not work with us. They belittle us although we have been dealing with many of them as individuals for a long time.

    Discussion becomes more difficult to have- the further from the field you get.

  15. Barbara Warner says:

    I am having trouble with my PC. Please send new Emails again. Thanks

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